Want to Know 100 Gallon Smart Pot Yield? A Supreme Guide!

The world is progressing with each passing day. Every day we are hearing new developments in almost every field. Gardening is no different too. The new development we are talking about here is Smart Pots. Pots have been used to grow plants for many centuries. But now, smart pots have been introduced which has changed gardening. How? Well, it has improved root structure, increased soil aeration, and most importantly enhanced yield. Smart Pots are available in different sizes, all helping in high yield. The 100 Gallon Smart Pot Yield is what we are discussing in this Article.

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What is a Smart Pot?

Smart Pot is a fabric aeration container that is now widely used to grow plants. This pot has a unique structure. It is a soft-sided container with many tiny holes/pores. Due to these holes, more oxygen is available to the roots. Moreover, proper drainage is also essential for plant health. As a smart pot is porous, excess water is drained out from near the roots.

100 Gallon Smart Pot Yield
Smart Pots

Smart Pots are available in many sizes. From 1 Gallon to 1000 gallons, you can purchase any size of your liking or requirement. Later in this article, we will discuss 100 Gallon Smart Pot. But first, have a look at why you should opt for smart pots!

Smart Pot Benefits

Who knew that choosing a particular type of pot can cause a huge difference. Well, check out the benefits of Smart pots and know what difference they can make in gardening.

Better Structure

They are made up of fabrics with many tiny holes. These holes play a crucial role to improve plants’ health. These lead to more oxygen flow, improved moisture content, and maintenance of temperature by release of heat.

Moreover, Smart Pots are rigid and don’t get out of shape. These smart pots are weather-resistant and UV resistant too. On top of that, they are also reusable and durable. Unlike others, they don’t crack or split after some time.

Improves Soil health

A Smart Pot has a better aeration capacity. The littles holes in its structure allow more oxygen flow. This leads to the growth of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria break down soil which releases nutrients and makes the soil more powerful.

Moreover, due to these pours, moisture level remains good too due to the soil permeability. In a plastic container, water moves with gravity leaving the top surface of the soil dry. In smart pots, permeability is more. In this, capillary action happens and moisture moves from wet part to drier part automatically. This leads to even moisture levels in the soil. You can even confirm it with a soil moisture sensor or soil moisture meter.

Also, drainage of water is better too due to holes or pores. So, the soil is not clogged with unwanted excessive water. All of these phenomena lead to better soil health.

Improves Root Health

We all know that to grow a top-quality plant, its root health is of supreme importance. Thankfully, a grower can achieve it by using Smart pots.

The Smart Pots are designed to facilitate root growth. Its soft-sided fabric structure with little holes which favor root growth. How? Well, Air passes through these holes which cause air pruning. This Air pruning leads to vigorous root growth. Also, unlike plastic containers, roots do not form a circle in Smart pots.

If you grow plants in bigger pots like 100 Gallon fabric pots, then roots have more area to stretch themselves. This also leads to more growth of root branches which means root tips will be more too. So, water and nutrient uptake will be high and easy.

Relieves Heat Stress

During the growth, plants should remain “stress-free.” Different stress may occur but heat stress is the most common one if you are growing plants in summer. But luckily, you can also minimize heat stress if you grow plants in smart pots.

  • Excess heat is released from the smart pots which improve the plant’s health.

If you grow plants in a plastic container, then you will notice that during summer, heat builds up in it. This causes damage to the roots. Moreover, the moisture content in the soil is affected too due to this heat. It is predicted by experts that if the temperature is 80 degrees outside, then the inside of the plastic container will at least be 125 degrees. This does not happen if you use smart pots which are made up of porous fabrics. From these pores, air keep passing which maintains the temperature.

Enhances Yield

This smart pot leads to better flower and fruit production. As mentioned above, smart pots improve aeration, moisture content, and relives heat stress. But did you know Insect and disease resistance is also more if you grow plants in Smart pots? Well yes, a stronger plant is fairly resistant to any pest attack. As plants grown in these pots are stronger, then it automatically improves resistance.


Growing plants in smart pots are the only viable option for urban residents. The majority of these people don’t have a garden or space in their homes to grow plants on the ground. That is why smart pots are widely used in such areas.

Smart Pots can be placed inside a room, on the balcony, or the roof. On top of this, in case of any storm, you can move smart pots to a more safe location as well. You can’t do that if you are growing plants on the ground or field.

Safe to use

Smart pots are safe to use. No harmful chemical is leached from them into the soil.

Ignore “Plastic containers for sale” ads. Choose smart pots as a priority. Smart Pots are available in a wide range. From a smaller one as 1 Gallon to a bigger one like 1000-gallon, every range is available on Amazon or other online marketplaces. These can also be bought from the local gardening stores too.

Let’s discuss 100 Gallon Smart pot next!

100 Gallon Smart Pot

100 Gallon Smart Pot is a bigger pot that is mostly used to grow bigger plants and trees commercially. But can you grow all types of plants in any pot you want?

No, you cannot grow any plant in any pot you like. Although there is pot size to yield correlation, every plant needs a different pot size as root size and growth are different. If you grow plants whose root size is small in a 500-gallon smart pot, then they won’t even grow to their full potential.

Let’s have a look at some examples of plants and the pots they are grown.

  • Herbs are grown between 1-5 gallon pots.
  • If you want to know about growing tomatoes in pots, then you should know that tomatoes need a 10-gallon smart pot.
  • If you do blueberry bush container gardening, then know that Blueberry bushes need a 20-gallon smart pot.
  • Potatoes need 30-gallon smart pots.

But for plants that have a larger root structure, using bigger pots will result in a high yield. For example, 45 Gallon fabric pots yield will be more than 400 Gallon smart pot yield.

However, you can also use a 100 Gallon Smart pot or 100-gallon drum as a “Mini-garden.” Yes, you can grow many small plants in the container and treat it just like it is a garden.

As this pot is structured to facilitate growth, 100 Gallon smart pot yield of plants is high too. You can grow tomatoes, melons, potatoes in this pot.

Dimensions of 100 gallon Smart pot

Get an idea of how big this pot is by looking at the dimensions of 100 Gallon Smart Pot:

  • Height: 38″
  • Width: 20″
  • Weight: Around 1.7 pounds

100 Gallon Smart Pot Yield

As 100 Gallon smart pot is a big container, so root growth is more too. Roots have more than enough space to stretch themselves. Moreover, when roots reach the end of this fabric container, they don’t form circles like they do in a plastic container. Why? Because of the tiny pores, air passes which causes air pruning. This air pruning leads to the growth of different root branches which leads to more root tips.

We all know that it is the root tip that absorbs nutrients and water. Due to air pruning, root tips will be in large numbers. So, more water and nutrients will be absorbed which leads to high yield. But predicting 100 Gallon Smart pot yield is nearly impossible. Nobody can predict how high yield they can obtain as yield also depends upon the good garden soil condition in the container, the correct and timely application of fertilizers, and proper watering. If you follow all of the requirements, then 100 Gallon Smart Pot yield will definitely be more than expected!

The use of smart pots is not limited to soil growing mediums. These can also be used in hydroponics.

Smart pots in Hydroponic System

Hydroponics is an indoor system in which plants are grown without any soil. They only live on water, nutrient solution, and oxygen supplied via an air pump. A combination of all these leads to vigorous growth.

Smart Pots for Hydroponic System!

In hydroponic systems, containers are used. If this container is the smart pot, then you can imagine the yield can be even more.

Smart pots are ideal in a hydroponic setup. When using smart pots, a hydroponic grower can experience many benefits which he might not have if he used plastic containers.

  • As smart pots have holes in them, they are suitable for hydroponics as water can freely pass through them and be absorbed by the plants.
  • Moreover, in this, the growing medium is not lost either.
  • Also, a common problem indoor growers face is light and heat stress. If the ventilation is not proper, then heat may build up/. Luckily, smart pots can maintain the internal temperature of the pots.

All of these factors make a grower use smart pots in the hydroponic system.

Final Words

All in all, people are choosing smart pots over plastic and other containers due to the added advantage they offer. These pots are available in a wide range of series; from 1 gallon to even 1000 gallons. These pots are made up of reusable fabric, have holes in them, and are long-lasting. It is no secret that the main goal of any grower is high yield. For your information, the 100 Gallon Smart Pot Yield is way more than an average-sized container. Bigger plants are trees are grown commercially in this pot. Also, you can even use 100-gallon smart pot as a mini-garden.

Since it is a huge container, you can grow multiple plants in it treating it as a garden itself. That is why we recommend using this pot if you love gardening!


Do smart pots increase yield?

Yes, smart pots do increase yield. Smart pot benefits are immense. This pot has little holes through which oxygen is passed and moisture is retained as well. Both oxygen and moisture are necessary for better root health. Moreover, smart pots even keep plants cool during the summertime. All of these factors lead to high and top-quality yields.

How big is a 100 gallon Smart Pot?

A 100-gallon smart pot or 100 gallons galvanized tub is a very big container that is commercially used to grow trees. It is not for small or even medium-sized plants.

What size smart pots for tomatoes?

10 Gallon smart pot is suitable for growing tomatoes indoors. If you want, you can also use 20-gallon smart pots, but a bigger size than that will not do any good.

How many plants can I grow in a 20-gallon bag?

It is recommended to grow 3-6 plants in the 20-gallon bag. It depends upon the plants’ own height and type. You can plant more if the plants’ size is less.

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