How Much Is The 400 Gallon Smart Pot Yield? Let’s Find Out

The world of Gardening is changing fast, and gardeners are replacing old tools with better and superior ones to get top-quality plants and high yields. One such replacement is the Smart pots which are the better versions of any typical plastic container.

A smart pot is a soft fabric pot that has tiny pores and a strong structure. It is available in a wide range of sizes, and the one I am discussing today is the 400 Gallon smart pot.

When you look at this pot, it looks great in size, and gardeners often wonder how much yield they can get using it. Do you also want to know How Much Is the 400 Gallon Smart Pot Yield?

It is nearly impossible to predict the exact yield you will get using the 400 Gallon Smart pot because it depends on many factors that collectively impact the end product. But still, you can expect the yield to be 2x to 3x times more than the yield obtained from growing plants in plastic containers.

If you want to know which factors the yield depends on when using smart pots and what plants can you grow in them, then stay till the end.

First, a bit about 400 Gallon Smart Pot.

400 Gallon Smart Pot: Dimensions & Weight

400 Gallon Smart pot has 70″ x 24″ dimensions.

Height: 70 inches

Width: 24 inches

When it comes to weight, it is slightly heavier. A 400-gallon smart pot weighs nearly 4 pounds.

Let’s dive into details of how much yield you will get when you use a 400-gallon smart pot.

400 Gallon Smart Pot Yield

It is impossible to predict the exact yield. Whether you are growing plants in a Smart pot or in plastic containers, you can’t accurately estimate the yield.

The reason?

It is because the plant yield depends on many factors that equally influence the fruit quality and quantity of the plants. 

So, a 400-gallon smart pot yield depends on these factors:

The Soil You have

Good quality soil is the backbone of gardening. If the soil is bad, no matter how much water or sunlight is available to plant, it will fail to produce top-quality flowers and fruits.

So, what is good garden soil?

Soil is best if it has:

  • Normal pH
  • Proper drainage capacity
  • Better soil aeration
  • Rich in humus and organic nutrients

If you have this kind of garden soil, then the yield will be more.

Timely Application of Fertilizers

Plants need timely nutrient applications for proper growth. Wondering what is the perfect time to apply fertilizers?

Applying fertilizer before sowing seeds, a few weeks after sowing, and before the flowering stage is super important if you are looking for a high yield.

Generally, All nutrients (except Nitrogen) are applied before the sowing, and then the next two applications are just Nitrogen.


Nutrients you add to plants are of no use if you don’t add water. Water dissolves the nutrients, enabling roots to absorb and take them up to fulfill the nutrient deficiency.

That’s not it.

Water is also crucial for photosynthesis and other metabolic activities. We all know that photosynthesis produces glucose, which is the primary food of plants. Therefore, the survival of plants is impossible if you don’t add water.


Another crucial factor that is vital for the success of photosynthesis (Plant food making process) is sunlight. So, putting your 400-gallon smart pot where sunlight falls for at least 6 to 8 hours is a must if you are aiming for a high yield.

If these four factors are in ideal form, then a 400-gallon smart pot yield will be huge (might even be beyond your expectations).

Why Using a 400-Gallon Smart Pot Is Better Than a Plastic Container?

Smart pot offers additional features that are not present in plastic containers.

Let me describe them one by one:

Smart Pot Has a Better Structure To Support Plant Growth Than Plastic Containers

There are a lot of tiny pores in the smart pots that allow air to pass through and excess water to drain out of them.

Roots need to breathe too, and these tiny pores make it possible for them. Also, a phenomenon called Air pruning occurs due to these pores. In this, the roots extend and reach every space in the pot.

These pores also drain out the excess water from the roots. It is crucial because the extra water can cause suffocation if it stays for too long near roots. On top of this, excessive water can also lead to Root Rot disease.

To avoid this situation, I recommend you do a Soil moisture probe.

You can always probe or measure the moisture content of the soil with the help of the Soil Moisture Sensor. If it gives more value, then do something to bring down the moisture levels (like putting the pot in a sunlight-rich area or adding more soil).

In addition to this, the porous and non-woven structure leads to the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil due to optimum levels of moisture and oxygen.

All of these things do not happen in an average plastic container or even in a 400-gallon galvanized tub and any other 400-gallon drum.

Smart Pots Help Plants Resist Harsh Conditions

During the high temperature, the pores in the smart pot release the excess heat to protect the roots from burning up. A study was conducted on the pots, and it was found that the 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is, in fact, 125 degrees in plastic containers. But in smart pots, it’s only 80 degrees.

In the winter season, the fabric of the smart pot warms up quickly, even when the sunlight is low.

400 gallon smart pot yield
Smart Pots

Smart Pots Are More Durable than Plastic Containers

Smart pots are designed to be weather resistant and UV resistant. It is made from a strong fabric that is known to withstand anything harsh.

On top of this, the fabric used in it does not crack or split up. Thus, you can expect your 400-gallon smart pot to stay with you for years.

Smart Pots Prevent Soil Erosion

According to an estimate, we lose 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil every year due to soil erosion. Therefore, experts urge every stakeholder to take this problem seriously and do something to prevent it. That’s exactly what I am doing.

 A smart pot is one of the best soil erosion solutions.

As mentioned above, smart pots support a robust root structure. This binds the soil and does not allow it to wash away with water or “fly away” with the wind. You can also add top dressing soil in a smart pot and then water to further make the soil intact.

So, these pots can be used as a control of soil erosion.

Smart Pots Save Environment

You can recycle the fabric of the smart pot again. So, this pot is an environmentally-friendly option.

Plastic containers can cause plastic and land pollution. This worsens the environmental condition and increases problems for Earth. Similarly, some people use galvanized containers for gardening. These are also super bad for the environment and play their part in increasing land pollution.

What Can You Grow in a 400-Gallon Smart Pot Yield?

A 400 Gallon smart pot is a lot bigger in size than any typical pot. That is why you can easily grow bigger plants and trees in it.

But what about the smaller plants? Well, You can also grow them. 400 Gallon Smart Pot can become a “mini-garden” for plants like:


Growing tomatoes in containers is not as rewarding as growing them in smart pots. In the modern world, you don’t have to grow plants outside on the Soil on Earth. Just like with other vegetables, growing tomatoes indoors is now a trend.


It is because Growing tomatoes in pots indoors can get you more yield and reduce your labor work.


Container gardening with begonias is now being replaced with smart pot gardening. Modern gardeners are now using a 400-gallon smart pot as they can then easily handle the plant’s requirements like watering and fertilization to get top-quality begonia flowers.


Chrysanthemum is a flowering plant that is usually grown indoors using smart pots. It is elegant-looking and really beautifies the home and the surroundings.

Just like begonias, Chrysanthemum container gardening is now getting obsolete, and smart pot gardening is taking over. You should also follow this trend and get excellent-looking plants.

Peace Lily

Another famous flowering plant that can be grown in a 400-gallon smart pot is the Peace Lily. It is particularly grown for its creamy white-colored flora that has a scented aroma. Plus, these flowers also improve the sight of any place and make the mind peaceful.

Peace lily pot size requirements are not demanding. You can also grow it in 100-gallon fabric pots or even less. But in a 400-gallon pot, you can grow multiple plants, and they can reach their potential to the full extent.

Blueberry Bush 

Those who love berries grow blueberry bushes in their home gardens. Luckily, you can grow it in a 400-gallon smart pot.

In addition to the above plants, you can also grow:

  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Oregano
  • Chives

Smart Pots In Hydroponic Setup: Know The Details

If you want to build your very own homemade hydroponic system, then there is no better choice for pots than smart pots.

Hydroponics is a system in which plants are grown without any soil. So, how do plants get nutrients? Nutrient-rich water is continuously applied to the roots, which fulfill the role of the soil.

For this system to succeed, you will need a pot that lets the roots hang out but also supports the overall structure of plants.

This is where smart pots come in. The pores at the bottom allow roots to absorb as much nutrient water as possible for faster growth.

Want to know what other sizes smart pots come in? Then keep reading.

What Are The Other Smart Pots?

In addition to the 400-gallon smart pot, some famous sizes which are used by gardeners are:

25-Gallon Smart Pot

25-gallon outdoor grow bags or smart pots are perfect for growing small plants. But the best part is that they are light in weight and easy to handle. So, if you have to relocate a lot, then buying this pot should be your priority.

It is also true that the yield in 25-gallon pots will be less than in 40-gallon smart pots. There is a relation between pot size to yield. The bigger the pot, the better the yield. Also, the better the pot, the better the yield. That is why the yield of 25-gallon pots will be more than plastic jar containers.

50-Gallon Smart Pot

If you think a 25-gallon smart pot is small for you, then go for a 50-gallon one.

A 50-gallon outdoor grow bag is generally bought for hanging tomato plants and growing small-sized flora. These plants can also be grown in smart pots of exact size.

People also ask, what size pots for clones? And I tell them that a 50-gallon smart pot is fine.

100-Gallon Smart Pot

100-gallon smart pots look slightly bigger in size and weigh around one pound. They are ideal for medium-sized plants.

But they are not limited to it. You can also grow smaller trees in 100-gallon fabric pots.

150-Gallon and 200 Gallon Smart Pot

For a bit bigger trees, a 150-gallon smart pot is a perfect choice. But if you are looking for more yield, then a 200-gallon fabric pot (smart pot) is best for you.


Question: How much soil does it take to fill a 400-gallon Smart Pot?

Answer: It will take 53.4 volumes in cubic feet or 2000 volumes in a cubic yard of soil. That’s a lot of digging you have to do to fill the 400-gallon smart pot.

Question: How many square feet is a 400-gallon Smart Pot?

Answer: A 400-gallon smart pot is 11.6 square feet. But generally, these pots are described in inches, which is 74″ x 12″.

Question: Are Smart Pots worth it?

Answer: Absolutely Yes. Using smart pots is the modern way of doing gardening. Its structure supports plants in many ways, which leads to a robust root structure, top-quality flowers, and high yield. So, buying these pots will be one of the best decisions you make.

Question: How long will a Smart Pot last?

Answer: A smart pot is durable, so you can expect it to stay in its original shape for years. The average life of a smart pot is 5 years, but it can be used more if you take good care of it.

Do not relocate it frequently and keep it clean from any dirt.

Final Words

So, what is the 400 Gallon Smart Pot Yield?

It is extremely hard to predict the yield you get from a 400-gallon smart pot. The reason is that the yield does not solely depend on the pot you use. Soil condition, water, fertilizer application, and sunlight are some of the additional key factors.

But a general estimate is that if these key factors are in optimal condition, your yield can be expected to increase two to three times than the yield you get by growing plants in regular containers. Pretty amazing, right?

So, we suggest you upgrade your gardening and go for smart pots.

I am a graduate in Agriculture Sciences and have been doing gardening for over 7 years. I am also a professional and certified Article & Blog Writer. I am happy to share my years of experience in gardening with all of you through my writings. In addition to this, I do extensive research on every topic to enrich readers with valuable knowledge.