What Is FoxFarm Trio Feeding Schedule? Let’s Find Out

FoxFarm products are getting popular day by day. Gardeners were initially wary of them as the claims were too big. Now, every expert (including me) suggests people use FoxFarm Trio if they want to grow Top quality plants and end up with high yields. However, you have to be extremely careful about the feeding schedule. If you don’t apply it in the recommended time, then plants will suffer.

So, what is the FoxFarm trio feeding schedule? FoxFarm trio application begins when the seedling is two weeks old, and it continues till the plant develops fruits. You apply after sprouting, before bud formation, when the flowering begins, and also after that.

Want some more details? Then continue reading as I’m describing everything here! You won’t ever have to search the “FoxFarm feeding schedule pdf “from now on again if you note everything I’m discussing.

Shall we start?

FoxFarm Trio Feeding schedule- A Supreme Guide

FoxFarm feeding schedule is the application of three FoxFarm Products. FoxFarm Trio consists of:

  • Big Bloom
  • Grow Big
  • Tiger Bloom

The time of application of these three fertilizers means the FoxFarm Trio feeding schedule.

FoxFarm Grow Big Feeding Schedule

The application begins with Grow Big. This product is super effective in boosting vegetative growth and making plants greener.

FoxFarm trio feeding schedule
Grow Big

FoxFarm Tiger Bloom Feeding Schedule

When you see buds starting to form on the plants, it is time you add Tiger Bloom. This happens usually four to five weeks after sprouting. If the plants you are growing do not have buds, then you can add Tiger bloom just before the flowering stage. That’s the FoxFarm trio feeding schedule for autoflowers.

FoxFarm trio feeding schedule
Tiger Bloom

FoxFarm Big Bloom Feeding Schedule

Big Bloom indeed has some vital functions. It can make the root system stronger, which leads to better nutrients and water uptake. Thus, it improves the nutrient cycle of plants.

fox farm trio soil feeding schedule
Big Bloom

When it comes to the feeding schedule, there is no specific timeframe for adding Big Bloom. You should use it throughout the life cycle.

Here’s the table of FoxFarm Trio feeding schedule:

TimeFertilizerDose (/gallon)
2 weeks after SproutingGrow Big+ Big Bloom2 tbsp each
3rd weekGrow Big+Big Bloom3 teaspoon Grow Big, 2 tbsp Big Bloom
4th weekGrow Big3 teaspoon Grow Big
5-6th weekTiger Bloom+Big Bloom2 teaspoon tiger bloom, one tablespoon big bloom
7-8th weekGrow Big (optional)+ Tiger Bloom+ Big Bloom2 teaspoon Grow big, 2 teaspoon tiger bloom, one tablespoon big bloom
9-12th weekTiger Bloom+Big Bloom2 teaspoon tiger bloom, one tablespoon big bloom

Here’s an example:

FoxFarm Feeding Schedule For Tomatoes?

The feeding schedule for tomatoes is just like what I have described above. You should apply to Grow big after the sprouting of the seedlings. Then, before flowering, apply tiger bloom. You can apply a big bloom at every growth stage.

Here is the FoxFarm feeding chart issued by the company.

FoxFarm trio feeding schedule
FoxFarm nutrient trio feeding schedule

You can also add Cal-Mag with FoxFarm Trio. Want to know the fox farm feeding schedule with cal mag? Well, you should apply this trio with cal mag before the bud development.

Mix one tablespoon of cal mag in a gallon and then apply it with the Trio mixture.

Also, the FoxFarm trio outdoor feeding schedule and hydroponics are not the same. In the Hydroponics system, you will need to continuously apply liquid fertilizers (Preferably three-four times a week).

How to use FoxFarm Trio?

FoxFarm trio soil feeding schedule and hydroponics are now clear to you. Let’s now discuss how you should apply liquid fertilizers.

How To Use Grow Big?

When the seedling emerges, you should apply Grow Big fertilizer one week after that.


Apply Grow Big liquid fertilizer via foliar Spray after mixing with water.

How to use Tiger Bloom?

Applying Tiger Bloom is a little tricky. Just like Grow Big, mix the Tiger bloom liquid in the water. However, the pH of the mixture should be between 5.8 to 6.3 if you want the nutrients in it to be accessible to the plants. So, use a pH meter and add the pH adjusters if the pH range is not optimal.

If the pH range is low, then it won’t be as damaging to the plants grown in the soil as hydroponic plants. So, if you are growing plants hydroponically, stay extra cautious of the pH of the solution.

How To Use Big Bloom?

You can use Big Bloom fertilizer at every plant growth stage. Here’s how to apply it:

Mix the liquid with water in a container. Then, pour the mixture into a spraying tank and spray on the roots of the plants.

You can also apply this mixture following drip irrigation practice.

FoxFarm is perfect for late-maturing plants or those that are late season. Also, it is equally effective for both fruit and flowering plants.

Why Should You Go For FoxFarm Trio? The Benefits!

FoxFarm Trio is one of the best products you can use as they have supreme benefits for the plants. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Grow Big Benefits

If you want your plants to grow bigger, use Grow Big. It;s benefits are:

  • Better vegetative growth
  • Supports buds development
  • Contains both macro and micronutrients to fulfill most of the plant’s nutrient requirements.

Tiger Bloom Benefits

Benefits of Tiger Bloom are:

  • Contains a high dose of phosphorus, which is crucial for smooth flowering.
  • Some nitrogen is also present to help with the plant’s overall growth.
  • Many gardeners prefer to use this because it is suitable for both soil and hydroponic mediums.

Big Bloom Benefits

Big Bloom is considered a miracle product because:

  • A perfect mixture of vital nutrients, which are necessary for plants to grow.
  • Extremely effective in promoting blooms. Not only this, but Big Bloom also supports seedling growth.
  • It releases nutrients quickly, which are really accessible to plants.
  • Big Bloom is also certified organic, so if you do organic gardening, you must buy this product.


How do I use the Fox farm trio feeding schedule?

Apply Grow Big after the seedling emergence, and Tiger bloom when the buds start to form.

For Big Bloom, you should circle the calendar as a reminder. It is applied twice a week throughout the plant’s life cycle. 

How often do you feed fox farm nutrients?

FoxFarm recommends feeding its products twice a week with water. Also, make sure you apply water in between these two applications as well.

When should I start feeding my fox farm Grow Big?

FoxFarm recommends you add Grow Big a week after the emergence of the seedling.

When should I use Fox Farm Tiger bloom?

Use Tiger Bloom when the flowering phase of the plants begins. When you start seeing small buds, then apply Tiger Bloom for smooth flowering.

Final Words

So, what is the FoxFarm trio feeding schedule?

Apply FoxFarm Grow Big after two weeks of the seedling sprouting. Then, when the plants are entering the flowering stage, apply Tiger Bloom. You should apply Big Bloom at every plant phase. But first, Mix the liquid fertilizer in the water.

The best part about these products is that the nutrients are readily available to plants when you apply them. So, if you are looking to get a higher yield, go for FoxFarm Trio.

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