Is Advanced Nutrients Heavy Harvest Good for Outdoor Plants?

Big News for outdoor gardeners is here. What if we tell you that there are few products that can solve the problem of low flower production and poor yield? Yes, it is true! Advanced Nutrients Heavy Harvest has manufactured products that are changing the landscape of outdoor gardening.

What are these products and how you can apply them? Here we are describing everything about them in detail!

What is Advanced Nutrients Heavy Harvest?

It is a premium outdoor fertilizer that is made up of a blend of three high-quality nutrients. Only the Top quality fertilizer ingredients are blended to make every heavy harvest product. These nutrients do wonders when it comes to plants’ growth.

Advanced Nutrients Plant Fertilizers have astounding effects. Due to them, high yield is possible. Advanced Nutrients products do not cause any considerable change in the pH. Furthermore, Due to them, plants respond better to other conditions like sunlight and temperature. And above all, Plants grow exceptionally well after advanced nutrient application.

Every Advanced Nutrients Heavy Harvest fertilizer contains all the essential macro and micronutrients needed for plants to grow.

Is Advanced Nutrients the best? Well, Few benefits that plants and growers enjoy due to their application are:

  • Increases Productivity.
  • Uptaking these nutrients are easy for plants.
  • When you look at the benefits advanced nutrients provide, then you will realize that they are Inexpensive. A grower enjoys huge benefits in a very little cost.
  • They are pH bufferer.
Advanced nutrients heavy harvest
Nutrients are super important for plants to grow

After the general introduction of Heavy Harvest, let’s now cover their different products. Advanced Nutrients Heavy Harvest outdoor covers three important seasons- spring, summer, and fall. This time schedule is also known as heavy harvest full season.

A grower has to purchase and apply all these three depending upon the season. As the spring season comes first, let’s start with the spring product.

Advanced Nutrients Heavy Harvest Spring

It is a system of three different fertilizers blended with perfection. When we say perfection, it means that each ingredient in this Advanced Nutrients product is in optimal ratios. It consists of:

  • Nitrogen 25% (23% Urea Nitrogen and 2% Ammoniacal).
  • Phosphate 9%
  • Potash 7%
  • Sulfur 3%
  • Magnesium 2%
  • Iron 0.40%

What are the Benefits of Heavy Harvest Spring?

The benefits of those Advanced Nutrient Product are:

1) It contains all the essential micro and macronutrients that are required by plants to grow properly.

2) When you apply Heavy Harvest Spring, the growth cycle of plants is smooth.

3) Plants take proper advantage of other outdoor environment conditions like sunlight after heavy harvest spring application. So, growth is even more than you can expect!

Application of Heavy Harvest Spring

Heavy Harvest Spring is available in 10 kg and 20 kg packaging. The application time of Heavy harvest spring is 1st May to 21st June. Don’t apply this advanced nutrients product after this time.

After 21st June, spring ends and the summer season starts. Advanced Nutrients have a different product for this time- the Heavy Harvest Summer blend. Let’s check this one too.

Advanced Nutrients Heavy Harvest Summer Blend

Heavy harvest summer is a superior nutrient system that fulfills the nutrients demand of plants in the summer seasons. It is one of the best things you can buy for your outdoor plants. It contains pharmaceutical reagents as well. Furthermore, like every other Advanced Nutrients product, the Summer blend also consists of all the essential micro and macronutrients for higher yield.

What are the Benefits of Advanced Nutrients Summer Blend?

People ask “Is advanced nutrients the best?” And it’s a Big Yes! The benefits a grower can observe after applying this are:

1) Plants can easily absorb all the essential nutrients after their application. This reduces the chances of nutrient deficiency.

2) Due to the absorption of nutrients, yield is higher too.

3) It is relatively inexpensive than other products you may buy during the summer season.

4) It’s pH buffered formula.

Application of Heavy Harvest Summer Blend

The time period to apply this advanced nutrients product is 21st June to 7 August. The rate of Application is 454-908 grams per 3m x 3m garden area. Apply it after every three or four weeks. This is a general guideline and not a hard and fast rule.

You may need to add more summer blends depending upon the soil type, amount of nutrients available in the soil, and the type of plant you are growing.

After summer comes the Fall season!

Advanced Nutrients Heavy Harvest Fall blend

It is the perfect blend of three fertilizers with a ph buffered formula. This blend is carefully done to obtain a better plant yield. Also, just like others, all the necessary micro and macronutrients are added to it to make it a complete package.

What are the Benefits of Heavy Harvest Fall Blend?

The key benefits of this nutrient system are:

1) When you apply it, plants can benefit from other “luxuries” as well like sunlight or warm temperature.

2) The ingredients in the fall blend promote photosynthesis rate and nutrient uptake as well. This leads to vigorous growth and better yield. That is why it is also concerned as a blessing for outdoor growers.

Heavy Harvest Fall Blend Application

Use the fall blend from 7 August to the end. Mix the fertilizer in the soil according to the recommendations written on the label.

The general guideline is to add 454-908 grams per 3X3 meters area. The rate of application may vary due to soil conditions and plant type. Also, Repeat the fall blend application after every three or four weeks for better results. Generally, it is applied in the month of October.

It is available in 10 and 20 kg packaging. You can easily purchase them from different online platforms and from nearby gardening stores as well.

These Three season products are collectively called Advanced Nutrients heavy harvest full season.

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

Almost every grower uses a bloom booster for better flower production. And it is no secret too that these boosters are super effective in doing their job. Advanced Nutrients Big Bud has also done wonders. Want to know more about them?

Big Bud is quickly gaining the reputation as The Ultimate Flower Booster. It is the best Advanced Nutrients for flowering. It is a liquid fertilizer that is mostly composed of Potassium and Phosphorus.

You should know that Plants require more potassium than phosphorus before the flowering stage.

The other things that are present in this liquid fertilizer are citric acid, magnesium, and all 20-L form amino acids. In the 20-L amino acid, the most famous ones you may know are L-tryptophan, L-Cysteine, L-Glutamate, and L-Glycine. L-tryptophan is known to produce floral growth hormone. Due to this, large and potent flowers are produced.

All of these components are present in perfect ratios by keeping in mind the requirements of the plants. This is the difference between Big Bud and other Bloom boosters.

Other bloom boosters consist of Potassium and phosphorus and some other trace ingredients. But they are not in optimal ratios. So, chances of Nute Burn are more. As phosphorous and potassium are not added in the correct ratios, then the chances of phosphorus toxicity are high too. Due to this toxicity, you will end up with an end product that has a foul taste.

Advanced nutrients heavy harvest
Big Bud

What are Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Benefits?

So, What does advanced nutrients big bud do? Let’s have a look at some of the effects and benefits:

1) The most important thing Advanced Nutrients Big Bud does is to increase flower production. Due to Big Bud application, prepare to witness dense, larger, and heavier flowers with higher potency.

You might be wondering how does it increase potency? Well, it promotes essential oils, terpenoids, phenols, aromatics, and other potency factors in flowers. These lead to high potency in the flowers. In addition to this, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud also increases the number of flowering sites too.

2) If you add Big Bud, The end product has a better market value. Pretty exciting, RIght?

3) It does not cause Nutrient burn as nutrients are present in the correct ratios.

4) Absorption of this liquid fertilizer by plants is easy.

5) Big Bud can also be added in Hydroponics. As plants growing indoors are usually more stressed than outdoors, so extra care is important. Generally, growers report Glutathione deficiency in hydroponics. But if you use Advanced Nutrients Big Bud, then such deficiency doesn’t occur.

L-Cysteine and L-Glycine amino acids are prime elements for the production of Glutathione. If you add Big Bud liquid fertilizer, then trust us when we say that Your worry related to Glutathione will be over!

6) Amino acids in this liquid fertilizer act as building blocks of proteins. They also increase the metabolism process. But Not every amino acid is useful for plants. Did you know that plants require only 20 amino acids? Well yes, and most importantly, it is L-amino acids that plants need and not D-amino.

Most of the bloom boosters do not contain any amino acids. And if they do, then mostly D-amino are present in them. These amino acids do not help plants in any way. Only L- amino acid is desirable for plants that are present in Advanced Nutrients Big Bud.

7) Magnesium in Big Bud liquid fertilizer prevents potassium toxicity. Moreover, it also improves the flavor and texture of the liquid.

8) Citric acid improves plants’ metabolism and respiration rate. It helps plants in converting sugar into energy. Citric acid is also necessary as it encourages nutrient uptake from roots to other parts of the plants.

Due to all of these benefits and effects, it is safe to say that it is the best Advanced Nutrients for flowering.

It is available in a 250 ml bottle and can be easily bought online. Use Big Bud booster with Sensi Bloom and Connoisseur for better results.

We hope that after reading all of the amazing details, you now have the answer to the question “Is advanced nutrients worth it”. Don’t waste your money on any other cheap products. Go for Advanced Nutrients if you want results!

Final Words

All-inclusive, Advanced nutrients heavy harvest fertilizer is a blessing for growers involved in outdoor gardening. Heavy harvest is a blend of nutrients that promotes vigorous plant growth which leads to higher and better yield. For better growth, growers use all heavy harvest products.

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud is also gaining importance due to its unbelievable benefits. There are hundreds of reviews available online that back our statement of Advanced Nutrients being the best in what they claim. If you are an outdoor grower too, then we highly recommend you give these advanced nutrients a try!


Should I use Advanced Nutrients Every time I water?

No, you should not use Advanced Nutrients every time you water. This may lead to complications and plants will be the main affectee. The recommended way is you add advanced nutrients every second time you apply water.

Are Advanced Nutrients worth the money?

People ask, is advanced nutrients worth it and the answer is- Absolutely Yes! Advanced nutrients are worth every penny as they provide unbelievable benefits. Due to them, you will witness vigorous plant growth, high flower production, and higher yield.

Do Advanced Nutrients go bad?

All advanced nutrients plant fertilizers have a shelf life of 1-3 years. Advanced Nutrients can go bad but you can expect the date to be around four years after their production.

Can I mix all Advanced Nutrients?

It is recommended that you do not mix all the advanced nutrients together at once. Apply Advanced Nutrients Plant Fertilizers at the recommended time.

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