How Long Before Buds Appear? Cannabis Plants’ Weekly Guide

If you want to learn the time range about How long before buds appear? Then this article is for you. This topic is frequently searched By Cannabis growers as buds are the most important part of this plant. Here, we have discussed the bud’s development process step by step. For your facility, we have divided the article weeks-wise as well. So, make sure you stay till the end to understand everything about bud growth.

Also, we have prepared an FAQs section in the end to tackle your most asked questions. So, let’s Dive straight into our article related to Buds Emergence!

How Long Before Buds Appear? Timeline of Buds Formation

We are using the Cannabis plant as an example. After 3–4 weeks, buds start to form in the Cannabis plant. But why there is the range? It all depends upon the strain you are growing. Some strains of Cannabis may be ready to harvest in the 9th week and some after the 11th week. But whatever the strain you are growing, one thing is common that buds need special attention. The whole purpose of most Cannabis plant growers is to get good bud yield.

So, what a grower can do to get a good yield? The answer is simple to answer but difficult to implement. A grower should carefully observe plants’ health and check the status of buds after every week. Here is the week by week Buds development timeline:

Week 1–3: The Beginning of Flowering

This time period is the beginning of the flowering stage. Some physical changes will start to come in plants. During this phase, the plant will grow in size. It will start producing more stems. Moreover, leaves will start forming more especially at the top. Make sure your plants keep growing as stunting at this stage will impact bud formation.

White pistils will appear during this period as well. These white pistils will become your main buds. It is the first sign of flowering initiation. Thus, you can say that it is one of the first signs of the flowering stage.

How Long Before Buds Appear after flowering in Cannabis?
A Cannabis flower Up close!

If you wondered how long before buds appear in the Cannabis plant? We are giving the answer in the next heading!

Week 3–4: The Emergence of Buds

Real buds will appear on the scene during this phase. So, now you know the answer to, “How Long Before Buds Appear “Question. You must be wondering what do buds look like when they start to form? Well, they look like a tiny boll surrounded by white pistils sticking straight up (vertical towards the light).

Lower leaves may turn yellow during this period. But you don’t have to worry about this as it is normal during this phase. At this stage, you can also apply fertilizers. Keep observing your plants for nutrient deficiency, burn, or any other problem.

But how you can know whether there is Nute Burn or Potassium deficiency? It is hard to distinguish as both have the same symptoms and are almost identical. The first thing we recommend is to get your soil tested from the lab. The lab report will tell you which nutrient is present in what amount. Nute Burn mostly occurs due to the accumulation of Nitrogen. If Nitrogen is found in excess in the report, then immediately start the treatment. Continuously add balanced pH water to remove the excess salts. Regularly add water and then drain to remove the nitrogen.

Similarly, if the lab report states that your soil has potassium deficiency, then add Potassium immediately in the form of fertilizers.

You can also detect whether there is Nute Burn or Nutrient Deficiency by observing the impacted leaves. Potassium deficiency is visible in the older leaves first. In addition to this, Yellowing on the leaves is uniform in Nute Burn than Potassium deficiency.

Moreover, keep a record of the history of what you are applying in the soil. If you haven’t fertilized your soil in a long time, then the chances of Nute Burn are minimum. And if you have recently applied Mineral fertilizer, then chances of Nute Burn are higher. So, you can predict what is the problem keeping in view of the history.

Week 4–6: The time for Buds Fattening

If you asked when do buds grow the most, then the answer is during this time period. During this stage, the fattening of buds occurs. You can even spot the difference in buds’ size on a daily basis if you observe them carefully. Take care of them as some of them may become too heavy to handle for plants.

After 3–4 weeks, you will observe buds formation progressing in addition to plant hairs. Pistils will turn white during this stage. When budlets will be forming, your plant will be lush green. A cluster of Buds is called Cola which is completed after Nine weeks.

In this stage, your plant will grow slowly and most of the energy will be spent on Buds’ development. Moreover, take care of leaves at this stage as well as they are key to produce food. If photosynthesis is affected in this stage, then buds won’t grow larger and plants will have stunted growth as well. Moreover, Pistils will still be white in this phase as well.

One of the most important practices you should be doing while growing Cannabis is observing hair color. Hair color tells you when the buds are ripe and when to harvest them. With time, hair color grows darker. A point is reached when these are dark and curled in. What to do when that happens, stay with us as we have explained it later!

Week 6–8: TIme phase for Buds Ripening

Buds will ripen and pistils will become dark in this phase. Your plant won’t even grow a single leaf in this stage. The plant will spend its entire energy in the ripening of buds. As your plant may become leafy, so it is possible the upper leaves will block light for lower leaves. This will turn lower leaves yellow.

But if leaves from the middle portion or upper portion start turning yellow, then it means there is a “Nutrition problem”. Do the soil test or measure pH to get an idea of what it is.

During this period, a problem may arise which is “Spire emergence.” In this, another small bud develops on the side of the old bud. It is either caused by heat or over-exposure to light. If you are growing plants indoors, then you can control this problem. All you have to do is limit the exposure of plants to light and maintain temperature. But for outdoor plants, it is difficult to do this.

Week 8 and Ahead: It’s Harvesting Time!

Flowering is over in this phase and it is time for harvest. It is the phase in which your bud becomes a “Protagonist”. You should cater its every small need at this stage. During this period, plants’ leaves start turning yellow at a rapid pace. You don’t have to worry about them as it is normal to happen as long as it is not impacting your buds.

In this stage, don’t add fertilizers. They are of no use to plants after 8 weeks. People got worried when the leaves start turning yellow thinking that it is due to nutrients deficiency. But trust us, there is nothing to worry about as it happens to every Plant.

Many give two weeks’ flush to the plants for better results. In flushing, you just give plain water which has no nutrients in it. This practice is very common in Cannabis growers.

Moreover, the fattening of buds may cause the stem to hang. You can straighten it up by tying it to a stick or any nearby thing. Make sure you don’t let the buds fall off during this time. New pistils will still be forming in this phase as well.

A situation may arise when you have to harvest buds early. It happens mostly when plants start to look weak or start to turn yellow or if the discoloration of buds starts. So, to at least have an end product, we harvest buds before time. However, such buds won’t be as good as the timely harvested buds.

When Can you harvest Cannabis Plants Buds after their development? We are glad you asked because it is the climax! Buds are ready to harvest when hairs have turned darker and curled in. If you are growing Cannabis, then at this stage you will feel the smell of Cannabis even from few meters. This is the best time to harvest them.

How Long Before Buds Appear Outdoor?

Buds’ development starts in the later summer if you are growing plants outdoor. As the days are getting shorter this time of the year, it is the perfect time for buds to develop. Why? Because buds need almost 12 hours of darkness to properly grow. Moreover, if this time of darkness is interrupted by street lights or lamps, then you can still witness the delay in the bud formation. So, make the perfect environment for the buds to appear.

Indoor plants don’t have to go through this often. You can grow Cannabis in the room which is not used often. Thus, you can shut lights and lock plants up when you are not in the room. Long story short, keep one thing in mind. You won’t have desirable bud formation if you don’t respect the plant requirement of darkness.

Why Plants Sometimes don’t Form Buds on Time?

Some plants don’t form buds if their requirement is not fulfilled. For example, Cannabis plants don’t form buds if they don’t get the required darkness. If they get light during their darkest time, even from lamps, then buds formation will be delayed. So, don’t wonder How Long Before Buds Appear in the plant before fulfilling the plant’s requirements!

During the formation of the buds, keep an eye on leaves as Nutrients deficiency or nutrient burn is first visible on leaves. Don’t let nutrient problems ruin your plants’ buds. If there is a deficiency, then add fertilizer. If there is burn, then water the plant with balanced pH water regularly.

If plants’ leaves are in a large number, then try to de-foliate it as it can impact buds’ exposure to light and air. But don’t remove them too much as they are “food manufacturer machines”. Photosynthesis occurs in them which produces foods for plants.

Finals Words

Addressing the topic How long before buds appear (in Cannabis), we informed you of the bud formation in detail. Flowering starts after 1–3 weeks and you start seeing small buds after three weeks. Then after few weeks, buds fully grow. Generally, in the cannabis plant, you can harvest buds after 9 weeks. This harvesting time may vary with strains. Some may even take 11 weeks to harvest. During this time, keep your focus on buds’ status. Furthermore, add a suitable treatment if you see any problem.

What do you think about this article? Don’t forget to tell us how you feel in the comments section down below. Aso, if you have any queries, then hit us with them as well down there.


How long after white hairs do buds grow?

The best phase for bud development is between 6–8 weeks. Plants stop new leaves and stems and focus solely on bud development. Then some time passes and white hairs become darker and after 8 weeks we have a fully grown bud.

What are the first signs of flowering?

White pistils’ emergence from the calyxes is the first step to determine that flowering has been initiated. So, to keep track of flowering, the first thing you should do is look for white pistils in the plants.

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