No-Pest Strips for Spider Mites: Get Rid of these Devils!

Don’t you all hate it when you see pests on your plants? For a grower, it is the worst sight to see. All the efforts a grower puts to grow a plant can go in vain if any pest infestation occurs. The spider mite is one of the pests that are causing trouble to the growers. You may have also been hearing about their increasing rate of attacks recently.

Different methods are adopted to deal with them. The easiest and cheapest way is No-pest strips for spider mites killing. What are these Strips and how they can get rid of these “Devils”? Here I am answering your questions.

  • As a Bonus, I have also added an FAQs section to address your other most asked questions.

Let’s begin ur article first by knowing what are Spider Mites and what damage do they cause.

What are Spider Mites?

Spider Mites are not insects but they are arachnids. They are considered to be cousins of Spiders, scorpions, and harvestmen. They are part of the Acari (mite) family and are capable of causing huge damages to the plants.

Generally, spider mites live on the underside of the leaves and weave a protective web there as well. Their Adults are oval in shape, red or pale brown in color, and small in size. Due to their small size and underside camping, they go unnoticed most of the time.

What damage do Spider Mites do?

Spider mites puncture the leaves of the cells and drink the sap from them. As a result, yellow or white spots appear on the leaves. Due to them, leaves can’t do photosynthesis properly, and plants look really bad. How much bad you might ask? Well, plants look bleach or bronze with fewer leaves. They may also experience stunted growth due to Spider Mites’ infestation.

Recently, they are causing chaos on indoor growing plants. But that does not mean outdoor gardens are safe. Currently, it is affecting every type of garden. That is why they need to be controlled.

Spider Mites are found in hot and dry areas in abundance. They are sneaky as well since you won’t even notice their heavy infestation unless you start to carefully observe plant leaves. Whenever you detect their presence, immediately start some treatment. One best treatment is the use of Pest Strips.

No pest strips for spider mites
A Spider Mite

What is a Pest Strip?

A pest strip is a strip that contains a chemical that is released whether in a form of gas or vapors to kill insects and arachnids. Generally, the Dichlorvos chemical is used in a strip to kill spider mites. That is why we use Hot Shot No-pest strips for spider mites’ killing.

Normally, No-pest strips work in an enclosed atmosphere. But why an enclosed atmosphere is necessary? It is because insects or arachnids don’t run away. The enclosed atmosphere makes the killing of these unwanted creatures easy.

You can achieve such an atmosphere by:

  • Keeping the infested items in a container or, bucket or plastic wrap, or
  • Closing the windows and doors of the room. This is the less desirable and less followed method as you will have to leave the room or even your house in this. So, the first method is the best choice.

Let’s discuss No-Pest Strips now and check this on amazon.

No-Pest strip is super effective in killing irritating insects like cockroaches, moths, silverfish, etc, and arachnids like spider mites. There are many Pest Strips available in the market. But Hot Shot No-Pest Strip is one of the best you can get.

How Does Hot Shot No-Pest Strips for Spider Mites Work?

Hot Shot No-Pest strip contains a chemical called Dichlorvos. This chemical is key in this whole procedure as it directly affects the Central Nervous system of insects and arachnids.

Dichlorvos or DDVP is widely used in pest strips and even in pesticides. There is one basic difference between the Hot Shot No-Pest strips and other pest strips. Hot Shot No-pest strip contains another chemical called DEHA in addition to DDVP. This extra chemical makes the Hot Shot No-pest strips even more potent. Thus, killing spider mites and other insects becomes really quick.

Hot Shot No-Pest strip
Hot Shot No-Pest strip

Simply take the no-pest strip out of the bag and put or hang it near the plants. Make sure that the infested plants are in an enclosed atmosphere.

  • Warning: Place Hot Shot No-pest Strips for Spider Mites Killing only at those areas where humans spend less than 4 hours a day. For example- Garages, sheds, attics, etc. You can also put No-pest Strips for spider mites in the Basement as well.

Over-exposure to these strips can cause health complications (Which we are discussing in the next heading).

How does No-Pest Strip work?

So how does No-Pest Strip work? In the enclosed environment, strips will start killing the insects/arachnids in a second. The penetrating vapor is slowly diffused from the strip. This vapor is odorless and kills every insect in the treatment area.

  • Make sure you don’t inhale or your skin touches these vapors.

Both DDVP and DEHA can be harmful to humans as well if not used in a recommended way. If you use these strips as they should be, then only insects and arachnids will get hurt.

No pest strips spider mites
Hot Shot strips for spider mites

How long do no-pest strips take to work?

Wondering how long do no-pest strips take to work? When you take out the strips from the bag and place them near the plant, it will start its role. Some brands manufacture pest strips with a thread attached so that these could be hung. You can hang one or two strips in your basement or garage to get rid of insects.

Want to know how long you can use No-pest Strips? Well, it can protect plants from insects/arachnids for up to 4 months. After that, you will have to buy new ones. One strip can get rid of insects/arachnids in a 10X13 foot space. Therefore, if you have a larger area, buy more Hot Shot No-pest strips.

Are No-Pest Strips Dangerous?

A grower always wonders Is No-Pest strip safe to use? Well, it depends on how you use it.

No-Pest strip is safe to use only if you use it in the recommended way. Otherwise, you will face some health complications. No-Pest strip contains Dichlorvos which is toxic for humans. Humans mostly contact Dichlorvos in the form of inhalation. Dichlorvos is also readily absorbable when it contacts the skin.

A CDC report on Dichlovoros also stated that it is toxic for human beings. So while using No-Pest Strips, be extra careful. One small carelessness and you will face some sort of illness!

Hot Shot No-pest Strip for Spider Mites also contains another chemical called DEHA. It is also highly toxic and can cause severe health damage.

So, the answer to your query “Are No-pest strips dangerous?” is they are dangerous only if you don’t use them as you should. If you use these strips in the recommended way, then only insects and arachnids will get hurt.

No-Pest Strips During Flowering

Due to DDVP and DEHA chemicals, you should not use No-pest strips for spider mites’ killing during flower. The traces of these chemicals may be left behind which can further cause problems.

What Deters Spider Mites?

Want to know How to not get spider mites? First of all, take precautionary measures. The proverb, “Prevention is better than cure” is 100 Percent true. If you take precautions, chances are you might not face spider mites infestation at all. The best precaution is to maintain hygiene while growing plants. Another precaution is you keep monitoring your plants’ performance and insect activities.

If you detect spider mites in your garden, you can either opt for biological control or chemical control. In Biological control, you spray neem oil on the plants and release beneficial insects (ladybird beetles, lacewings, etc). The beneficial insects kill the harmful insects and their larvae which bring their population in control.

Chemical control includes spraying of pesticides. Do this early in the morning and don’t forget the underside of the leaves.

Not only you can use Hot Shot No-Pest Strips for spider mites’ killing, but also they are equally effective against Aphids as well.

No-Pest Strips for Aphids Control

Gardeners also use No-pest strips for aphids control. Aphids are one of the most annoying insects. If you do extensive research and make a list of the top 10 harmful insects for plants, then Aphids will surely be on that list. Why? Because of the damage they cause.

It drinks the cell sap of the leaves which leads to their drop off. Moreover, due to their sucking, sooty molds also occur which directly affects photosynthesis. Without Photosynthesis, plants cannot produce enough glucose (Food). As a result, plants won’t grow to their full potential and yield will be lower. On top of that, the fruit a grower will get in the end will be of poor quality.

So, what should be done to get rid of them? Don’t worry! No-Pest Strips are here for the rescue. If you are growing indoors, then hanging one or two strips in the room is also enough to get rid of these insects. But make sure that you won’t spend more than 4 hours in that room. Another way to use it is to cover the infested plant with a container, bucket, or plastic wrap. Put a strip there and observe the magic. After some time, your plant will be insect-free.

Final Words

Allinclusive, modern way of doing gardening is choosing the right treatment for a problem. A smart grower uses No-pest strips for spider mites killing. It is one of the cheapest methods to get rid of pests. We all know insects and arachnids can cause heavy damage to plants. So, it becomes imperative to curb their population.

No-Pest strips are one of the best treatments you can opt for. The chemical Dichlorvos in them directly affects the Nervous system of these unwanted creatures. But while dealing with these strips, you have to be extra careful as Dichlorvos is highly toxic to humans. So, do safe gardening, take some extra measures for your safety.

Do tell us what you think about No-Pest strips in the comment section down below!

FAQs About No-Pest Strips for Spider Mites

1. Do no-pest strips kill spider mites?

People ask, does hot shot kill spider mites and the answer is Yes, Hot Shot No-Pest Strips can kill Spider mites. These strips are active for four months and during this period, your plants remain safe from any insect attack. Spider mites infestation can give real pain to the growers. So, I recommend that you use No Pest Strips to curb their population.

2. How long does it take for a No-Pest Strip to work?

The second you take the No-pest Strips for spider mites’ from its package, it starts to work. You can put it near infested plants in a container, or hang them in your room or garden. No matter how you add these strips to your garden, they start to act quickly to get rid of insects.

3. What is the best product to kill spider mites?

The Best product to kill spider mites is Hot Shot No-pest Strip. These strips are cheap, effective, and long-lasting. Moreover, due to the addition of DEHA Chemical, Hot SHot Strips are more effective than ever. A single No-pest strip keeps continuing its function for four months.

4. Does Hot Shot No-Pest Strip kill spiders?

As I have said before, You must use Hot Shot No-Pest Strips for Spider Mites’ killing. It is the best and inexpensive thing you can buy to control arachnids and insects. The majority of Pest Strips contain Dichlorvos only while Hot Shot contains DEHA Chemical as well. This makes their strips more effective.

You can put Hot Shot No-pest strips in the basement or near plants to get rid of spiders and spider mites. Another Hot Shot product people ask about is the Hot Shot fogger. But does hot shot fogger kill spider mites? The answer is Yes!

5. Does Hot Shot no-pest strip kill bed bugs?

Bed Bugs are very difficult to get rid of. Luckily, the No-pest strip can kill them as well. Also, these strips don’t allow bed bugs’ eggs to hatch. So, you will witness a significant decline after using these strips.

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