DIY Soil Mixer: Mixing Soil has Never Been So Easy!

Imagine a person from the 1800s seeing today’s world. He will not believe his eyes if he sees airplanes, Televisions, the internet, and video calls. Thousands of miles used to take months to travel in history. Now, we can cover this distance within hours. Just like these mind-blowing innovations, science has also helped mankind in improving Gardening.

One Perfect example is DIY Soil Mixer. This machine is magic that can save your precious time and energy. What is it and how does it work? We are telling everything here. Make sure you stay with us till the end to know everything about the mixers!

What is a Soil Mixer?

A soil mixer is a device that is used to mix the soil and whatever it is composed of. Gardeners add peat moss, compost, manure, and many other things into the soil. When it comes to mixing this blend, a Soil mixer is used. A soil mixer consists of a blade, motor, battery, and many other things to operate effectively. All you have to do is hold this device and push the start button to do the job.

There are numerous soil mixtures available like soil batch mixer, garden soil mixer, portable soil mixer, portable soil mixer, electric soil mixer, and many more. However, the most famous one is the DIY soil Mixer.

Mix your soil with a DIY soil mixer.
Mixing the soil has never been so easier

DIY Soil Mixer

If you want to mix soil manually, then we suggest you go ahead. Why? Because then you will truly learn the importance of a soil mixer. Mixing soil manually will consume your timer and energy. The soil mixer, on the other hand, will mix the soil within seconds.

This works like a drill machine. But instead of making holes, it mixes your soil thoroughly. This activity, You are doing it yourself (DIY)!

Electric DIY Soil Mixer is the most famous soil mixer. It needs electricity to work but it is the most efficient one among other soil mixers. You plug the switch into the socket and then push the start button. The needle-like structure having blades sideways start rotating at a rapid pace. This is then inserted into the soil. Due to this spinning, the soil starts mixing quickly. Within seconds, the layers of soil are mixed and you have a perfectly balanced medium.

DIY potting mix is a mixture of many nutritive compounds like sphagnum moss, perlite, compost, and other organic matter. Check out how you can make a perfect potting mix with the DIY mixer.

Perfect DIY Potting Soil mixed by DIY Soil Mixer

To make DIY Potting soil, you will need the following Ingredients:

  • Peat Moss
  • Compost
  • Perlite or Vermiculite
  • Manure or Worm Castings

You will need containers to add these ingredients.

Take three parts of Peat Moss (Sphagnum peat moss to be precise). This will be added first into a two-gallon container to make the base of our potting mix. Peat moss is a little acidic in nature. So, it is not suitable for every crop. Crops like tomato, eggplant, and other vegetables are sensitive to this matter. To neutralize the effect of acid, add Garden lime into the soil. Then after adding three parts of peat moss, add one part of compost in two-gallon measuring containers. You can easily make compost or buy them from supermarkets or online stores.

Then after that, add some perlite. What should be the amount? Well, use a Coffee Size Can and fill it with perlite. Then add it into the mixture. After that, add one part of manure or worm casting exactly like you add perlite.

DIY potting soil is lighter and has better drainage ability. After adding all these ingredients, mix them completely. How? Well, you have guessed it right. It’s time for a DIY Soil mixer to show its magic. It will mix these ingredients thoroughly in no time. It is now ready to be added to the soil.

If you are growing plants in the pots, then take a bigger container. Add this mixture and add soil into it and start mixing it with a DIY soil mixer. Do this and you will have a perfect medium to grow your plants in pots.

Power Plant Augar is also a great soil mixer. There are two types of Augar and you can use only one depending upon the situation. If potting DIY soil is in smaller quantity, then we use bulb augers and short grass pluggers. If DIY soil is more, then try extended length-Augar.

Advantages of DIY Soil Mixer

It has the following advantages:

1) It can mix the soil completely within the seconds.

2) It is easy to use and almost everyone can use it except children.

3) The grip is easy and you can control the mixer comfortably.

4) It is difficult to mix the soil manually. Your hands get dirty as well. This machine saves your energy by doing the work easily within seconds.

Disadvantages of DIY Soil Mixer

But not everything about it is all good. There are few disadvantages as well. These are:

1) During operation, grasses can get stuck in the blade. Such grasses are hard to remove.

2) If you don’t tighten the blade, it may fall off and it could hurt the nearby person or animal.

3) If the machine gets out of control, the soil will go everywhere causing dirty surroundings.

4) If you are using an electric DIY soil mixer, then you may also worry about the billing. If you are using other mixers, then you should worry about the battery as the battery drains out quickly.

Different Kinds of Soil Mixer

In addition to the electric DIY Soil Mixer, there are numerous soil mixers available in the market. You can purchase them online or from supermarkets. Before buying them, first, analyze what is your need. Do you need a soil mixer for a large scale or do you need it for a smaller level? After analyzing, don’t hesitate to buy the shortlisted one as it will prove to be very beneficial for you. Some of the famous soil mixers are:

Batch Mixer vs Continuous Mixer

In a Batch Mixer, ingredients of only one batch are added, mixed, and discharged before adding another batch. This is completely opposite to Continuous Mixing. With the help of a continuous mixer, you can add multiple batches and mix them thoroughly before discharging them.

When we talk about the Batch Mixer vs Continuous Mixer debate, the Continuous mixer has the upper hand. Why? Because continuous mixer can deal with multiple batches at a time. This saves time and you can get the end product (mixed soil) quickly.

But that does not mean batch mixer is not much useful. If you are dealing with soil in less quantity, then a batch mixer is the perfect choice for you.

Soil-Master Feed Mixer

To get a good feed, complete mixing is necessary. We use a Soil-Master Feed Mixture to get this job done. It is cost-efficient and is widely used in small-scale feed mixing. It has two different knives which cut the material into desirable length.

The mixing auger of the mixer has seven more blades that do the mixing effectively. It is estimated to weigh around 900 pounds or 400 Kg. It has two kinds- electric and tractor mounted. The electric feed mixer is operated with electricity and is accurate. Tractor mounted mixer is available both with wheels installed or not.

Soil Dispersion Mixer

The soil Dispersion mixer’s purpose is to disperse the soil suspensions. It is done to test the sub-grade soils. It operates at 10,000 RPM which makes its job possible. It includes a stirring knife-like structure, stainless steel paddle, and a dispersion cup. This rounded cup prevents soil to accumulate. It has a motor as well which powers it.

Some other soil mixers are also used like potting soil mixer, portable soil mixers, yard soil mixer, hand soil mixers, etc.

DIY soil mixer is an effective device.
Soil Mixture can mix the soil within seconds

Bottom Line

Soil mixers are the modern equipment to deal with the mixing of soils. This has taken off the burden of gardeners who had to do this manually in the past. DIY Soil Mixer not only saves time but also the energy of the gardener. Now, the gardener has to push a button, and the soil mixes within seconds. He does not have to use force or make his hands dirty.

There are numerous soil mixers available in the market. Purchase them according to your need like Batch mixer is for small scale which mixes just one batch. Contrarily, a continuous mixer mixes multiple batches. So, as a gardener, play smartly!

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What is a soil mixer?

A soil mixer is a device that is used to mix the soil and whatever it is composed of. Gardeners add peat moss, compost, manure, and many other things into the soil. When it comes to mixing this blend, a Soil mixer is used. There are numerous soil mixers available like soil batch mixers, garden soil mixer, portable soil mixers, portable soil mixers, electric soil mixer, and many more.

Does potting soil need to be mixed with dirt?

Yes and No. Let us explain. Dirt is a good thing if you mix it with potting soil to make beds for outdoor plants. For outdoor plants, it can provide organic matter and can play some role in bringing the right microbes. But for indoor plants or containerized plants, experts recommend not to add dirt into the potting soil. So, the answer to this question really depends upon where you are growing your plants.

How do I mix my soil?

There are few ways for soil mixing. The best one is that you buy a soil mixer. When you use a soil mixer, all you have to do is press the start button and let the device take care of everything. The other way is you mix the soil with your hands. It is time and energy-consuming. The third technique is you use some tools like a fork. It is also energy-consuming. So, you must take the proverb “Time is Money” seriously and buy the soil mixer.

How do you make a soil mixer?

A soil mixer is composed of many components. The most important one is its blade. It is this blade that mixes the soil thoroughly. The other components are the motor, battery, and some other things.

How do you make the best potting mix?

You can make the best potting mix by mixing organic matter like peat moss, compost, manure, etc. This mixing is done by the soil mixer. Due to its fine mixing, the nutrients are divided uniformly. It is that simple to make the best potting mix.

Is it cheaper to mix your own soil?

Yes, you should mix your own soil and it can provide many advantages. First of all, it gives you the control to do whatever you think is right. If you are mixing yourself, then you will choose the right products in just the right amount. Moreover, if you want to save time, then we recommend you purchase a DIY soil mixer. If you want to do it without any machine, then do it manually.

What is a batch mixer?

In the batch mixer, only one batch of the medium is added, mixed, and discharged before dealing with the other. It is used on the small scale. A continuous Mixer is the opposite of a batch mixer. We have discussed briefly above in the article (Go to Batch Mixer vs Continuous Mixer subheading)

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