Cupertino Free Compost: Read All the Details Here!

A Compost is a blend of decomposed organic materials which are added to the soil to improve its fertility. It is widely used by growers to get the optimum yield. But making the compost is an arduous and time-taking task. A compost may take up to six months to decompose. However, if you are a citizen of Cupertino, then we have Good news for you. Cupertino free compost program is in its full swing where you can get compost free of cost. Yes, you read that right, totally free! Want to know more about it? Then this article is for you as we are also describing in detail about How you can use this free compost in your garden.

  • As a bonus, we have also described how you can make Compost at home all by yourself. So, this article might be the best thing you will read today.

Let’s start with the ongoing Free Compost Program in Cupertino.

Cupertino Free Compost Program

Attention People of Cupertino, if you are wondering is there any free compost near me, then we have some news for you. Your city is offering free compost to its every resident. A resident of Cupertino can visit the Cupertino Compost site and obtain compost in whatever quantity he/she likes.

But where does Cupertino city gets so much compost? Well, it is made from food scraps and yard waste of Cupertino’s residents. These food scraps and yard waste is collected and brought to the site where compost is made from them.

Cupertino’s residents can get this compost on Friday and Saturday from 8 am to before noon (11 am) at 12100 Stevens Canyon Rd, across from the Stevens Creek Reservoir dam. This site is open till the 13th of November, so mark any suitable date on your calendar.

However, if there were rain or a stormy season, then the compost site is closed.

Rules to Load the Compost

Let’s have a look at some rules established by the management.

  • Bring a valid Id and driver’s license as it is necessary to make sure that only Cupertino’s residents get this free compost.
  • Bring your tools (shovels), a helper, and a vehicle to collect compost. Compost site does not provide facilities like tools or helper boys.
  • To collect compost, you can either bring a garbage can or a container. Also, you can use a pickup truck to load compost. But make sure you cover it with some plastic or other materials as transporting uncovered loosed material is not allowed in California. A heavy tarp can also be spread in your four-wheeler vehicle for compost collection.
  • One rule is that residents will only have 15 minutes for shoveling if there is a queue of cars waiting to get compost as well.

During covid times, special protocol rules have also been announced which are:

  • Wear a mask in the compost facility
  • Carry a hand sanitizer and maintain social distancing
  • Shovels won’t be provided, so bring your own.
  • Portable restrooms won’t be accessible to the public.

Now, check out how compost is made!

How Compost is Made?

Before making compost, you must know which ingredients you must use. It is just like baking a cake as you need to add some ingredients first, then you have to bake it and in the end, you will get cake (compost).

You will need the following ingredients:

First, have a look at those ingredients that may be found in your kitchen:

  • Vegetables & fruit peels
  • Nut shells
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Food scraps
  • Tea Bags

Warning: Do not add dairy, meat or, oily products as these may attract animals and rodents.

Now, let’s look at the ingredients that are available in Gardens or yards:

  • Grass clipping
  • Hay
  • Wood chips
  • Leaves
  • Hardwood sawdust and ashes

After collecting all these ingredients, now it is time for some baking. You can either make compost either in a large pot or in your backyard.

Take all the ingredients and chop them into smaller pieces. This will fasten the decomposition process and will reduce the time in compost making.

Then spread the soil on top of these chopped-up pieces. This soil layer has microorganisms that will further increase decomposition and are a vital step in compost formation.

You must special care of moisture when making compost. If dryness is there, then immediately add water. However, don’t add too much water as it can lead to some problems like a bad odor.

In addition to this, Temperature is also another important factor in compost making. After adding the soil layer, it will take five days to reach a desirable temperature for compost making which is between 35 Degrees to 60 Degrees celsius.

To speed up the compost formation, stir the mixture a few times. When the pile starts to settle down, then this is a sign that compost is almost ready. If you stir the pile every week, then compost should be ready within two months. If you don’t, then compost formation may take up to six months.

After that time, the pile will start to look dark and crumbly. Now, the compost is ready and you can now add it to the soil.

Cupertino Free Compost making
Making Compost is an easy task.

Why Compost is Necessary to Add?

Composting is now necessary due to the advantages it offers. Let’s have a look at them to better understand why compost can be called a Gardener’s Best Mate:

  • Adding compost enriches the soil with essential nutrients. A compost contains both macro and micronutrients which plants uptake to grow properly. Deficiency of these nutrients leads to stunted growth, poor yield, and overall bad appearance.
  • Composting also decreases the risk of insect-pest attacks, which in turn leads to better yield.
  • Adding compost reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. Thus, growers can save money as well using this growing medium.
  • Compost promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria which plays a key role in the breaking of soil. This soil breaking leads to a release of nutrients that are essential for plants.
  • Composting improves the water retention capacity of the soil. Thus, you need to water less after adding compost.
  • Composting is an eco-friendly way to add nutrients to the soil. Chemical fertilizers can lead to water and air pollution, but this doesn’t happen when you add compost. So, do a favor to your Environment and use compost.
  • Composting also reduces the erosion of the soil. It binds the soil and improves the retention capacity which doesn’t easily let the soil particles to disperse.
  • Compost is perhaps the best way to deal with the waste. Compost is made up of food scraps, grass clipping, and other farm waste. Instead of dumping it in the landfill, this waste is utilized for a bigger cause. This waste is recycled into an organic fertilizer (Compost) which then is utilized to improve soil health.
Why Compost is Necessary to Add?
You must use compost to make the soil rich in Nutrients.

Now, let’s have a look at some other compost types.

Monterey mushroom compost

Monterey mushroom compost is a famous compost that is added to the soil by many gardeners. It is one of the best things you can add to nutrient deficiency soil. However, it has a large number of salts, so one must be careful adding them. Due to the salt amount, a gardener must further amend it to make it more nutritious for the soil.

Saratoga free compost

Saratoga Free compost consists of Horses’ excretions and other types of manure from the stable. This compost is free for the residents of Santa Clara. Cooper-Garrod compost uses stable manure that fertilizes the soil. It has been widely used in growing tomato plants. However, you can add compost to almost every type of plant.

Wrapping Up

All-inclusive, Cupertino free compost Program is an amazing initiative to provide free compost to growers while being eco-friendly simultaneously. Any resident of Cupertino can go to the compost site on Fridays and Saturdays to get their free compost. Keep in mind that the timing is 8 am to 11 am. If you are Cupertino’s resident, then don’t let this opportunity go. Adding compost to the soil is essential to improve its health. Nutrient-rich soil means more plant growth. Thus, compost becomes a necessity. So, don’t hesitate when you get the chance to make, obtain, or buy compost.

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Where to Purchase Compost?

You can buy compost from any nearby marketplace, shops that deal with gardening, and even at online stores. Amazon is the most famous online platform which people use to buy compost. Use whichever method suits you to buy the compost.

Can I Make Compost at Home?

Yes, you can make compost at home pretty easily. All you need is ingredients like Grass clippings, dead leaves, food scraps, etc, and cut them into smaller pieces. Collect them all in a pot or a container. Add a layer of soil on top of them to enhance the decomposition process. Why? Soil contains beneficial microorganisms that break down the pile and further promote decomposition. Keep stirring this pile and then you will have compost ready within 8 weeks.

What is usually added to the compost?

Both Kitchen and Garden waste is added to the compost. Kitchen waste includes food scraps, eggshells, nutshells, fruits, and vegetable peels. Garden waste includes grass clippings, wood chips, hay, hardwood, etc. These not only enrich the compost pile but also lessen the burden on the waste management system.

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