Know About The best soil for Autoflowers: The Supreme Guide

Hey, are you growing Autoflowers? If yes, then this article might be the most important thing you will read today. Here, we are describing everything you need to know about them. From the sowing to the best soil for Autoflowers, we are giving you top-quality information that you can use in your garden.

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But what are the Autoflowers? Autoflower is the strain of the Cannabis plant that can mature earlier than regular Cannabis. It can start producing flowers in just two-four weeks after seedling emergence. Moreover, you can also get buds just after two months. Yep, we are not kidding! This is Pretty Exciting, Right?

Let’s have a proper look at why You should prefer Autoflowers!

Why you should grow AutoFlowers Instead of Regular Cannabis

To better understand why Autoflowers win the debate against Regular Cannabis, you have to take a look at the benefits they provide:

  • Autoflowers are easy to grow as they don’t need special maintenance. They are fast-growing which makes them ideal to grow.
  • Flowering occurs rapidly in Autoflower plants
  • Yield is higher in the autoflower plants than regular Cannabis.

There are myths in the air that Autoflowers give low yield. This is not true at all. In fact, Autoflowers give more yield than the regular plant, that too within two months. If this doesn’t convince you that Autoflowers are supreme, we don’t know what will!

Here is How you Should Grow Autoflowers:

Growing Autoflowers: Know the Basics

Now, it is time to tell you about the procedure of Autoflowers cultivation. You grow these plants by following the points we are describing.

Decide everything before initiating the procedure

Decisions are very important when it comes to growing Autoflowers. You must decide before planting the seeds what will be your growing medium? What type of soil should you use? Where you should grow these? How do you tackle the light and ventilation problem? If you don’t decide, then you may end up in trouble.

While growing Autoflowers, keep one thing in mind that you don’t have much time and the chance of error. So, decide everything first and then soak the seeds.

Transplanting is not desirable here

When you transplant Autoflowers, it will take up to two days to fully get comfortable in new surroundings and then resume vegetative growth. This can also affect yield and plants may experience stunted growth.,

However, some people still do transplant these plants. If you decide to do it, then here is a suggestion for you. Use the same medium in the second place which you used in the pot. For example, if you are using a potting mix in the pots, then when you transplant to a large container, it must also have a potting mix.

Make Sure Drainage System is Top Notch

Getting rid of excessive water near roots is necessary for plants to grow healthy. Diseases like Root rot and attack of undesirable pathogens can be averted if your soil has a Proper drainage system. We know that Cannabis strains are sensitive to any undesirable surroundings. So, make sure you provide them with the optimum environment to grow. Or else, you won’t get the top-quality yield you want.

Don’t get too excited while adding fertilizers

Autoflowers are sensitive to the presence of excessive nutrients and may even experience Nute burn if you add too many nutrients. So, add the nutrients in the appropriate amount. That is why Organic soil is recommended for them. Organic soil contains its own nutrients and you don’t have to add chemical fertilizers in huge quantities if you are using that soil. We will discuss Organic soil more in detail later in this Article!

Give pH the respect it deserves

Keep an eye on pH whether you are growing in soil or hydroponics. The pH of the medium determines the health of the plant. pH effects are not that different from nutrient deficiencies. That is why when a plant is affected due to imbalance pH, many gardeners think of it as nutrient deficiency.

  • The optimum pH level the Autoflowers enjoy is 6-7 if the growing medium is soil. If it is hydroponics, then 5.5-6 pH.

But what happens if pH rises or drops than optimum numbers. Well, plants won’t be able to uptake nutrients (especially Calcium and Magnesium). If pH is not desirable, Then even the presence of these nutrients in abundance near roots won’t help. Your application of fertilizers won’t provide any good if the pH is not right.

Take care of Lighting

If you want high-quality yield, then lighting might be the most important thing. Autoflowers require 18 hours of lighting to give a top-notch yield. It just needs a 6-hour darkness break. Some growers may even provide lighting for 24 hours. That gives more yield than plants grown with 18 hours of lighting, however, the quality is bad. So, don’t try to become over-smart and give your plant what they want.

Also, You can use LED spectrum bulbs or lamps to provide this lighting.

best soil for Autoflowers
Autoflower growing.

Now, let’s discuss the most important point in Autoflowers cultivation that is which is the best soil for Autoflowers cultivation.

Which is the Best soil for Autoflowers? Here we are Naming Few

Different gardeners prefer a different kind of soil. That does not make one soil better than the other. So, how you should decide which soil is the best for you? Well, for this, all you have to do is find out what your plant wants. If its requirements are fulfilled in a certain soil type, then this soil would be the best you can get. But Experts have a consensus on one thing that Organic soil is one of the best things a grower can use.

Let’s have a look at some of the Organic soils for Autoflowers;

Organic soil for Autoflowers

If you want a top-quality end product, then you need the best super soil for Autoflowers. Without good soil, it is stupid to expect a good yield. But you must be wondering which type of soil should you use! Well, we have to break it to you first that organic soil is the best soil you can provide to your Autoflowers. You can either make Organic soil on your own or purchase it from the market.

First, Let’s have a look at how you can make soil for Autoflowers!

How to make soil for Autoflower

Everyone must be self-sufficient to do anything. If you make or do things on your own, then you become independent and don’t need much help from outside. You can also choose the attributes you want in a thing while making it. The same is the case in Homemade organic soil making.

Many growers believe that a homemade blend of soil is the best soil as you can control the following traits:

  • Proper Drainage
  • Water Retention
  • Aeration

While making the soil, you can adjust these three attributes according to your needs.

Some say that you must make your own soil to grow Autoflowers. As these plants are a little different than regular Cannabis, their requirements are different too. Autoflowers need lightweight, low nutrient, and well-aerated soil. So, when you mix your own soil, you can control the nutrients and texture of the soil. You can do this by adjusting the ingredients.

Generally, Autoflower growers use these ingredients to make soil:

  • Peat Moss
  • Compost
  • Vermiculite
  • Perlite

Three parts of Peat moss, three parts of Compost, two parts of Perlite, and one part of vermiculite are added to make a perfect soil.

If you are wondering which is the best organic potting soil for Autoflowers, then we suggest you get soil that has the following composition: Compost, Perlite, and Peat moss added in the same quantity (1 part each)

If for some reason you can’t make soil, then purchasing it from a reputed brand is the next best thing you can do.

The best soil brand for Autoflowers: Autoflower soil for sale

Many claims to provide the best bag soil for Autoflowers, but only a few keep up to the standard. Let’s have a look at some best Store bought soil for Autoflowers

Fox farm soil for autoflowers

It is perhaps the best bag soil for Autoflowers. This brand is arguably the most popular among Cannabis growers. The best fox farm soil for Autoflowers is prepared from Forest products and sandy loam soil. This soil is light and well-aerated which is perfect for Autoflowers growth. The ingredients used in this soil are Crab meal, Shrimp meal, humus, peat moss, granite dust, oyster shells, fish emulsion, and more.

Black gold soil for autoflower

The word “Gold” in the name justifies the worth of this soil. For some, it is the Best bagged soil for Autoflowers. Black Gold is certified organic soil. This soil is widely used to pot cannabis plants. It contains worm castings, perlite, pumice, and different organic matters. Moreover, this soil is aerated and provides the proper drainage.

Kis organics biochar soil mix

It is another organic soil used to grow plants like Cannabis. It contains the following ingredients: Peat Moss, Oyster shell, fish one meal, Black owl biochar, earthworm castings, pumice, basalt, Organic Alfalfa meal, and other beneficial microbes.

It is a “water-only” soil as you will only have to water the plants. There is no need to add any other substance.

So, these are the top three brands that people buy to grow their plants. These brands are also popular among Cannabis growers. Cannabis strains are sensitive to any undesirable surroundings and these soils are made keeping that in mind.

Final Words

All in all, we discussed the Best soil for Autoflowers in this article. Soil is only called best if it is providing the best medium for plants to grow. The best medium is that which contains necessary nutrients, aeration, drainage, and many more features. Organic soil is the best for Autoflowers and it is a fact. However, there are many different kinds of Organic soil available in the market. Choose whatever you think is best for your plants. In addition to this, take measures to provide other necessary environmental conditions like lighting. Follow what we say and you will surely have the desired result.

Do comment your opinion in the comment section regarding this Article down below!

FAQs about Best soil for Autoflowers

What is the best soil for Autoflowering plants?

Organic soil is the best for Autoflowers to grow. Two famous organic soil is sold which are Fox farm and Black Gold. In addition to this, several other soils are also being sold for Autoflowers. Moreover, it is also recommended to make the soil in the home according to one’s own wants. In this, you can control the number of Nutrients and pH in the soil you are making. Thus, all of these soils are best to grow these plants.

Which Fox Farm soil is best for Autoflowers?

Fox Farm Soil Ocean Forest Mix is one of the best soils you can add for Autoflower cultivation. it is being made under the Fox Farm brand which is highly popular among Cannabis growers.

How much soil does an Autoflower need?

Generally, Autoflowers grow up to 18 inches. So, calculating the plant height to pot size ratio, 1.5 to 2.5-gallon containers should be enough. Add soil in this container and then sow the seeds.

Can you grow Autoflowers in super soil?

Yes, You can grow Autoflowers in Super soil which is also considered an amazing method to grow these plants.

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