Craftsman vs Toro Lawn Mower: Let’s have a look at both!

Everyone is picky when it comes to mowers. People do careful research about which mower is the best. After all, a good Lawn Mower is essential to make a beautiful lawn. There are many brands that manufacture Lawn Mowers. However, the most common comparison that happens is Craftsman vs Toro Lawn Mower. Here, we are also comparing them both and have also reached a conclusion that which one is better!

Before deciding the winner of the Craftsman vs Toro Lawn Mower comparison, it is essential to get an overview of both!

Craftsman Vs Toro Lawn Mower’s Differences at a Glance-

Lawn SizePerfect for Large YardPerfect for comparatively small Lawn
Deck SizeNot GoodIt has superbly close edging for a 22-inch deck
AttachmentEasily availableEasily available
NoiseIt is little louder than ToroIt is not as loud as Craftsman
Interchangeable BatteryYesYes
TerrainPerfect to handle uneven terrainNot so good
TorqueTorque rating is GoodNot as good as Craftsman
Grass Bagging CapacityNot GoodGood
Adjustable HandleYesNo
Wheel driversStronger than ToroWeaker than craftsman
WheelLarge sizeSmall size
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon
  • Just for you, we have also compared Toro and Craftsman with Honda Lawn Mowers.

So, stay with us if you want to know which Machine is better for You!

What is a Lawn Mower?

A Lawn Mower is a machine that is used to cut the lawn’s grass. A mower does the following things:

  • Mulching
  • Bagging
  • Mowing

Different types of machines are available in the market related to this work. The most famous ones are Toro, Craftsman, and Honda. Let’s make a comparison first of Craftsman vs Toro Lawn Mower.

Craftsman vs Toro Lawn Mower
Lawn Mower

Craftsman Lawn Mower

Craftsman Lawn Mower is an American-based company that has been manufacturing different models of Lawn Mowers for decades. The company was established in 1927 and the first machine it prepared was an electric drill. In 1934, Craftsman launched its first-ever Lawn Mower and hasn’t looked back since.

Let’s take a look at different famous models of Craftsman Lawn Mower:

1. Craftsman M105 140cc Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A with Global Materials in Tupelo
  • It has a powerful engine with auto-choke
  • The rear bag collects grass clippings for easy cleanup or composting
  • Dual-lever, 6-position height adjustment makes it easy to change cutting height
  • According to lawn mower reviews, it has an adjustable loop handle for comfort while mowing

This Push Mower is excellent for modest yards up to a quarter-acre in size according to lawn mower reviews on different websites. It is powered by an engine with an auto-choke. The 3-in-1 deck lets you discharge, mulch to replenish soil nutrients for a healthy lawn, or bag for quick cleanup or composting. With 8-inch rear wheels and a dual-lever 6-position height adjustment, adjusting the cutting height while mowing is simple.

Craftsman M105 140cc Lawn Mower

A Real Clean Cut

This is the most important point. You’re curious if this thing cuts, aren’t you? Our investigation seems to indicate that you’re in luck. The strong 140cc engine combined with a sharp blade results in a clean and efficient cut. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic choice for higher grass, scooping up leaves in the fall, and general yard maintenance.

Easy to Assemble

Are you the kind that has to set up items before you can use them? According to lawn mower reviews on different pages, the Craftsman M105 gets another tick here since we discovered that the great majority of people had no trouble putting it together. Set up the handle and the grass bag, then add the oil and gas, as is normal with gas mowers.

3-in-1 capabilities

You’ll appreciate this if you like having alternatives. You may bag, side discharge, or mulch your clippings with the Craftsman M105. So, no matter what the settings or situation, no matter what your wants are, you have a solution for them all. When the grass is very long, you may want to bag your clippings, although generally, you may want to mulch and add extra nourishment to your lawn.


  • The Craftsman M105 is easy to assemble. The mower was assembled in an average of 20 minutes by owners.
  • The auto-choke function, which most customers enjoyed, made it easy for the mower to start.
  • The mower’s ability to cut tall grass smoothly was praised by the majority of users.
  • For a more convenient beginning, a few consumers enjoyed that the pull cord is situated beside the handle.
  • The mower is lightweight, which makes it easy to operate and move.


  • The mower is difficult to push in wet grass because of its small wheels.
  • It is slightly expensive.

2. Craftsman CMXGMAM201104 21 in. Lawn Mower-140cc

Key features

  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Durable cover with advanced features that are protected against rain, dirt, bird droppings, and tree sap
  • Heavy-duty mower accessories including weather protective fabric include water-resistant and repellent finishes
  • Air vent lets air circulate and helps prevent ballooning in winds

This 21-inch push lawn mower is best suited for compact yards. As per lawn mower reviews, it boasts a 140cc OHV engine with a simple and dependable starting method that does not require a prime or a choke.

Craftsman CMXGMAM201104 21 in. Lawn Mower

2-in-1 capabilities

The 2-in-1 deck allows you to mulch while also helping to replenish nutrients in your soil for healthy grass. Its cutting technique incorporates a specifically designed blade for fine mulch and a symmetrical deck for enhanced grass flow and clump-free performance.

Easy to use

The dual-lever, 6-position height adjustment allows you to easily adjust the cutting height while mowing. This Lawn Mower is powerful and dependable. Moreover, you get a little amount of oil with the mower, and it comes in a sealed bag with simple instructions to keep it from spilling all over the place. We’ve heard of this happening with other brands of mowers when purchased online.

Powerful And Dependable Engine

The 140cc OHV engine is just as powerful and designed The dual-lever, six-position height adjustment makes it simple to vary cutting heights ranging from 1.25 to 3.75 inches high.d to reduce noise and vibration. The single-speed front-wheel drive makes it easier to get the job done. As per lawn mower reviews, this mower is efficient and effective regardless of the area size, whether it is a little or huge lawn.


  • The engine comes equipped with recoil and auto choke.
  • The unit of this craftsman mower has side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching capabilities.
  • An efficient cutting deck helps trim grass in one quick pass for an easier yard job.
  • Zag Treaded tires measure 7 inches in the front and 8 inches in the back.


  • According to lawn mower reviews, its bagger can get heavy when full.
  • It is available online only.

3. Craftsman 17ARFACQ091 Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • Strong 24HP Kohler twin-cylinder engine.
  • no priming and no choke.
  • Zero-turn radius allows for quick and easy directional changes.
  • Dual hydrostatic transmission paired with a high-back seat delivers premium support and comfort.

The Zero-Turn Riding Mower offers the best mowing experience available. As per lawn mower reviews, its powerful 24 HP twin-cylinder engine boasts an easy and dependable starting mechanism with no prime and no choke, as well as a 46 in. steel deck.

Craftsman 17ARFACQ091 Lawn Mower

Powerful Engine

The Zero-Turn Riding Mower offers the best mowing experience available. This zero-turn mower has the mowing strength for larger yard projects thanks to its strong 24 HP Kohler twin-cylinder gas engine. A simple and dependable starting mechanism that requires no priming and no choke. Furthermore, its sleek new frame design, dual-range hydrostatic transmission, and high-back seating for optimal support and comfort provide an exceptional ride as you race through the grass with its zero-turn radius.


  • Powerful 24HP Kohler twin-cylinder engine with no priming or throttle.
  • The zero-turn radius enables rapid and effortless directional adjustments.
  • The combination of a dual hydrostatic gearbox and a high-back seat provides superior support and comfort.
  • Sturdy steel frame for a better mowing experience.
  • Determine the optimal cutting height for the job at hand.


  • Need heavy-duty extension cord
  • As per lawn mower reviews, it is slightly expensive

4. Craftsman M215 Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • The Craftsman M215 chopped and mulched quite effectively, according to the majority of buyers.
  • Because of the auto-choke feature, many owners appreciated how simple it is to start the mower.
  • The mower has numerous speeds, making it simple to use.
  • The mower was simple to install right out of the box.

The Front-Wheel-Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is perfect for tiny yards up to 1/4 acre. According to lawn mower reviews on different pages, the dual-lever, 6-position height adjustment allows you to easily alter the cutting height while mowing.

Craftsman M215 Lawn Mower

Easy to Use

The self-propulsion technology undoubtedly aids in the movement of what would otherwise be considered a hefty Lawn Mower. The automated choke, on the other hand, is possibly the most enticing utilitarian feature of the Craftsman M215. As per lawn mower reviews the handles aren’t cushioned, which might be unpleasant after a lengthy mowing session or if you have to mow over a lot of uneven ground.


The Craftsman M215, like many gas-powered Lawn Mowers, will require regular oil changes. This is normally done in the spring when you take it out of storage for the winter. However, if you want to use it regularly or live in an area where grass grows all year, you may need to replace the oil more frequently.


  • The Craftsman M215 chopped and mulched quite effectively, according to the majority of buyers.
  • It is simple to start due to its auto-choke features.
  • The mower has numerous speeds, making it simple to use.
  • the mower was simple to install right out of the box.
  • Some liked the strong grip provided by its huge 11-inch rear wheels, which made it simple to traverse hills and difficult terrain.


  • The mower is loud and they needed hearing protection when using the mower.
  • It is available online only.

5. CRAFTSMAN CMCMW220P2 Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • Takes up 78% less space in vertical storage (vs in operation)
  • Low-profile design (10-in deck in height setting 1) allows for clearance for easy access under and around obstacles
  • 35-lbs kitted for easy transport and maneuverability
  • Utilize both your 20-Volt 5 Ah batteries in any of our 100+ Craftsman V20 Tools

This Brushless Cordless Push Mower has a long runtime. This battery-powered push mower has a strong brushless motor and two 5.0Ah batteries, allowing the mower to run for up to 50 minutes. The low-profile design allows for easy access to difficult-to-reach regions while taking up 78 percent less room due to vertical space savings.


Easy to use

You can simply modify the cutting height while mowing thanks to the dual-lever, 6-position height adjustment. Also, this Lawn Mower is strong and reliable. With the mower, you get a little amount of oil in a sealed bag with easy instructions to keep it from leaking all over the place. This has happened with other brands of mowers when purchased online.


The 2-in-1 deck allows you to mulch while simultaneously replenishing soil nutrients for healthy grass. Its cutting approach features a thin mulch blade and a symmetrical deck for improved grass movement and clump-free performance. CRAFTSMAN V20 Outdoor Equipment and Power Tools are compatible with the V20 battery platform. Furthermore, you’ll discover a comprehensive selection of outdoor tools and equipment required for a job well done.


  • This Lawn Mower provides up to 50 minutes of runtime
  • Takes up 78 percent less room in vertical storage (vs. in operation)
  • Low-profile design (10-in deck in height setting 1) enables for clearance under and around obstacles
  • Dual-lever height adjustment from 1.5 to 3.5 in. • 35-pound equipped weight for simple travel and mobility
  • Use both of your 20-Volt 5 Ah batteries in any of our more than 100 Craftsman V20 Tools.


  • Bagger can get heavy when full.
  • According to lawn mower reviews, it is slightly over-priced.

Toro Lawn Mower

Toro Lawn Mowers are one of the famous lawnmowers in the world. Especially in America, these mowers are the go-to choice of yard owners. If you start traveling in the green areas of Pennsylvania, you will see beautiful yards, all with the toro mower standing tall. The majority of yard owners is a fan of this mower.

1. TORO TimeMaster 30 Lawn Mower

Key Features

  • Toro is famed for its performance and longevity, and this engine is no exception.
  • This mowing deck allows you to swiftly and simply mow huge expanses of grass, cutting mowing time by up to 40%.
  • The Toro Atomic blades and the twin-blade cutting technology turn grass into a super fine mulch for a superb cut and a healthy, rich lawn.
  • Instead of walking around the mower to adjust four distinct levers, you can conveniently modify the deck height at two spots.
  • Clean the underside of the mower deck with a hose attached to the mower deck.

This Lawn Mower is for those looking for a high-quality Lawn Mower with a user-friendly design and outstanding mulching capacity. Toro products are recognized for their Smart Features and Proven Dependability.

TORO TimeMaster 30 Lawn Mower


This mower is suitable for domestic usage as per lawn mower reviews on many websites, but if you plan to use it more frequently than once a week or for bigger areas, you should consider purchasing commercial-grade equipment. With the 30-inch deck, the cut is smooth, quick, and wide, and full control is provided with the aforementioned Personal Pace and Traction Assist, making it easy to push for most people.

Easy to use

There’s also a quick-stow storage handle and a washout port for cleaning under the mower’s deck. The Personal Pace with Traction Assist, which self-propels to match your walking pace and keeps everything level even on tricky terrain, gives you complete control.


  • A large number of owners praised the wide 30-inch cutting deck, which considerably decreased mowing time.
  • The mower’s wheels are made solidly and sustain the mower’s large weight effectively, according to the great majority of users.
  • Many people appreciate the mower’s self-propelled walking speed.
  • The fact that the mower’s handle folds down for simple storage was praised by a few people.


  • According to lawn mower reviews the engine is weak for the mower’s size, causing it to stall in the thick, long grass.
  • The TimeMaster does not mulch as effectively as comparable gas-powered mowers.

2. TORO 22″ Recycler Mower

Key Features

  • Smartstow technology streamlines storage footprint by up to 70 percent
  • Handles bumpy ground smoothly with 11-inch rear wheel
  • Steel 22-inch Recycler deck
TORO 22In FWD Recycler SmartStow

With the Toro Recycler 22 in., you can easily cut your lawn. Variable Speed High Wheel Front Wheel Drive Briggs & Stratton engine in a self-propelled gas Lawn Mower. This Lawn Mower offers high-quality smart features and proven durability, and it can mow and mulch. It may also be stored upright in your garage to conserve space.

Safety Features

There isn’t anything in the Toro Recycler that you won’t find in any comparable walk-behind mower in terms of safety features. Moreover, if you need to stop the engine right away, simply let go of the bail lever and it will shut down in roughly three seconds.

Easy to use

This toro mower is easier to use than one might think from a mower of its size. Toro’s patented Smartstow technology reduces the Recycler’s storage footprint by 70 percent by restructuring its body for space-saving upright storage. Because of its remarkable adaptive metamorphosis while not in service, this monster could just as well be a Transformer.


  • Ingenious Smartstow design
  • No shortage of power
  • Effortless handling over uneven terrain
  • Generous warranty
  • Superbly close edging for a 22-inch deck


  • Disappointingly weak front-wheel drive
  • Struggles tend to stall when mowing uphill
  • The handle is not adjustable.

On Consumer Affairs only, Toro has received more than 275 verified reviews. Consumer Affairs is known to provide authentic reviews on its site. They don’t just accept a random review, they make sure the person who is reviewing is real. They are very conscious of any automatic software-generated comments and confirm the contact information before accepting any review. On their site, it has a total of 3.8/5 rating and many positive reviews. Only a very few people have given one star. The majority has given either four or five stars.

Craftsman vs Toro Lawn Mower: Ending the Debate

When you should go for Craftsman

Who doesn’t enjoy the lush green lawn? Underneath all of that immaculately kept lawn lies an amazing mower in action. There are a plethora of mower manufacturers on the market. Nonetheless, one model stands out as one of the most dependable, adaptable, and inventive mowers on the market. This is a Craftsman Lawn Mower. You should go for Craftsman mowers if you want a lush green lawn as it is known for its engineering prowess. Also, it combines ingenuity, comfort, dependability, and versatility. Moreover, the craftsman has a mower for every lawn, from self-propelled to riding, with improved cutting efficiency and maneuverability.

Types of users who need a Craftsman

Nothing spoils the delight of a bright day like the incorrect mower. Fortunately, the inverse is also true. The correct mower may make cutting your lawn a delight. It is preferable to use a craftsman lawn mower rather than manually mowing the grass with a blade or anything similar. This machine makes your work easier while simultaneously increasing efficiency. Moreover, this equipment is widely used to clean up the garden and to remove grass or other forms of grass from fields. Furthermore, you can side discharge, mulch, or rear bag lawn cuttings with the 3-in-1 deck. You can easily modify the cutting height while mowing thanks to the dual-lever, 6-position height adjustment. With the self-propelled craftsman mower, you’ll get the job done well and faster.

6 Benefits of the Craftsman over Toro

  • If your yard is larger than half an acre, a toro mower may not be the ideal option. It has the capacity to mow a quarter-acre lawn. However, craftsman movers are best to use in large yards.
  • One factor to consider while buying a mower is the torque rating. The torque rating for a toro is not as good as a craftsman.
  • Toro models have weak wheel drivers as compared to craftsman Lawn Mowers.
  • Unlike Craftsman Lawn Mowers, most Toro lawn mowers do not have adjustable handles.
  • Toro Lawn Mowers do not mulch as effectively as Craftsman Lawn Mowers.
  • Unlike a craftsman lawn mower, the Toro engine is weak for the mower’s size, causing it to stall in the thick, long grass.

Things that are not as Good as Toro

  • Toro mowers effortlessly handle uneven terrain. This feature is rare in craftsman mowers
  • Unlike craftsman, toro mowers have ingenious Smartstow design
  • Toro has superbly close edging for a 22-inch deck

When you should go for Toro Lawn Mower

If you only bag sometimes and would prefer a more mobile machine or one that can be placed upright if your garage space is limited, you should go for the Toro. Toro was founded in 1914 and has a long history of producing high-quality, long-lasting products with innovative features that make mowing and lawn care easier. Toro’s walk-behind mowers include battery-powered self-propelled mowers, mulching mowers that fertilize your lawn while you mow, and 30″ wide-cut mowers to help you finish your lawn faster. Discover the POWER OF EASY, with features tailored to your specific mowing requirements.

Type of users who need a Toro Lawn Mower

Toro produces a wide range of professional and consumer mowers that are trusted by both company owners and homeowners. With their polished dual-blade cutting and user-friendly interface, Toro products are available at affordable prices. If you want to buy the best lawn mower you should go for Toro lawn mowers as they are available at a reasonable price.

6 Benefits of Toro over Craftsman

  • Unlike Toro, Baggers of craftsman get heavy when full
  • The Toro mower is not loud and they do not need hearing protection like craftsman mowers
  • It is mower is difficult to push in wet grass because of its small wheels
  • The Toro mower is easy to push in wet grass because of its large wheels
  • Toro lawn mowers are affordable as compared to craftsman Lawn Mowers
  • According to lawn mower reviews, it does not need any heavy-duty extension cord like a craftsman mower

Things that are not as good as Craftsman

  • Toro Mowers are not good for large yards
  • Some Toro models have weak wheel drivers
  • Toro does not have adjustable handles

Toro vs Honda Lawn Mower

Both are famous brands in the world of mowers. Honda is a Japanese multinational company that makes almost all types of equipment. It was founded by engineer Soichiro Honda in 1949. The company first manufactured bikes, but with time it also started manufacturing other equipment including Lawn Mowers. Let’s take a look at the features, pros, and cons of Hona Lawn Mower.

Lawn Mowers are of high quality that displays Japanese excellence. You will experience the following things when you use Honda Lawn Mower:

  • Its throttle controls can be adjusted easily.
  • Its components are durable and last longer than regular mowers.
  • It is easy to use, for example, cruise control.
  • Honda Lawn Mowers are available in both gas and electric models.
  • The motors are highly efficient and support the overall structure and function.

It has some demerits as well which are:

  • It is expensive equipment to buy.
  • Honda Lawn Mowers are heavy and bulky.

Toro is an American company founded in 1914. Since it was founded, it has always developed machines related to agriculture, farms, and gardens. Toro launched its first-ever Lawn Mower in 1924. At first, their Lawn Mowers were used only in golf courses. Then in 1948, the company started manufacturing mowers for domestic gardens or yards.

Although we have discussed its pros in detail, let’s take a bird’s eye view again which will make the comparison with Honda Lawn Mowers easy:

  • Toro mowers have stood the test of time and they have proved their worth.
  • Toro has manufactured dozens of diverse mowers’ models (88 in total).
  • Equipment requires low maintenance and is easy to deal with.

Now it’s time for a table:

Features Honda Lawn MowerToro Lawn Mower
OriginIt is a Japanese based manufacturing company that makes a wide range of machinesToro is an American-based company that has been in the farm business for decades.
PowerTypically, it is available in 170 CC. Power ranges between 150 CC to 190 CC.
HandleHandling is similar to cruise control transmissionHandling has a personal pace system quality.
WarrantyUp to 2 years.Three-year “Guaranteed to start” warranty with two years coverage warranty.
Safety system Roto-stop safety system.Basic Heavy shell design system.
CostHonda is expensive than Toro.Toro is cost-efficient as compared to Honda.

Toro is a winner as it has many models of both electric and gas-powered mowers than Honda. You can select from a wide range of machines according to your needs. Honda has very few models of electric mowers. So, if you want an electric mower, then we suggest you go for Toro.

Moreover, if we look at the handling, then Toro is also the winner here. Honda Lawn Mowers has a handling system similar to cruise control that you can see in their cars. However, Toro has a unique handling feature which is a personal space system. This system has sensors attached to it that control or adjust how fast the speed should be.

In addition to this, the warranty system is better in Toro. It provides a three-year engine warranty and a two-year full coverage warranty. Honda Lawn Mowers warranties are different of different models. However, a general estimate is that Honda offers a 24-month warranty.

Also, Both companies have different reputations. Honda is famous for making cars and motorbikes while Toro is famous for their farming equipment. This is also the reason that people who do farming, gardening, and maintaining lawns of sports fields use Toro as this brand is specifically for them.

One of the most important aspects that declare the winner is cost. Toro is less expensive as compared to Honda. Honda parts’ are expensive and can give you a little headache as far as Cleaning, and oiling is concerned. Toro, on the other hand, is less costly and its maintenance is easy as well. So, considering all these points, the winner of the Toro vs Honda Lawn Mower debate is Toro Lawn Mower.

After this debate, let’s move on to another most searched comparison: Craftsman vs Honda Lawn Mower.

Craftsman vs Honda Lawn Mower

Both are very good at the job of cutting grass. However, when we compare both brands, it gets really difficult to choose a clear winner here. Both have their own benefits and limitations in doing their function.

Craftsman is cheaper than the Honda Lawn Mower. But Honda is better at maintenance and durability. When you use Honda, you only have to replace the blades, and the rest works smoothly. Craftsman mowers, on the other hand, require more maintenance. So, which one is a winner depends upon you. If you want to save money, then Craftsman mowers are the winners. If you want to work less on maintenance, then Honda Mowers are the winners.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed Craftsman vs Toro Lawn Mower comparison. Both are highly efficient in what they do. Both cut grass with precision and according to your requirements. However, Purchasing Lawn Mower needs to verify some conditions, like; maintenance, parts availability, warranty and so other things. So select your Mower according to your Lawn requirement and the choice is yours when to buy a lawn mower for your beautiful lawn.


Is Toro better than Craftsman?

It is hard to decide which is the best lawn mower between Toro and Craftsman. Both are good but in some cases, Toro provides extra benefits, and in some cases, Craftsman does, such as a better warranty system, easily replaceable parts, better customer service, and time-saving quality. So it is hard to decide which is the better mower for an individual yard or lawn owner.

Are Toro and Craftsman Mowers the same?

No, Toro and Craftsman Mowers are not the same. Both are manufactured by different countries, consist of different features, and provide different warranties.

Are Craftsman good Lawn Mowers?

Yes, Craftsman models are good lawnmowers. They are cheaper than the Toro and Honda and are excellent for big yards. It is excellent in many aspects and can be a good addition to taking care of your lawn.

What is the most reliable brand of Lawn Mower?

It is hard to say which is the most reliable brand. Toro, Craftsman, and Honda are the famous ones. Different people prefer different models. However, choosing the best among these brands are depends on your Lawn or yard condition. We have discussed the detail above in the article!

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