Morning Glory Tea: 7 Benefits and Some Side Effects

What if we tell you there is a plant, which if you consume as a tea, then you can experience amazing health benefits. Yep, that plant is a reality and its name is Morning Glory. Morning Glory plants have been utilized by humans for centuries. Looking at Japanese history as early as the 9th century, you can observe that the Japanese used to grow and consume morning glory plants in bulk. Coming back to this century, this plant is still widely used in Asian countries. Morning Glory tea is the best method to consume this plant. Tea made from this plant has unbelievable benefits which we are describing in this article.

  • We have also prepared an FAQ portion to address your most searched queries related to this tea.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the sea of learning.

What is Morning Glory Plant?

Morning glory is herbaceous twining vines or shrubs which is widely grown in Asia and North America. Its flower appearance is of blue, pink, or purple color and looks very aesthetic.

Morning glory tea has many benefits.
Morning Glory plant

Let’s look at what you need to know about the Morning glory plant.

Morning Glory Plant Cultivation

Morning Glory cultivation is the easiest thing to do. There are not many plants that you can grow easily. Morning Glory plant does not demand a list of requirements that a grower must fulfill. It is easy to grow and easy to maintain.

Check out the requirements to grow this plant:

Soil: This plant can be grown in any field, however, loamy and sandy are best for them

Sowing time: Early summer

Temperature: 18 Degrees

Flowering: Summer & fall

Flower colors: Purple, Blue, Pink, Red, and White

How to Plant Morning Glory plant?

Late spring or early summer is the best time to sow Morning glory seeds.

Before planting seeds, make a hole. Then, take a container and fill it with water. Soak the seeds in this container for 24 hours and then move them into the holes. This will help in the early germination of seeds.

After that, cover the hole lightly with some soil or clay. Seedlings should emerge after 7 days. Start watering little by little until the seedlings grow a little larger.

Morning glory does not require special care. All you have to do is just water regularly. They can tolerate dry soils very a long time. However, they are very sensitive to frost or extremely cold environments.

Morning glory flowers.
Morning glory flowers.

Pest Attacks Morning Glory May Face

Pest attacks Morning glory may face are:

  • Aphids
  • Leaf miners
  • Caterpillars

Diseases Morning glory may face

Diseases Morning glory may face are:

  • Wilt
  • Leaf spots

Some Other Things You Should Do

Fertilization is also important for the morning glory plants to grow properly. apply fertilizers in the form of liquid and not in granular forms.

Also, remove weeds if you see any while growing this plant. Mulching is an effective practice to suppress weeds.

Some people grow morning glory only for their beautiful flowers. You can increase the floral production by pinching off the older flowers. Older flowers tend to turn into seedpods. So, if you pinch off such flowers, plants will focus more on flowers production.

Recommended Morning Glory Varieties

Two varieties of Morning Glory are recommended:

  • Heavenly Blue
  • Scarlett O’ hara

If you sow Heavenly Blue variety, then you will end up with 12 feet plant with blue and white flowers.

Scarlett O’ hara morning glory variety can grow 15 feet plant with bright red flowers.

Benefits of Morning Glory Tea

If you want to know how to make morning glory tea, then there is good news as this might be the easiest thing to do. All you have to do is dry the petals.

The petals of morning glory are dried before using as tea.

Morning Glory Tea
Morning Glory Tea

That’s it, not refining anything or using heavy types of machinery. Dry the petals, grind them if you want, and add water and whatever flavors you like.

Morning Glory plants have numerous medicinal benefits and are widely used in Asian households. Moring glory tea is one of the best herbicidal medicines there is. Let’s take a look at the Top 7 advantages it offers:

It Treats Stomach Ache

Morning glory tea is widely used in China to treat stomach ailments. Now, this use of morning glory tea is spreading in other parts of the world as well. As this plant can be easily grown in a garden, so people are now switching to this alternative which is the cheapest as well.

It treats the following stomach issues:

  • Bloating
  • Stomach ache
  • Worms

We also recommend you try to cure stomach pain with this natural tea rather than taking a high dosage of different medicines.

Reduces Stress

The percentage of happy people is reducing year after year. The business of the modern world has given less time to enjoy life. Thus, everyone must need something to feel calm.

Morning glory tea gives a calming effect that relieves a person from stress. Covid pandemic is going on and this tea can prove to be a really good mood booster.

Tip: If your favorite team loses, then have morning glory tea afterward to reduce anxiety and anger.

Improves Skin Health

Whether you meet someone outside or even rest at home, skin is probably the first thing people notice. So, it must look fresh and nice every time. Ass pollution is on rising, and more harmful radiations are reaching on earth, skin problems are also increasing. But you can use tea made from the morning glory plant to reduce these negative impacts.

This tea has a positive impact on the skin as it helps in the glow. Moreover, this tea is also known to reduce wrinkles and scars. Thus, you will look younger if you regularly consume the tea made from morning glory petals.

Cures Cough

Morning glory tea also helps in improving your throat’s health. It relieves a person from cough by getting rid of excessive mucous.

  • In China, it is also utilized as a herbicidal to treat many problems.

If you are having a cough infection and you cough regularly, people start to get irritated. So, don’t trap yourself in this situation and regularly consume this tea in an appropriate amount.

Brain Power

This tea is also known to enhance the brain’s performance. Therefore, if your kids study or go to school, then you should give it to them.

However, keep the check on dosages. Over-dosage may lead to a further problem.

Anti-Bacterial Agent

What if we tell you this tea has anti-bacterial properties as well? Well, yes it is true! It has Anti-Bacterial effects as well and is known to fight Candida and E.Coli. If this doesn’t convince you to consume this tea, We don’t know what will.

Reduces Swelling

Like we have said before, this tea has numerous benefits. This also reduces swelling which in turn comfort the person.

After all these benefits, we are now sure that you must be considering growing morning glory plants in your garden to make dozens of cups of tea from them.

Are Morning Glory Seeds Poisonous?

You must be wondering are morning glory seeds poisonous? No, morning glory seeds are not poisonous to consume. However, if you consume them in large quantities, then you are certainly going to face problems like hallucinations and diarrhea.

Morning glory seeds contain alkaloids, thus when they are consumed in large quantities, people feel hallucinations. Morning glory seeds also contain LSA which are consumed as a substitute for LSD. What does this LSA do to that body? It has the following effects on the body:

  • Hallucinations
  • Weak Sight
  • Cramping
  • Stomach Ache
  • Anxiety
  • Dilated Pupils

Morning Glory Seeds For Sale

Morning glory seeds Amazon platform is the best way to obtain them. Many sellers are selling these seeds there. Other online platforms like Walmart also sell these seeds. Moreover, You can also buy them from any gardening store.

Morning glory tea company is also a business that provides tea made from the plants’ leaves. So, it is very easy to obtain their seeds or even drinking beverages made from these plants’ parts.

Also, morning glory tea bags are also available at some online stores. These are convenient to carry if you are traveling. But if you are at home, then these are still a great addition.

Moreover, Royal Albert morning glory teacups are also available online which you should use to drink glory tea. Some stores sell morning glory teapots which are specifically designed to exhibit that you must drink only morning glory tea from them. These all are luxuries and you can also use the regular ones you have in your kitchen for the same purpose as them.

Final Words

Long story short, Morning glory tea has many health benefits if you consume it in the right amount. It can uplift mood, reduce stress, get rid of skin problems, and improves stomachache. However, morning glory seeds contain Alkaloids which, if consumed in high quantity, can lead to hallucinations. Thus, you have to be careful in dealing with these plants’ products. This plant is widely consumed in China and Japan and for the right reasons. So, you must also try to grow this plant and make tea out of them.


What are the benefits of morning glory?

Morning glory offers many benefits including stomach relief, mood booster, improves skin, stress relief, and cure cough. It is commonly consumed as tea which is also being consumed by people for centuries. Due to its health benefits, this plant has always been popular. In the modern world, the importance of this plant hasn’t been reduced.

Are morning glories poisonous?

No, morning glories are not poisonous., But still, if consumed in large quantities, they can prove to be toxic. It can give the feeling of hallucination and also can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. So, consume these in the appropriate amount and don’t get yourself into an embarrassing situation.

What Herb is morning glory?

Ipomea hederacea Jacq. (Morning glory) is a member of the Convolvulaceae family and is widely grown in Asia.

Are morning glories rare?

No, it is not rare and has been in the use since the 9th century. Japanese history tells us that morning glory was widely utilized in the ninth century. It is also grown in China, Thailand, and other Asian countries as well.

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