Problems with Blue Lake Pole Beans

Bean plants grow very well even within an insufficient space. So most of the people give preference to the bean plants in their home garden. They also increase the beauty of the home garden to another level.

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There are varieties of bean plants. On the basis of growing capability beans are classified into pole beans or climbing beans and bush beans or dwarf beans. Pole beans don’t grow without support like bamboo, fence, etc. On the other hand, bush beans plants don’t need any support to increase in size.

However, the bean plants face many problems due to some reasons. In this article, you will read about the problems with blue lake pole beans and other varieties of bean plants.

Common Problems of Beans

The types of problems with blue lake pole beans or problems with bush beans are almost the same. Together they can be said as growing green beans problems. Here I am presenting some common problems you can face with the green bean plant. 

Yellow Leaves Problem

Most of the people complain, why are the leaves on my bean plants turning yellow? Well, the problem must be in the soil or with the temperature. You must examine the soil if there are any bacteria or any virus, like a bean mosaic virus. Viruses can be transmitted through insects like aphids. Diseases during the winter season can also cause yellow leaves on plants.

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Harbor the plants in proper sunlight as bean plants need a high temperature to grow well. Then you can spray with insecticidal soap or use the beneficial insects like ladybugs (they help by eating up the aphids) to avoid your green bean leaves turning yellow.

Green Bean Leaves Shriveling

Sometimes the leaves of green bean plants curl up for some reason. People frequently ask the question, why are my green bean leaves curling up? The reason is not only one. Whiteflies transmit a virus named cucurbit leaf crumple virus causing a disease that curls up the leaves. Bean common mosaic virus and aphids also cause this problem.

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You can prevent this condition by preventing the causes by using aluminum foil mulch. You need to surround your bean area with the paper and harbor the plants in the holes of the paper. But in summer the paper must be removed to avoid other problems.

Malformed Bean Leaves

It is mandatory to use herbicide to prohibit the insects in your beloved garden. But using herbicide can cause malformed bean leaves occasionally. Using horse manure or mulching with grass clippings, aphids can result in malformed leaves as well.

Among the problems with blue lake pole beans, this one is quite common. Decrease the use of herbicide or change it. Use soapy water to remove aphids. You can also pluck out the plant and again plant it in the summer. Removing the mulching can be helpful too in this regard.

Green Bean Leaves Drying Up

Your bean leaves can get dried due to excess heat exposure, inconsistent watering, any insect, any disease of the plant, nutrition overdose, etc. You need to check out the exact cause first. It is a common problem of bush beans.

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If the cause is not related to any insect attack then you can fix this problem very easily. Replace the plants into a cooler place or water the plants regularly. And if there is any involvement of the insects then use insecticidal to get rid of this problem.

Irregular Holes in The Leaves

This problem arises when the bean leaves are eaten by any insects. Most commonly sup suckers, aphids, munching bugs cause large and irregular holes by eating the bean leaves. Still, you can solve this crisis by taking some measures.

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Before seedling, you need to disinfect the gardening area to impede the insects. After seedling, you can mulch the area. If the plants are already affected, you need to use insecticides or remove the leaves affected. You can also increase the use of beneficial bacteria in your garden to diminish this problem.

Possible Causes of Bean Problems

  • Beans are known as warm weather plants. Planting them in a cool area will cause various problems like delaying the growth.
  • Before sowing the seeds, composting the soil properly is necessary. Lack of proper composting can cause deformed growth and nutritional lackings.
  • If the soil is heavy.
  • Sowing the seeds properly is another important factor. Sowing the seeds too deep or too superficial can cause complications.
  • Attack by any bacteria, virus or fungus can cause certain diseases of the beans and originate different problems.
  • Problems with blue lake pole beans can result from improper fencing.

Prevention of Green Beans Problems

Prevention of green bean problems is not much difficult. You have to precautious about planting, composting, fencing, spraying an herbicide, and many more things described below.

  • First, you have to choose an infection resistant variety of bean plants.
  • You need to ensure the proper environment before planting. Warm weather is perfect for the growth of beans.
  • You should water the plants on a regular basis. But the position should not be from overhead.
  • You have to ensure proper air circulation in the garden area.
  • Regularly clean the garden area to keep it free from the garbage.
  • Pluck out the affected leaves or flowers. Remove the undergrowth plants and replant them in a suitable environment.
  • Use appropriate insecticide in case of affection by any type of insect.

Green Bean Diseases Pictures

Your green bean plant can be impacted by some diseases you have never seen. I have decorated this article with some green bean diseases pictures. They might help you recognize the problem you are facing with your bean plants.

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This picture shows the signs of a fungal disease named Alternaria leaf spot.

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Bean leaf infected with bean rust disease that is also a fungal disorder.

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These are the signs of bacterial common blight disease on a bean leaf and pod.

Image source: Krishna Mohan, University of Idaho

This picture indicates the most common bean disease. Bean mosaic virus disease symptoms on the leaves of the bean plants are seen.

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Here the image displays the signs of Mexican bean beetle disease. Mexican bean beetles are orange-colored insects that eat up the bean leaves and cause skeletonization.

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The picture exhibits the insect named corn earworm causing damages to the bean leaves.


Planting beans in your home garden increases the charm of the garden. The pole beans are more attractive as it grows upward and thus, supported by a fence, bamboo, trellis, staking, etc. But many people face problems with blue lake pole beans and other varieties. I have tried to acquaint you with the growing green beans problems, their causes, and solutions in this article.

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If you notice any problem with your bean plant, you have to notice some associated factors to find out the exact reason. Don’t be panicked at any problem. Bean problems are easily solvable, as they grow very fast in the proper environment. So try to find out the cause first and then take possible measures accordingly.

Hopefully, this article will help you to find out the answers about your bean problems and you will be able to cultivate healthy and disease-free bean plants in your cherished home garden.

The FAQs About Blue Lake Pole Beans

Q: Why are my pole Beans dying?

A: The reason may not be only one in number. Pole beans are known as warm-weather vegetable plants. If the soil temperature is not maintained it can die. Alkaline water can damage your plants, be careful while watering. Spider mites can eat up your beans, check out. 

Q: Why are the leaves on my green beans turning yellow?

A: Certain insects like aphids transmit viruses and cause viral diseases to the bean plants. This viral disease, bean mosaic virus, bacterial blight, improper temperature maintenance can cause yellow leaves on your plants. You have to test the soil first for the presence of any insect.

Q: Why are my pole beans not producing?

A: During composting, if the amount of nitrogen is more than required it can cause delay in growth of bean plants. Cool weather is another reason for the growth delay. Pole beans grow faster in warm weather. You need to maintain the temperature between 50° to 70° for normal production of pole beans. Moreover, you must pay attention to watering the plants properly.

Q: What is wrong with my green bean plants?

A: There are various problems you can face during cultivation of green bean plants. I have described some growing green bean problems in the above article which will help you to recognize your exact problem. Well, green beans can have deformed growth problems, yellow leaves problems, skeletonized leaves problems, presence of holes in the leaves, bacterial, viral or fungal disease problems.

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