What is Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics? Grow Plants Hydroponically!

Hydroponics is changing the way humans grow plants. In this system, plants are grown without the soil. Yep, you read that right! All plants get in this system is water, nutrient solution, and oxygen supplied after some arrangements. One famous type of hydroponics is Aeroponics. It has gained popularity from its unique application of water, oxygen, and nutrient. The advanced form of Aeroponics is called Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics or Fogponics.

In Aeroponics, roots are suspended in the air and nutrient water is applied to them via spraying or misting. In this system, plants are grown in the air environment. Since roots are not completely submerged in water just like the DWC system, they have space to breathe.

Fogponics is the same as aeroponics with one major difference which has changed the scenario completely. What is this change? Is Fogger Aeroponics really worth the hype? If yes, then how does it work? Here we are answering your every query.

What is Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics?

Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics, also called Fogponics, is an advanced form of Aeroponics. In this system, plants are grown without the soil and the function of soil is performed by different types of machinery.

In Fogger Aeroponics, water atoms are atomized to a very little size (almost 5 microns). The irrigation and application of nutrients in this system are different from the rest of the systems. With Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics, Fog is produced rather than mist. But it is not just an ordinary fog. In this system, fog contains both water and nutrients required by plants to grow properly and live a happy life. Roots absorb this nutrient-rich fog to cover the water and nutrient requirement.

One main point growers talk about while using Fogger Aeroponics is that the water size is very small. Due to this size, the roots of young plants are not damaged. Also, if you are growing sensitive plants, then this system is perfect for them. Due to weak roots, clones, herbs, cuttings, and seedlings prefer foggy irrigation instead of mist spraying. The small size of the fog droplet doesn’t harm the roots and plants keep growing successfully.

Why some people are wary of mist? As the size of water droplets in the mist is larger than fog (50 microns), then there are chances that roots may bear some damage, and the plant as a whole will pay the price.

Let’s have a look at how the Fogger Aeroponics system works!

How Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics System Works?

Just like other hydroponic systems, supplying water, nutrients, and oxygen is essential in ultrasonic Fogponics as well. It is no secret that plants need both water and oxygen to live. But one also must not expect a good yield if any nutrients are not applied to the plants during the growth. Want to know how Ultrasonic fogger aeroponics works. Well, keep reading then!

As roots are suspended in the air, they receive plenty of oxygen. It is the opposite in Deep Water Culture where roots are completely submerged in the water. To supply nutrients and water, electric foggers are attached to this system. Due to these Fogponics fogger, nutrient-rich fog is formed.

The foggers are put underneath the suspended plants and are then connected to electricity. When the fog is produced, it slowly moves upward to reach the plants’ roots. This Nutrient-rich fog provides essential nutrients to the plants. This device is the difference between aeroponics and Fogponics. If you don’t have a fogger, then the system will be called aeroponics.

We recommend you dissolve liquid fertilizer in the water and then produce fog in the reservoir from this solution. You can also use granular fertilizers too but make sure that these are completely dissolved in the water. If you don’t, then don’t expect plants will uptake them.

Note: Stay away from any organic nutrient form as it may clog your system.

If you want, you can even add a micro fan to this system. Place it above or below the roots to promote fog movement and to cool down the heat coming from the foggers.

A smart grower has every tool he needs. One of the tools is pH measuring devices. Keep measuring the pH of the system regularly. You should also have a pH control kit to maintain the pH if it goes out of range. Generally, people prefer pH up and down by General Hydroponics.

Best Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics

Setting up a perfect Fogponics system is essential. But selecting the best devices for this system is critical. Fogponics are different from other hydroponics due to their fogger. You can grasp the level of importance of this device by knowing that It is the most important component of the system. The effectiveness of the whole setup depends upon the fogger you use. That is why whenever you see the ad “Fogponics system for sale”, immediately check what kind of fogger they are using.

So, Make sure you buy the best Ultrasonic Fogger for plants. But where can you find it? Well, don’t worry as we are again here to help you.

Here’s the list of the best Fogger you can buy from Amazon

  • Bespick Fogger
  • Eleoption 10
  • Beacon Pet 220V
  • Happybuy
  • BeaconPet 250W Ultrasonic Fogger for plants

Read these reviews about the advantages and features of these devices.

Best Tops Product Reviews

The purpose of these reviews is to convey that each product below is unique and exciting.

Bespick Fogger

Bespick Mist Maker Fogger 6 Head Pond Fogger should be on your priority list. Why? Well because experts in the hydroponics and gardening field recommend this and quite rightly so. It is the best thing available. All you need to do is put this product in the reservoir and then add water. Kodila has called it a product with no problems and others have termed it as a product worth buying.

Keep one thing in mind that always Connect this product with the DC Power source. Moreover, use a transformer before connecting it to the electricity source.


  • It is durable
  • Produces the right water droplets.
  • Good Mechanical Strength
  • It has an over-current protection circuit.


  • It gets heated pretty quickly. So, you have to do some arrangements to cool down the system as well.
  • Use this product along with a transformer. Do not connect this device with an electric source without a transformer.

Eleoption 10

ELEOPTION 10 Head Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger is one of the best foggers available. This device has high thermal conductivity and high corrosion resistance which prolongs its life. It has a waterproof transformer as well. This nebulizer is adaptable and works equally best if you use tap water or pure water. The spray power of this product is 3500-500 ml/H


  • High metal strength
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Polarity protection
  • Has a built-in system to deal with power excess.


  • This product needs heat dissipation measures for smooth functioning.


Happybuy Maker 3 Head Waterproof Power Supply Stainless Steel Mister Fogger makes a huge amount of fog within seconds. Dimensions of this device are 10X6X6 inches and weigh about 4 pounds. Furthermore, Stainless steel is the main element in its structure. Due to these features, it is highly recommended by growers. Justin Smith called it “Awesome.” Abes has called it “Well-Built.” Chris said this product does exactly what it claims and Adams termed its working “Perfect.”


  • Removable Atomizer Cavity
  • In-Built protection to control the temperature
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable


  • Some may find it expensive. But like intellectuals always say, Good things don’t come cheap. Buy this device and enjoy mental peace too as its features are unbelievable.

Beacon Pet 220 V

Beacon Pet Premium Quality 220V 10 Head Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger is the best in the business. It has a spraying capacity of 3500-500 ml/H. Moreover, it is made up of stainless steel which is also durable. That is why many people trust this device blindly. People also have a faith in its manufacturer Beacon Pet that has been making quality foggers.


  • 1-year warranty. If you face any issue, then contact them immediately.
  • Power supply polarity protection
  • Good Mechanical Strength
  • High corrosion resistance


  • It gets heated pretty quickly. So, you have to do some arrangements to cool down the system as well.

Beacon Pet 250W

Beacon Pet 250W UMM-10 5KG/H 10 Head Ultrasonic Fogger is another fogger you can buy. Users claim that it is best for hydroponics. It has an in-built water cooling mechanism. This leads to the prolonged life of this product. Moreover, it is made up of stainless steel.


  • Durability
  • Polarity protection
  • It can also be used in other systems as well.


  • Use heat dissipation methods to maintain the system.

You must be wondering how a person can set up a Fogponics system. Well, the process is rather easy for experts but if you are a beginner, then setting up Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics can be arduous.

Let’s have a look at how you can set up an effective Fogponics system!

How to Set up ultrasonic fogger aeroponics system?

Setting up any new system is laborious. Fogponics or Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics is no exception too. But if you will follow what we are describing now, then it will be a piece of cake for you.

First of all, let’s have a look at the things you will need to set up a Fogponics system. You will need the following things:

1) You will need anything large enough that can hold liters of water and at least one plant. Mostly, Gowers use containers, buckets, or reservoirs. Out of these three, reservoirs are recommended the most!

2) You will need a lid too to cover the reservoir. This is necessary as fog must stay in the reservoir. If the reservoir is not covered, then the fog will move out of the system into the open environment. Thus, roots will not have many droplets to absorb. Moreover, this will put extra pressure on ultrasonic foggers that produce fog. So, the system may get heated up too. This is why keeping a lid on the reservoir is a must.

3) Drill some holes in the tray (lid) to put net pots with plants in them.

4) Buy those net pots that will fit in your system. After selecting and buying the net pots, it is time to decide which growing media will be added to them. Generally, growers add perlite or vermiculite and grow plants in them.

5) Put the Fogponics fogger in the reservoir to produce the fog. After that, add water into the reservoir. Connect the whole system to the electricity. Without electricity, fog will not be produced.

In the last stage, to complete the Setup, put the net pots (with plants) in the holes where the roots will be hung under the lid. Plants must be out in the open while roots must remain under the lid within the reservoir. You can easily make this system at home and call it Fogponics cloner.

Utrasonic Fogger Aeroponics Cons | Problems with fogponics

Following are the Problems with Fogponics:

1) It is difficult to manage and maintain. When the atomizer is operational for a long time, it starts to release heat. This will evaporate fog which will lead to system drying out. If this happens, then immediately do something to cool the atomizer. You can add a timer to the setup and on/off the fogger after some time. You can also buy a water chiller to cool down the system.

Salt Build up is a common problem in all of the aeroponics forms including Fogponics. This accumulation can clog the system and you will need to clean it up for smooth functioning. Also, Keep checking nutrients in the reservoir to keep track of salt accumulation. If you are growing seedlings or clones, then they don’t need many nutrients. So, add little nutrients if you are growing these plants.

2) As the initial cost of this system is more, so you can say that it is expensive to set up.

3) Not suitable for plants that require more water. It is also not suitable for trees or bigger plants.

4) This system depends a lot on electricity., So, if a power outage happens, then your plants are in big trouble. Fog won’t be produced and plants won’t get water and nutrients. This may even lead to death. To avoid this, growers use backup energy sources like an electric generator or some big battery which increases the cost of setup even more.

Which Plants Work Best with the Ultrasonic fogger?

As water, nutrient, and oxygen is provided to plants easily, that is why they grow faster and produce a higher yield than plants grown in the soil. Why? Because Plants grown in hydroponics don’t have to spend energy to look for these three important things and they can focus on their own growth. But Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics system is not for every plant.

Plants that have shown robust growth in this system are:

  • Basil
  • Lavender
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Dill
  • Chervil
  • Chives
  • Chamomile
  • Vegetables like lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, beans, etc.
  • You can also grow seedlings and clones in this system.

Let’s have a look at the comparison of Fogponics and Aeroponics.

Fogponics vs Aeroponics

Both Aeroponics and Fogponics are hydroponics systems. But there are still some differences.

Let’s see the difference between the two systems in a table:

in Fogponics, fog is produced In Aeroponics, the mist is produced
In this, Ultrasonic fogger nebulizer is usedA fogger is not used in this setup.
This system is suitable for small plants, clones, cuttings, and other sensitive plants.This system is suitable for a little larger plants as well.
As the size of water droplets is very small, the nutrients in the droplets are less too. So, those plants must be grown in this system that requires very few nutrients to grow. The size of the water droplet is more than the fog. So, a water droplet can have more nutrients in this system. Hence, those plants can also be grown that require more nutrients.
Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics
Aeroponics Set up Diagram

We hope that you have observed the diagram carefully. Now, instead of the misting, imagine there is fog around the roots. This is Fogponics. Not much of a big difference, right? But In reality, this does make a difference.

As we have mentioned before that Fogponics’ effectiveness depends upon the fogger. But does mister has no benefits? Is mister better or a fogger? Let’s decide now!

Aeroponics Fogger vs Mister

Before discussing whether a fogger or a mister is best, let’s discuss their structure. Fogger has a high-pressure pump, nozzles, and distributing pipes. On the other hand, Mister is made up of a pressure regulator, filters, nozzles, pipes, a valve, and a timer.

Now, let’s look at the working of both.

Mist system operates at 30-60 psi water pressure that produces water droplets of size larger than 50 microns. This is not suitable for seedlings and clones.

Contrarily, Water pressure is high in the ordinary fogger is 800-1200 psi which produces water droplets of very fine size. The size of droplets is from 5-20 microns. If you talk about the ultrasonic fogger, then due to the ceramic plate vibration, water droplets are very tiny in size (0.5 microns) are produced.

As water droplets are tinier than those produced from the mister, so water availability to plants is low as well. The same goes for nutrient availability. As the size of the droplet is small, then very few nutrients can become part of this droplet. That is why experts recommend using foggers for sensitive plants, seedlings, or those who require less water and nutrients. Misters are recommended for those plants that are a little bigger and require more water and nutrients.

Wrapping Up

All-inclusive, hydroponics is a system that you can really trust to get Top-quality yield. Aeroponics is a type of hydroponics that is widely used around the world. An advanced form of Aeroponics is called Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics. It is now widely gaining popularity as one of the most famous hydroponic systems of all time. In this system, water and nutrients are supplied in the form of fog. Due to the size of fog’s droplets, this system is ideal for clones, cuttings seedlings, and other sensitive plants. Set up this system in the recommended way described in this article and enjoy high yield!


Does Fogponics work?

Yes, Fogponics work effectively to produce top-quality plants. You can grow sensitive plants like clones or cuttings in this system too. So, how does it work? Roots absorb water and nutrients from the fog produced by the foggers. Due to this fogger function, plants grow vigorously.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about Oxygen if you are growing plants in Fogponics. Oxygen is available to the roots as they are in suspended form. All of these factors lead to high yield which is evidence that this system works great.

What is the difference between aeroponics and hydroponics?

Aeroponics is a type of hydroponics system. Hydroponics may involve other systems like the Deep Water Culture (DWC) system in which roots are submerged in the water 24/7. In DWC Hydroponics, Water is applied via a water pump. Nutrients are applied in the form of a Nutrient solution. Moreover, an oxygen pump is used to provide oxygen.

In Aeroponics, roots are suspended in the air. Water and nutrients are applied to them in the form of mist. As roots are suspended in the air, then there is no need to arrange specific equipment for oxygen availability.

Where can I buy inexpensive ultrasonic foggers for commercial Fogponic growing?

You can buy tools for Fogponics setup from Amazon. After buying these tools, set up your own system for commercial purposes. Make sure you understand the role of each tool used in the system. Do what we have described above about how to set up the Ultrasonic Fogger Aeroponics section and don’t try to overdo anything.

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