How to Make Hash oil with Water? Know Everything About it!

If you want to know How to make hash oil with water, then first let me tell you that You are not alone. The Hash is in search these days. We are living in the golden era of Cannabis. We have made gummies, blunt, tinctures, and creams already from Cannabis in addition to Hash.

Secondly, we have good news for you as you have stumbled upon the right article. We are telling you everything that you need to know about hash oil in this article. All of your queries related to hash are addressed here as well. So, stick till the end as we provide you every detail you need.

Here We Go-

How to Make Hash Oil with water: The Easiest Way

Hash oil is also called honey oil, hashish oil, marijuana oil, or Cannabis oil. People consume it in different ways (More on that later!) If you want to know how does someone makes cannabis oil? or how to make hash oil with water easily? Then read it thoroughly.

1) First of all, get some plain Alcohol.

2) Grind Marijuana as fine as possible in the next step. You can use water in doing this as well. Moreover, you can also put the marijuana in the blender.

3) Now, put that marijuana in a jar and add alcohol to it. Then seal it completely so that no impurity from air ads into it. After 24 hours, it will turn greenish.

4) Pour it through a filter into another jar.

5) Then, put the filtered product in open and let it evaporate for one day at least. Now, you have what you want.

Solvents for Making Hash Oil

The most common solvent in making hash oil is Methanol. It is available in drug stores but be cautious as its fumes are highly dangerous. If exposed to a longer time, one can die as well. However, it is still most commonly used because it does not dissolve the water-soluble tars.

Rubbing alcohol is another solvent. It will dissolve water-soluble substances and will give twice the yield of hash than methanol. But the problem is that hash oil will be one-half as potent when compared to hash oil obtained with methanol solvent.

However, it still has some advantages. It is easily available in the market and is not as dangerous or explosive as methanol. Butane hash oil is also in demand.

Two more solvents can also be used: Ethanol and Petroleum Ether. Ethanol is expensive that is why it is not preferred. Petroleum Ether, on the other hand, will give you half the yield as compared to methanol but its potency will be double than the potency of methanol.

The only problem with Petroleum ether is that it is highly explosive just like methanol. That is why many prefer rubbing Alcohol. You must know about these solvents if you want to know how to make hash oil with water.

How much Hash is needed to Make One Gram of Oil?

There is no specific answer to that. It depends upon THC contents and the quality of oil you want to get. For a decent oil quality, 4–5 grams are enough. In the highest level of purification, you will get only 2–3 percent of the total bud weight.

How much for Hash Oil

Making Hash with Your Trimmings for Free

1) Trim the desired part of the plants and let them dry. After that, put the trimmings in a freezer for 30 minutes.

2) In a container, add these trimmings, water, and some ice. Remember to maintain a low temperature the entire time.

3) Stir it with a hand or wooden spoon continuously. Then after 20 minutes of stirring, stop mixing and let the mixture settle.

4) Take another container and place a filter over it. Add the mixture from the first container into the second container with a filter on top of the second container. Due to filtering, undesirable plant materials will not pass from it. In the second container, you will then have a yellowish-greenish liquid. You will still have some small leaves in it.
So, you will have to repeat the filtering part but this time with a coffee filter. Then for the third time, use a paper coffee filter over re-usable coffee filter paper to get a good end product. After this, you will see hash at the bottom.

Hash oil from Stems

To get this, you need to do the following steps:

1) Grind the cannabis stem into a fine texture.

2) Get Alcohol (preferably isopropyl alcohol) to extract the cannabinoids. In a jar, mix alcohol and that ground stem.

3) Mix the mixture continuously for some minutes.

4) After that, filter this mixture of Alcohol and ground stem through a coffee filter or sieve.

5) Then, in the next step, evaporate the filtered liquid. The remaining end product is hash oil.

It is also people’s favorite way to make hash oil. Also tell us, what is your favorite way to make hash oil in the comments section as well.

How to Make Hash Oil with Ice and Water?

You can make the hash oil with Ice and water. All you have to do is follow the procedure we are giving you.

  1. Take a clean container or bin.
  2. Shred the buds of the plant. If you don’t, then resin glands will not be separated. You can either peel buds with fingers or use scissors for this.
  3. Add plenty of water and ice it to keep the temperature low.

Note that, you must need cold temperature in a container or bin the entire process. If you feel the temperature is getting warmer, add more ice. If hash Is exposed to high temperature, it will get squishy and sticky.

4. Take Cannabis buds, and other parts and stir them in the cold water. It will drop off resin glands which are then collected in hash bags. Dutch hash bag brand is commonly used for this. Hash bags further contains mesh nets. They range in size which are 160, 120, 73, and 25 microns. 160 microns is the largest size and 25 microns is the smallest. The hash quantity depends upon the quality of the plant before putting it in the ice-cold water.

5. Keep stirring the water for at least 30 minutes. The longer you stir, the better the resin glands quantity you extract. After stirring, wait for 20–30 minutes and allow the water to settle for a good hash collection. These minutes will allow the hash to settle in the mesh nets according to their sizes. Larger ones will settle in 160 or 120 microns while smaller ones in 25 microns.

6. Wet hash is either freeze-dried or vacuumed. People also use greaseproof paper or silicone pads to dry the hash. Hash is placed on them and we let the water evaporate for a couple of days. After that, the only powdered hash is left behind. There are now Automatic machines that perform the same functions as well.

Can I add water to make more THC oil (Answering your life long question)?

No, you cannot make more THC oil by adding more water as THC is not water-soluble. Moreover, it will make the end product even worse. Adding more water will dissolve unwanted plant materials which will make the end product (THC oil) distasteful as chlorophyll is unpleasant in taste.

People also ask whether you can mix THC oil or THC tincture into water and juice or not? The answer is Oil does not mix with water and juice. If the tincture is in oil, then maybe you can mix them but still, it will be unpleasant.

There is another way that involves alcohol. Alcohol tincture can easily mix with any liquid that is mixable with alcohol. 2–2 1/2 cups of 190 proof Everclear and two ounces of cannabis is mixed. Then it is mixed with juice or water.

Some ask, “Can I dissolve hash in something hot like tea or coffee and still feel the impact?” Well Yes. All you have to do is boil the hash with olive oil or butter. After that, put it in the warm milk. There you go, you have a beverage with hash. Moreover, one more way to do this is to add some hash into the coffee/tea directly. Drink the coffee, and eat the coffee-soaked hash in the end and it will give the same effect.

How do you make a weed liquid drink?

After telling you how to make hash oil with water, now it’s time to answer, “how can I make my own weed liquid? The common weed liquid drinks are Cannabis lemonade and Cannabis iced tea. To make Cannabis lemonade, all you have to do is mix THC tincture into your lemonade recipe.

Similarly, to make Cannabis iced tea, add half cup water and half cup honey in a pot and heat it. Add tincture and mix them thoroughly. When honey is completely dissolve, cool the mixture and then add it into your tea.

Hash Oil

Other Weed liquid drinks are Cannabis milk, Cannabis Cocoa, and Cannabis cider.

How do you make hash oil to vape at home?

Hash oil can be made at home and you can also vape it. By doing this, you have the advantage that you can control THC in the oil and thus also control what kind of concentrate you want. A Cannabis concentrate includes resin glands, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabinoids.

The process is:

1) Add water into a pot to boil and then put a heat-safe bowl in it.

2) Place the concentrates in it and keep stirring them.

3) Now, the time has come to mix VG and PG into a bowl. The ratio recommended for VG: PG is 70:30.

4) After that, add the concentrates into that bowl of VG and PG.

5) If you want, you can add flavoring as well.

Now, pour the product into a bottle and you have made hash oil to vape at home.

You must be wondering what would happen if I drank the oil from a THC cartridge? Well, you will feel slightly buzzed but let us warn you one thing, it does not taste as good as you think and it also won’t be as enjoyable as you think.

Can you drink hash oil from a wax pen and still get high?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Why? Because you don’t how many doses you are taking. Also, drinking oil by inexperienced lads is not recommended as well. It takes two hours to feel the buzz after drinking. The inexperienced ones get impatient and drink more which leads to overdose. That is why if you have oil, vape it.

People also ask, “Can I get high by just drinking hash oil without vaporizing it (means by just eating hash or consuming it in some other way)?” Yes, but why settle for less when you can feel the true excellence. Long story short, vape it and do not drink it.

Final Words

After reading this thorough article, you now know how to make hash oil with water. You have to be really careful in this as methanol or other solvents are explosive. Also, in these processes, always maintain a low temperature. The high temperature will make the end product unpleasant. Use ice to maintain that low temperature.

In addition to this, many queries are also answered here. We always take care of our readers. That is why we also have prepared FAQs for you in the end so that you can understand everything clearly. Don’t forget to tell us your opinions or any sort of feedback in the comments section down below.


Can I get high by drinking hash oil without vaporizing the oil?

Yes, You can. But the best way is Vaping.

How much Cannabis does it take to make one gram of hash?

It depends upon the quality of the hash. On a cannabis plant, there is 10 to 15 % THC producing resin glands. So, after extraction, about 6 to 10 grams of weed is needed to make a pure gram of top hash.

Can you make hash oil with water?

You can make hash oil with water (But ice is necessary for this process).

How is hash oil made?

Read the point where we explain this in this article again.

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