What is Lucas Formula for Soil and is it really worth it?

Do you want your plants to be in perfect health? Is the problem of Nute Burn worry you? Do you Want to save time and money at the same time as well? Then there is good news for you. We all know that the General Hydroponics Flora series is famous to provide nutrients to all kinds of systems. But their unregulated application leads to nute burn and waste of money. Luckily, we are describing to you the Lucas Formula for Soil to avoid any undesirable condition.

So, what is the Lucas formula? How you can save money by following it and how to use the General Hydroponics Flora series in soil? Here, we are describing everything you need to know.

So, stick to the end as this might be the most important thing you may read today!

What is the Lucas Formula for Soil?

Lucas formula, also known as the Lucas ratio, is a feeding method that provides essential nutrients. This method is named after a man named Lucas who participated in the online growing forums. He shared his feeding method for soil which spread like a wildfire and is now known as Lucas Formula.

If you want to know how to use general hydroponics in soil effectively? Then this Lucas Formula is the thing you will surely want to know. There are three products (Flora micro, Flora Gro, and Flora Bloom) growers used to mix before this formula went viral. Using these three products was hectic.

Now, only two products are enough to get a high-quality yield if you use General Hydroponics Lucas Formula.

Among the General Hydroponics flora series, FloraMicro is the most important one. it provides Nitrogen and other trace elements needed for growth. FloraBloom is added to provide the required Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, and Phosphorus. Similarly, FloraGro is added to provide extra Nitrogen to the plant.

If you follow Lucas Formula and mix FloraMicro and FloraBloom in the right ratio, Flora Gro is then not needed. FloraMicro covers the FloraGro role of providing Nitrogen that leads to robust plant growth. As you have to buy and add one less product, it saves time, energy, and money. So, in what ratio the other two products are added?

Lucas Ratio

People ask how to mix general hydroponics flora series effectively, well here is the answer. Simply add,

1) Add 1-gallon water in a container or bucket

2) Then, add 8 ml of FloraMicro and stir. Stirring is important because you can’t both FloraMicro and FloraBloom at the same time as the problem of nutrient lock may arise.

3) After that add 16 ml FloraBloom and stir again.

4) Apply this mixture to the soil.

This ratio is for the plants in the reproductive stage. The plant requires different concentrations in different stages. Later in the article, we have added the table of Feeding schedules week by week of plant growth.

There is a Lucas formula calculator website on the internet as well. You add the amount of water and it will tell you how much FloraMicro and FloraBloom you will need to add. But it is a very simple estimate and You can become a Lucas formula calculator yourself. In one Gallon, you add 8 ml FloraMicro and 16 ml FloraBloom. In 10 gallons, add 80 ml FloraMicro and 160 ml FloraBloom. It’s just simple addition with no complications. So, when people ask how to mix general hydroponics, tell them about all these ratios.

Benefits of Flora Series Products by General Hydroponics

Enjoy the immense benefits by using these General Hydroponics’ products:

1) Flora series products are one of the best things you can add to the soil. General Hydroponics products are pH buffered nutrients that can be added to both soils and hydroponics as well.

2) You can easily transport and store this product. That is why it is popular among outdoor gardeners.

3) Gro and Bloom can be applied to all types of plants. It can also be added to different water conditions. Now, only two products are enough to get a high-quality yield. If you follow Lucas Formula, FloraGro is then not needed. FloraMicro covers the Flora Gro role of providing Nitrogen that leads to robust plant growth. Thanks to FloraMicro, time, energy, and money can be saved.

4) Application of nutrients is very critical in hydroponics. Growers have to take care of the Hydroponics feeding schedule so that the quality of plants is not affected. General Hydroponics (GH) products deliver the right amount of nutrients in the hydroponics system leading to better growth. Thus, GH is a blessing!

After knowing About the General Hydroponics flora series, have a look at MaxiBloom which is equally good!

MaxiBloom Lucas formula soil Application

GeneralHydroponics also manufacture dry nutrients as well which are MaxiBloom and MaxiGro.

Maxibloom Lucas Formula for soil is very simple to make and apply. Add 1-2 tbsps (7 grams) of Maxibloom in a gallon of fresh water. If you want a value in liters, then add 5-10 ml in 4 liters of fresh water. If you add MaxiBloom to this ratio, then you don’t ned to add MaxiGro at all.

Add the mixture every week or twice a week according to the soil condition. If the soil requires more nutrients, then we recommend you add the Maxibloom mixture twice a week.

To know there is a lack of nutrients in the soil, we recommend you do a soil test. Every smart and responsible grower does soil tests to know about the condition of the soil in which he is about to grow the plants.

Lucas formula floranova

There is another famous mixture to provide nutrients that involve Floranova. Lucas Formula Floranova solution is also nutrient enriching. FloraNova series consists of two products- FloraNova Grow and FloraNova Bloom.

Add 8 ml of FloraNova Bloom in a gallon of water. Stir it and add it to the soil. It’s that simple to make and apply. FloraNova Bloom contains all the essential macro and micronutrients needed for proper growth.

Add this during the vegetative phase. When the flowering stage is initiated, use Maxibloom. But pH of the soil should be between 5.5-6.5. If pH is below or above this range, then applying Maxibloom or FloraNova will be of no use.

You can also use Maxibloom before flowering. Add ¼ tablespoon in a gallon of water in this phase.

Lucas formula in Coco Coir

If you are using Coco coir, then you have to be extra careful as calcium and magnesium deficiency is common. The Lucas Formula for coco is:

1) Mix 1 gram of Epsom Salt in a Gallon of water.

2) After stirring, add 9ml Floral Bloom.

3) After that, add 6ml FloraMicro and the mixture is ready.

Lucas formula Soil Autoflower Application

If you are growing autoflowers in hydroponics, then Lucas Formula is highly recommended by the growers. In hydroponics, plants are grown without the soil. They depend upon the nutrient solution to get the required nutrients. So, it becomes necessary to add top-quality nutrients to the water to make a nutrient solution. Failing to do so will affect yield.

Luckily, MicroFlora provides the perfect amount of nitrogen needed for autoflower plants. If you follow the Lucas Formula, then the chances of nitrogen toxicity are very low.

If you detract yourself from the Lucas Formula and add FloraGro too, then plants will suffer. Excessive Nitrogen will cause Nutrient Burn and the end product will be of bad quality too. Furthermore, Lucas formula provides calcium and magnesium too in the right quantity. This improves the plant health and growth impressive too. So, follow this formula and enjoy the top-notch end product.

Lucas Formula for Soil
Nutrients are important for plants to achieve their full potential

Lucas Formula for Soft and Hard Water

You can use Lucas Formula even if you are using tap water. But first, Make sure that you adjust the pH of the tap water to around 5.8. Tap water generally has a pH of more than 7. We all know that it is critical to have a proper water pH in Hydroponics. You can use pH Down by GH to reduce the pH.

If you have soft water in your area, then adjusting the pH will be a piece of cake. But if you have hard water, then the Lucas Formula must be modified.

In hard water, trace elements are not available for plants to absorb. They bind with other minerals or elements present in the water. If this situation arises, use FloraMicro for Hard Water instead of the regular Flora Micro you add. Add 16 ml of FloraBloom and 8ml of FloraMicro Hard water and stir. Now roots can absorb the nutrients.

Now, it is time to see the feeding chart!

Lucas formula feeding chart

Now, let’s take a look at the Lucas Formula feeding chart of General Hydroponics for different plant stages.

Plant StagesMicro (ml/Gallon)Bloom (ml/Gallon)
GerminationNot added in this stageNot added in this stage
Week 124
Week 236
Week 3-5510
Week 6-7612
Week 8- harvest816

This is the Lucas formula soil feeding schedule. Follow this and enjoy the top-quality yield.

People ask can we add some additives with Lucas Formula. To know about the answer, keep reading!

Lucas formula additives

You can also use hydroponic additives with Lucas Formula to increase the growth. Usually, additives in general Organic’s Grow Box are used with Lucas Formula.

But before adding them, make sure you mix FloraMicro and FloraBloom in the right amount. Moreover, know what your plant wants and what your soil can tolerate. After then, decide on additives.

Wrapping Up

All in all, it is no secret that nutrients must be added in a balanced amount. If these are added in more quantity, then Nute Burn will definitely occur. Moreover, a grower wants to save money as well. Luckily, Lucas Formula for soil does both things. A guy named Lucas put forward a ratio of Flora products. According to this, FloraMicro and FloraBloom are enough to provide the required nutrients and we don’t need FloraGro. This formula went viral in a blink and now it is widely used.

We recommend that you add General Hydroponics products according to the formula as well!


What is the Lucas formula for soil?

Making Lucas Formula for soil is the simplest thing you can do. A guy named Lucas developed this formula that is time and money-saving. Before this formula, all three Flora products were added to the water and applied to the plants. But according to the Lucas formula, you don’t need FloraGro and the other two products (Micro and Bloom) are enough.

According to the Lucas Formula, when the plants are young, add 4 ml FloraMicro, and 8 ml FloraBloom is added in a gallon of water. This mixture is added to the plants. During the reproductive stage, double the quantity of these two products.

Can you use GH in soil?

Oh Yes! You can add GH to the soil. General Hydroponics blend provides the necessary nutrients that plants want to grow to their full potential.

Can you use Maxi to grow in soil?

Absolutely Yes, Maxi can be added to the soil to enrich it with nutrients. Maxi is a pH buffered dry powdered Nutrients that can be easily added and mixed. In addition to soil, It can also be added to the hydroponics system or coco coir as well.

How to mix MaxiBloom?

Maxibloom Lucas Formula for soil is very simple to make and apply. Add 1-2 of Maxibloom in a gallon of fresh water. If you want a value in liters, then add 5-10 ml in 4 liters of fresh water. Add the mixture every week or twice a week according to the soil condition. If the soil requires more nutrients, then we recommend you add the Maxibloom mixture twice a week.

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