Plant dying during flowering: Know why it happens and its cure!

Plants are grown with continuous care and a wide series of measures. A grower does all the efforts to see the fruits of his hard work in the end. Out of all the things he may see, a grower does not want to see Plant dying during flowering stage. There could be many reasons for this to happen which we will be discussing in this article.

Let’s give you the general sense of this phenomenon first. Your plants divert their resources and energy towards the flowers at the end of the flowering stage. It is necessary too as due to this energy, high and top-notch yield is possible. Due to this energy diversion, other parts like leaves receive less energy. That’s why leaves turn yellow and start dying during this stage. The same thing happens if bud formation is in the last stages in weed plants.

During the last phase of flowering, leaves start wilting at a rapid pace and an inexperienced gardener fears what is happening. An experienced one knows it is a good and natural thing. So, when people ask is it normal for leaves to die during flowering, experts reply with Yes. However, if leaves start dying during the initial phase of flowering, then it is a cause of concern. Also, what if the yellowing occurs in flowers instead of leaves? Then it is also a sign to worry and you should look for the root cause immediately.

Generally, yellowing happens due to the loss of chlorophyll which is called chlorosis. When chlorosis happens at the end of the flowering, it is called senescence which is natural and happens in every plant.

But when the outdoor plant dying during flowering is not due to this natural cause, then the following can also be the reasons for the plant’s death during flowering.

Plant Dying during Flowering: Know the Causes

It is natural for some plants to shed some leaves during flowering. Some people have even termed it that if leaves start turning yellow at the end of the flowering stage, then it is a sign of good flower/fruit production.

Similarly, Weed plant leaves dying during flowering is a natural phenomenon too. Weed diverts its energy towards the bud formation which leads to yellowing of the leaves. But if it is not natural, then there could be many reasons why leaves are dying.

A Grower generally asks, “why do my outdoor plants keep dying?” Well to answer this, Let’s have a look at some of the possible reasons for outdoor plants dying during the flowering stage:

Improper Watering

Whether you over-water or under-water the soil, plants will suffer. Proper watering is necessary for plants to grow properly. During flowering, plants become more sensitive than they are on other days. Why? Because a lot of energy is being spent on flower production while less on other parts. During this phase, nutrient uptake and usage are more as well. The same goes for water uptake. If any of this is affected, flowering and fruit formation is negatively impacted.

If you give less water to plants, then nutrient uptake is also affected too. This leads to wilting of leaves and even death if the situation persists.

Plant dying during flowering
Improper watering leads to death of leaves.

Let’s discuss over-watering now. Flushing the soil with water just before the floral formation triggers more yellowing. Why? Because it washes away nutrients as well. This can lead to nutrient deficiency. Moreover, overwatering can cause some diseases to emerge like root rot.

Improper Light

We cannot stress enough why proper lighting is important for plants. We all know that no human being can survive without food. Well, a plant’s food depends upon the availability of light. Without light (whether artificial or sunlight), a plant cannot produce its food (glucose) through a process called photosynthesis. That is why experts recommend growing plants in a suitable location where enough light falls.

Poor location is a major factor that promotes yellowing which may even lead to the death of the plant. If you notice plant leaves dry and crispy during flowering, then light stress may be involved in it. So, how does improper lighting affect plants?

If plants don’t receive proper light, then photosynthesis won’t occur. This causes leaves to turn yellow first as they are the primary site of photosynthesis. When this light stress happens, you can see top leaves dying during flowering. Why? Because they are the farthest from the roots. They will receive fewer nutrients and water, so they won’t be able to cope with the light stress.

If this condition persists, plants can even die during flowering as more energy is required in this phase.

If plants are growing outdoor, then light stress occurs if there is a shade on plants or if plants receive light more than they require. That is why choosing an ideal location for the proper availability of sunlight is important.

If plants are indoors, then light stress occurs due to the artificial lighting source. If this lighting source is placed too near or too far from plants, then plants will become weak.

Not Enough Nutrients

Nutrient deficiency is another reason for losing leaves during flowering and then even the death of plants. Before the flowering stage, nitrogen nutrient is added in the form of fertilizer. It is necessary because plants need more nutrients during this stage. If there are not enough nutrients, then plants will start turning yellow or brown. When you notice a plant dying one branch at a time, it is probably due to nutrient deficiency. In this condition, the flowering rate will decrease too.

When it comes to leaves, older ones die first. They are present on the lower side. First, they turn pale and then wrinkly. You can even pluck them from our hands easily.

The same thing can be observed in weed plants. Due to nutrient deficiency, a grower can observe buds dying during flowering stage (More on that later!).

If the Nutrient deficiency situation remains for a longer time, then Plant dying during flowering is inevitable. So, make sure you always have an idea about the nutrient status of the soil.

Nute Burn

Not only nutrient deficiency but nutrient excess can also negatively impact plants. When Nutrients are applied before flowering, growers usually add more nutrients than required. This leads to Nute Burn which is another undesirable phenomenon. Spots are first formed on the side of leaves, then they spread to other parts. This badly affects photosynthesis and plants produce less food. As a result, plants have stunted growth and also begin to die slowly if no treatment is applied.

Insect Infestation

Insects are one of many reasons why plants die during the flowering stage. Insects, whether present on leaves, stems, or inside the flower, trouble plants. They suck cell sap which causes plants’ parts to wilt. Moreover, insects like termites feed on roots. They are the reason for a plant dying overnight!

If insects suck the cell sap of leaves, then they drop off. This causes a reduction in photosynthesis which leads to low food production. That is why if an insect attack remains for a longer period, then plants can die too.

Unfavorable temperature

Temperature is one of the biggest reasons for leaves yellowing and dying during flowering. High or low temperatures during flowering badly impact plants’ health.

Unfavorable temperature coupled with improper watering or nutrient deficiency can promote wilting and you may also witness a plant dying during flowering from them.

Plant dying during flowering
Plants die if favorable conditions are not provided.

Buds dying during flowering

For a Cannabis grower, buds formation is important. Weed is one of the sensitive plants a grower can grow. So, if any of the above-mentioned condition happens, then a grower must remain prepared to witness buds dying during flowering. But why does that happen? The reason is the same! During the bud formation, most of the plants’ energy is being utilized in this budding process. Other parts of the plants receive less energy. So, they start to turn yellow. It is a natural process and not a sign of worry.

But if this yellowing occurs before the bud formation, then you have to look for a solution.

How do I keep my plants from dying?

Seeing outdoor plants dying during flowering is one of the worst scenarios. If you start observing that plants are facing some problems, then immediately look for solutions. Let’s see them one by one!

Proper watering

If you see Plant dying during flowering, then start the treatment with water. More specifically, take special care of watering (irrigation) just before the flowering stage. Also, as a precautionary measure, use soil that has good drainage properties.

Moreover, keenly observe moisture levels during the flowering stage as well. Add water whenever you feel water is getting low.

Why do we say water is the biggest point you should look after? Well, Water is necessary for plants to perform metabolism. This metabolism process releases energy which is then utilized by the plants for flower production and fruit formation. If this energy is not released, then plants will die surely.

Application of Nutrients in Appropriate Amount

Nutrients are key for plants to function smoothly. That is why adding fertilizers just before the flowering stage is highly recommended by the experts. Failing to do so will result in low flower production, leaves dying pre-maturely, and overall poor yield.

Phosphorous, Potassium, and one part of Nitrogen are added before sowing while the second part of Nitrogen fertilizer is added just before flowering.

While adding fertilizer, don’t exceed the recommended limit. If you do this, then Nute burn is inevitable which harms plants. So, do smart gardening and follow the instructions of experts and instructions written on the label on the fertilizer bag.

Proper Lighting

One golden rule for better gardening is that always place your plants under better lighting. If plants are growing outdoor, then they must be placed in such an area where proper light falls on them. Sunlight is essential for plants as photosynthesis cannot be done without light.

If plants are growing indoor, then use better lighting, ventilation, and cooling system. Furthermore, place the lighting source at a suitable distance with plants. It should not be too close as this may cause a light burn. It may not be too far as this will hinder the glucose production process.

Final Words

All-inclusive, plants dying during flowering is a sight no grower wants to see. It happens due to a plethora of reasons. These are Improper watering, nutrient deficiency, nute burn, improper lighting, and unfavorable temperature. To prevent death to occur, follow both treatments and precautionary measures. Take extra care of plants when flowers start to bloom. If you don’t, then your plants won’t produce desirable yield and the situation can even escalate to their death.

For your better understanding, here is a section of FAQs.


Why is my plant dying during flowering?

Plants die during flowering due to many reasons which are Nutrient deficiency, nute burn, high/low temperature, over or under watering, and bad lighting. Plants may face one or many of these problems at once during flowering.

Should I remove dying leaves during flowering?

Yes, you should remove dying leaves during flowering. When the leaf is dying, the plant spends its energy reviving it. This energy should have been used for flower production. So, to avoid wasting plants’ energy, you should remove wilting or dying leaves.

How do you revive a dying plant?

You have to do multiple things to revive your plants. Some of them are proper watering at the right time, application of enough nutrients, provision of favorable temperature, and maintenance of plants (like trimming).

Why are my leaves turning brown during flowering?

Leaves turning brown during flowering is a natural phenomenon. During flowering, plants spend most of the energy on flowering blooming and then bud formation too. During this phase, leaves receive less energy (food). So, leaves start turning brown.

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