Can Helicopters spot one Plant? The Answer might Amaze you.

If you are here, then it means you are looking for an answer to a critical question can helicopters spot one plant. Luckily, we have answers to your every question. Here we answer your question with detail along with other critical details related to it.

Helicopters often operate at night to detect any unusual activity going on in the neighborhood. Such helicopters are of great concern for marijuana growers. Thermal helicopters are used by the police as they are also helpful on a cloudy day or at night.

However, it is now not easy for police to operate thermal helicopters as well (More on that later!). What is a thermal helicopter? Can they detect marijuana plants? Don’t go anywhere, stay with us till the end and understand everything related to it.

What is a Thermal helicopter?

Thermal helicopters are mostly used in search operations and also to detect any crime as well. Images obtained from such helicopters is called thermal imaging. But why a thermal helicopter is used? At night, objects are not clearly visible to common cameras. To see detect any activity at night, we use thermal technology as it performs efficiently in low light.

Can Helicopters spot one Plant

How does thermal technology works? Thermal image cameras do infrared imaging as it detects the heat coming from any object. Warmer objects emit more infrared radiations. And these are caught by Thermal cameras which form an image out of these radiations.

A regular camera gets obscure during cloudy, hazy, or low-light environments. Thermal sensors, on the other hand, works perfectly fine in this environment as well.

Thermal technology is also effective in capturing what is going on inside the building. Its sensors also detect heat coming from inside the building as well. It means it can also tell police what is going on inside the building. And yes, your fear is true, it can also detect marijuana inside the building by matching heat consistent with the plant’s grow lights

However, US Supreme court has given the verdict that Police need a Warrant to use this on any person.

Why do Helicopters Circle Neighborhoods at Night?

Many times, you must have wondered why do helicopters fly over my house? Police do helicopter operations often at night to spot if there is any illegal activity going on. At night, most of the illegal activities take place. That is why Helicopters fly at night to spot any suspicious activity like doing drugs, growing illegal weed, etc. If a helicopter spots any illegal activity, then the police are immediately informed.

You must also be wondering do plants give off a heat signature. Well, of course, every object gives off some sort of heat. However, heat off from plants is not much significant. It is not possible to be sure that this heat-off means weed is growing there. However, to grow weeds, many light sources are used. Due to these light sources, more heat energy is released. It is that heat that is detected by a thermal helicopter.

When a Thermal helicopter flies and observes that every home in this neighborhood is emitting normal heat while one house is emitting extra heat, the police then become suspicious. That is how it is possible to detect marijuana growers using a helicopter.

Can Police Helicopters See Grow Tents?

Want to know how police find grow rooms? Then read this with care. If your growing tent is in open like on the roof, then police helicopters can easily see them. But that does not mean grow tents are safe in the building. Thermal sensors also detect the heat coming from inside the building and thermal cameras form images of that heat. Marijuana requires more light to grow. So, the more light you provide to the plant, the more heat the light source emits.

A grow tent needs 600 watts of the bulb so that marijuana can grow easily. That much energy can easily be detected by Police helicopters. When a Thermal helicopter is flying and detects heat coming from a home, it leads to suspicion and a possible raid of policemen is afoot within minutes.

What Happens if You Get Caught Growing Weed?

The answer to this question depends on which country or state you are living in. Marijuana is legal in some European countries. So, you can grow plants there without any fear. In the United States, you can be busted for growing one plant but punishment may vary.

You can be charged with some fine or Felony B depending upon whether you were selling it as well. In Missouri, the punishment for Felony B is 15 years in jail.

Some other countries where Marijuana is legal are Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus, Brazil, Barbados, Czech Republic, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Ireland, Greece, and many more.

Can anyone be busted for growing 1 plant (Can helicopters spot one plant)?

Yes, in most countries, police can arrest you for growing one plant as well. However, it is hard to detect that person who is growing just one or two Cannabis plants.

Can helicopters spot one plant at home or anywhere else? Well, one or two plants require less light, which in turn does not heat walls much. So, your home’s walls exhibit pretty much the same heat as your neighbor’s.

Also, if you grow one or two plants in the field, Police helicopters cannot detect it as well. Marijuana growers mostly grow weeds in the middle of the field. This may not be detected on the ground but a police helicopter will detect it.

If marijuana is being grown in large numbers, the middle part of the field where marijuana will be growing will look different than the rest of the vegetation., Thus, it will give police an indication that something is not right there.

How much Heat does a Police Helicopter Detect?

Police helicopters can detect all the heat coming from your home. The minimum limit thermal sensors can detect is 40 Watts.

But if you are wondering how police find grow rooms, then we already told you they use thermal technology to detect. Grow rooms are only effective in hiding where the marijuana is actually growing (like in the dining room or somewhere in the house). However, helicopters can still detect marijuana in your house.

Moreover, other reasons can also result in your arrest. Your neighbors or friends may spot you growing weed and may inform you to the police. The police may also suspect that you are growing marijuana as the lighting in your home is more. As marijuana requires more light, one can suspect that weed may be growing in this home.

In addition to this, if you order marijuana seeds online, police can also detect this activity and may even catch you in the act.

Also, if your neighbors smell marijuana scent and inform the police, then you are in big trouble. It is always risky to grow marijuana where people live close to each other. In most cases, it is neighbors who inform the police about any marijuana growing or drug selling happening in the area.

Is it Safe to Live in a Grow House?

No, it is not safe to live in a grow house. If you live in an apartment or a building with roommates, it is never easy to hide from others about what you are growing. Maybe one of your roommates informs the police and gets you in trouble. Moreover, your neighbor can also detect some unusual activity and inform the police.

If policemen knock on the door, talk with them outside the house. There is a rule that the Police cannot search your house without any warrant. But if policemen smell marijuana, they can barge in and even arrest you on the spot. So, it is never too safe to live in a grow house.

Do “Grow tents Stop Helicopter Detecting Heat?

Initially, grow tents can be beneficial. It does not let the heat go out of them. However, that heat still has to go somewhere else. Grow tents can’t trap heat for eternity. You will have to release it at some point. And when you do, FLIR cameras of Police helicopters will detect it. But people have found a solution for this (More on that later!)

Why you should not be worried about police helicopters?

You should not be much worried about police helicopters because of the reasons we are describing.

In the United States and many other countries, police require a warrant to fly a helicopter over your home. Similarly, police do not have enough funds even in the developed countries to run a helicopter regularly. So, you may not see a police helicopter even for months.

Can helicopters spot one plant in the home? If you are growing one or two marijuana plants, then you also don’t have to be worried about police helicopters. Growing some number of plants requires less light source. They release less heat and police helicopter can’t detect them as unusual.

During the daytime, if you close your windows’ curtains, then a police helicopter cannot see what is happening in the home. Then, police use thermal technology.

People use grow tents to avoid getting caught by police helicopters. However, there was still a problem with trapped heat. Now, people are using exhaust and carbon scrubbers to release extra heat from light sources. This does not allow walls to heat up. In addition to this, people now use the basement for this kind of activity. Why? The heat released in the basement is not easily detectable.

Moreover, in winters, every home uses some sort of heater. So, the house is automatically warm at this time. If you are growing plants in small numbers, then it is impossible to distinguish that house with heater from any other house.

Also, people use LED lights now. It releases less heat energy than other light sources. And if any person is growing plants in the basement, then it gets even more difficult for the FLIR camera to detect.

Bottom Line:

Thermal helicopters can detect unusual activities. If anyone is growing marijuana in-home or on the ground, it can easily detect it. On the daytime, the Camera can see such plants. However, at the night, infrared radiation is detected by Thermal sensors. The light source used to grow marijuana emits heat. Such heat is detected by thermal sensors.

Furthermore, this article also answers the question Can helicopter spot one plant. Helicopters can spot one plant only if your windows’ curtains are open. It cannot spot if curtains are closed or marijuana is growing in the ground in between the vegetation. Don’t forget to comment your view or feedback regarding this article in the comments section down below!


Can Helicopter see my grow room?

Helicopters can see your grow room only if you don’t close your windows’ curtains. If curtains are closed, then the helicopter can’t look into the house. However, thermal sensors can detect infrared radiations and thermal cameras will form an image of it.

What can police helicopters see?

Police Helicopters can see whatever they want. They can clearly see roofs, grounds, and can also see inside the house if one does not close curtains. Helicopters use both HD color cameras and infrared cameras. The color camera is used in the daytime while the infrared camera is used in the nighttime.

Do plants give off heat signatures?

Every object gives off some heat. Plants are also no exception in this regard. However, it is not that significant and thermal helicopters mostly catch heat from light sources in Marijuana growing cases.

How do police detect grow rooms?

Again, police can detect grow rooms with the help of a thermal helicopter. However, you can also get caught if any neighbor or friend sees. If you are found guilty, you will be charged according to the law of that state.

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