What is Vigoro Organic Garden Soil? The Supreme Guide

In the modern world, the main focus is to use those methods which are environmentally friendly. Fertilizers are necessary for soils but this fertilization is detrimental to the whole surrounding. Inorganic fertilizers cause air pollution, water pollution, chemical burn, and acidification of the soil. To mitigate the effects of chemical fertilization, experts are recommending going organic as much as possible. So, how to effectively grow plants using organic methods? The first step in chemical-free cultivation is the use of organic soil. One of the best methods to grow plants organically is using Vigoro organic garden soil. What is this organic soil? How you can effectively grow plants with them, to know the answer, stick with us till the end.

If you want to grow plants with organic means, then focus on the soil first. The most important thing in the soil is Organic matter. The microorganisms in the soil help plants by providing them nutrition. Dead plant parts are also a good source of organic matter. When the dead parts fall on the soil, they start decomposing and that adds nutrients into the soil.

  • As a Bonus, we have told which are the best organic garden soil later on!

Vigoro Organic Garden Soil

Vigoro organic soil is an organic blend for every type of indoor or outdoor plant. It includes a variety of things like hummus, manure, compost, 20 Percent peat moss, etc. It is one of the best things you can do for your plants, flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

If you want to buy organic soil, first know its pH. Apply the soil according to the plant’s needs. Vigoro Garden soil pH is Neutral which is 7. Sometimes, it could be slightly under 7. Some brands prefer exact 7 pH while some allow pH to be below 7. So, to be on the safer side, we give you answer 6–7. But if you are a gardener or a farmer, we recommend you to have a soil pH testing kit in your cabinet. You can always measure the pH of the soil just with this machine.

Before choosing Vigoro, See its benefits.

Benefits of Vigoro Organic Garden Soil:

  • Vigoro organic garden soil feeds the plants for up to 12 weeks while being environmentally friendly,
  • Vigoro garden soil improves drainage and aeration.
  • Vigoro organic garden soil is better than regular soil. Why? Because it contains more organic nutrients. Thus, you need fewer fertilizers to grow your plants. Moreover, it also contains bacteria, mycorrhiza fungi, and Achaea.
  • Vigoro prevents soil compaction. Thus, roots can grow without any hindrance.
  • It is the best choice for you as you can use it any time of the year.
  • One advantage is that it is also easily available in stores with delivery on your doorstep.
  • It serves as all-fertilizers meaning it provides many nutrients. Every ingredient in this soil is wanted by plants.

So, if you are looking for organic “magic” then utilize this Vigoro soil.

Vigoro Organic Garden Soil.
Vigoro Organic soil provides essential nutrients to plants.

Difference Between Gardening Soil and Potting Soil

There is a difference between gardening soil and potting soil. Gardening soil is the soil for land or in-ground plants while Potting soil is for containerized plants.

Vigoro organic “garden soil” is amended with Lime and Turkey litter which provides abundant nutrients to plants for three months. This soil is a blessing for indoor vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. It is also used in the raised beds.

Vigoro organic “potting mix soil” works best for containerized plants. Generally, people use Vigoro organic potting mix soil for edibles. It consists of 25 Percent peat moss, pine bark, perlite, compost, and other organic compounds. This potting soil is also amended with lime and turkey litter to provide nutrition to containerized or pot plants for three months.

Who can handle Vigoro organic garden soil?

Vigoro soil is not rocket science. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can use Vigoro soil for better plant health. Ideally, use this soil for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits.

  • It does not matter whether you are growing plants indoors or outdoor. Just remember, garden soil is for plants other than pots while pot soil means soil for pots.

Vigoro Organic Garden Soil Review

Before buying anything, read the reviews first about that product. People have shared their experiences in that reviews section. It is highly unlikely that you will find all positive reviews on one product. There must be some negative comments on that product as well. What you have to do is observe whether the good comments are more or not. If they are more, then you can trust the product.

Vigoro garden soil has got mixed reviews online. Some people praise this soil while others call it unproductive. Some people say the soil burnt their plants. Some review that potting soil is not suitable for pots.

While there are some negative reviews, people have also expressed praise for this organic soil. This soil has proved to be effective to properly grow edibles. You can save money that you would otherwise spend to buy fertilizers. So, use organic soil now in the garden and Thank us Later!

Vigoro Garden Soil vs Black Earth

There is a myth among gardeners that the darker the soil, the more productive it is.

Black Earth, also known as chernozem, is a soil that is rich in NPK nutrients, and hummus. It is dark in color and is usually found in low-lying areas. Black Earth improves the sandy soils and also helps in nutrients and water retention.

People sell fake Black Earth to others. So, Be aware of fraud! There is not really a competition between these two. However, many believe real Black Earth is better than Vigoro.

Vigoro organic Garden Soil vs Black Earth
Black Earth soil in Russia.

Vigoro 3 in 1 Garden Mix

Vigoro 3 in 1 garden mix is also known as a triple mix. It consists of 1/3 topsoil, 1/3 compost, and 1/3 peat moss. There is no guarantee that triple mix contains these three components in that exact ratio.

Experts do recommend triple mix but also give some warnings as well. It has both advantages and limitations Its advantage is that it is airy than the regular garden soil. So, it can hold more water and nutrients than regular soil.

Bt there are some limitations that dampen the excitement. Triple Mix might not be as nutritious as you think. For your information, peat moss is not nutritious. Like we have said before, we can’t determine which component (compost, peat moss, and topsoil) in the triple mix is in greater quantity. If it is peat moss, then productivity will be low.

Vigor Garden Soil Online Stores

You can buy Vigoro or any other organic soil online nowadays. The two popular sites to buy organic soil are:

Vigoro garden soil from Home Depot

Home depot is an online store that sells Vigoro organic garden soil. Many different sizes of that soil are available. The most purchased one is Vigoro 1 Cu ft garden soil. 2 Cu feet is also famous among gardeners. The size and weight of the bag increase as we increase the measurement of the bag.

Vigoro garden soil from Lowes

Lowe’s is a US-based online store that also sells garden soil. In addition to garden soils, Lowe’s also deals with gardening tools, seeds, fertilizers, and many other things.

Moreover, Amazon also deals with Gardening related stuff as well.

What is the Best Organic Garden Soil?

Organic soil is an efficient way to add nutrients in an organic way. These soils can feed plants for up to 12 weeks. There are many organic garden soil available but here, we are telling you the top 5 best organic soil from best to average.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Organic Soil

Fox farm Ocean Forest is the best organic soil you can get. This soil is a powerhouse that includes everything a plant needs. It is composed of crab meal, hummus, sea-going fish, sphagnum peat moss, and many more things. Moreover, you can use Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting organic soil even after the second you take it out of the bag. There is no need to wait or make a solution. Aeration and pH attributes are also present in this soil. So, considering all of these advantages, we have placed Fox farm Ocean Forest Potting organic soil on the number one spot.

Miracle-Gro Garden Soil

Miracle-Gro garden soil “All-purpose” covers all the plant’s required nutrients and it also has the potential to feed plants for 3 months. Miracle-Gro garden soil is for in-ground plants only.

Also, there are no complications in its application process. Just add 2–3 inches of this soil to the already present soil (Native soil) in your garden. It has only one limitation that it is not good for potted plants.

Mother Earth Coco Plus Perlite Mix

Mother Earth Coco Plus Perlite Mix consists of ground coconut pith and fiber. In potted plants, it is known to improve drainage and aeration. It means gardeners can even provide excess water without worrying about waterlogging, or the emergence of diseases like root rot. So, add Mother Earth Coco Plus to your list of “Possible organic soils I may buy.”

Kellogg Garden Organics All Natural Garden Soil:

It s a mixture of aged wood fines and is shown to improve the aeration and retention capacity of the soil. So, the performance of roots will increase after you add this soil. Moreover, this is eco-friendly as wood fines are sustainable than peat moss. On top of that, this garden soil is cheaper than the others.

Vigoro Organic Garden Soil

Vigoro organic garden soil has mixed reviews about its performance. Some have appreciated the results the soil has produced while some have said it is unproductive. One thing is for sure that it is composed of nutrients that the plant needs. Moreover, it can feed plants for 12 weeks and also save your income which you were going to spend on fertilizers. Nonetheless, it is one of the popular garden soil and is widely used by farmers for organic crop growing.

Wrapping Up

Long story short, Vigoro Organic Garden Soil is the nutritious soil to feed your plants for a longer time (3 months). The best part about this soil is that It does not pollute the environment or harm your health in any way. So, we recommend you use organic garden soils like Vigoro in your gardens. But before you order this soil, make sure you are ordering according to your requirements. For example, if you want to grow plants in-ground, then you should order gardening soil. But if you want to grow plants in pots, then in-ground gardening soil will not give benefit to your pot plants. For this, buy Organic pot soil.

If you have any questions related to this topic, then hit us in the comment section. Also, we have added the FAQs section for you so that you can know the answers to the most frequently asked questions!


Is Vigoro garden soil organic?

Absolutely Yes, Vigoro Garden soil is organic and is composed of high-quality, organic, and natural ingredients. In addition to this, bacteria, mycorrhiza fungi, and Achaea are also present in this soil.

Is Vigoro good soil?

There are mixed reviews related to Vigoro. Some have praised it while some have disliked it. But, the number of people praising is more. So, one can assume that Vigoro soil is good soil.

What is the best soil for organic gardening?

Fox farm Ocean Forest Potting organic soil for pots and Miracle-Gro soil gardening for in-ground plant growing are two of the best gardening soils.

How do you use Vigoro garden soil?

You can use it right away after taking it out of the bag. Just add a few inches onto the soil for in-ground plants.

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