Scarlett O’Hara Plant: Know What is it and How you can Grow it!

When you travel outside, you must have seen some shrubs with bell-shaped flowers. They look very aesthetic and their leaves remain green even in winter. It is the Scarlett O’Hara plant.

It is a shrub that is widely planted due to its ornamental features. It belongs to the Ericaceae family which is known for beautiful flowers. This plant also has one of the most beautiful flowers you will see. That is why these plants are widely used in landscaping and the parks to further beautify the scenery. Due to the flowers resembling Lilies, this plant has also earned the nickname “Lily of the valley Shrub”.

In this article, I have described the conditions required to grow this plant and where you can purchase the seeds. Also, an FAQs section is added as well to further address your queries. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

Details about Scarlett O’Hara Plant

It is a beautiful shrub that is evergreen. This plant is widely used in the landscape. On top of it, this plant is low maintenance. In its lifetime, the Scarlett O’Hara plant changes different colors. It first emerges as red, then it changes to pink. As time passes, it changes to cream and then to green. Some other colors also appear in different cultivars.

Let’s have a look at some Scarlett O’Hara Pieris size:

  • Height: Up to 10 feet.
  • Width: Almost 6 feet.

Why do you see these plants everywhere in urban cities? Well, unlike many other plants, the O’Hara plant is tolerant to pollution. As cities are more polluted, so it is planted extensively in urban cities.

Scarlett O’Hara Plant Cultivation

It requires a sunny environment for proper growth. If the climate is suitable for growth, then look for these optimum conditions.

Soil Requirment

Moist, well-drained, and low pH (acidic) soil must be also rich in organic matter. O’Hara cannot grow in alkaline soils. So, to adjust the pH, add nutrients to decrease the pH. Moreover, at the time of planting, add compost or soil amendments so that nutrient deficiency would not take place.


After seven days of sowing seeds, seedlings emerge. For a better germination rate, buy or use seeds of a better variety.


Scarlett O’Hara plant flowers are bell-shaped and always appear in clusters. Mostly, they are white, pink, or creamy white depending upon the cultivar. Want to know when you can see flowers on this shrub? The flowers start blooming in early spring.

Scarlett O'Hara plant
Flower of Scarlett O’Hara


The addition of nutrients is necessary for any plant to grow properly. Add phosphorus early so that plants experience fast vegetative growth. Fertilization should begin early and should be ended three weeks before the frost occurrence. While choosing fertilizers, keep one thing in mind that soil is slightly acidic. So, choose an acid-loving fertilizer for better results.

After choosing which fertilizer to use, carefully add them to the soil. Do not throw fertilizer grains on the plants as this could lead to burning. Then the most important part. After adding the fertilizer, add water to the soil immediately. Why? So that the fertilizers get to mix with the water and readily be made available to the roots. If you don’t add water in time, then grains may move with the wind. So, be extra careful with timing while adding fertilizers.


Scarlett O’Hara Pieris sun or shade debate still happens. Well, the truth is, this plant performs exceptionally when the sunlight falls on it. However, if it is over-exposed to sunlight, then sunburn may happen too. Furthermore, Scarlet O’Hara Japanese Pieris can also grow well in partial shade. In partial shade, only filtered light falls on the plant. This is acceptable to the plant and still, it grows and blooms.

However, this plant cannot grow in shade. Shade is a condition in which no light falls on the surface. If the plant is growing in this condition, then many problems will arise. Scarlett O’ Hara Pieris perennials face roots competition if grown in the shade.

Moreover, harmful insects may also hide in shade. In addition to this, humidity is high in this environment. So, it could lead to the emergence of diseases like root rot or invite other foreign pathogen attacks.

Scarlett O’Hara Plantation

Now, it is time to discuss the plantation. First of all, grow the plant in a container or pot. When it grows considerably, then it is time for transplantation. For this, dig a hole in the soil approximately the same size as the depth of the container.

If the soil is poor, dig a bigger hole and add compost or other amendments to it. After then, transplant the plant and tuck it with the soil. Water the plant after transplanting so that roots grow stronger and stable.

The reason why we Scarlett O’Hara Plant is planted is due to its Ornamental Features. Let’s have a look at some of these features next.

Ornamental Features (The Reason of Scarlett O’Hara Plantation)

Now, it is time to discuss the ornamental features of this plant:

  • Whenever ornamental quality is discussed of a plant, the first thing which is seen is its flowers. This plant has bell shaped flowers that comes in the different color range depending upon the cultivar.
  • The leaves are evergreen and glossy. The foliage overall gives showy appearance due to the dark red tips.
  • Scarlett o’hara pieris growth rate is pretty fast too.
  • The fruit of this plant is not ornamental.
  • Due to its tolerance against pollution, it is widely used in urban cities, park and in industrial areas.

You can only enjoy the aesthetic beauty if you take care of this plant. So, let’s see what care this plant requires!

Scarlett O’Hara Plant Care

1) Scarlett O’Hara plant care is very important for high quality. Doing Pruning is one way to care for plants.

Pruning is also important if the plants get bigger. By doing this, two benefits can be achieved:

  • Getting rid of excessive parts can lead to more air flow. Thus, the shrub will be less prone to diseases.
  • After getting rid of older parts, plants can focus more on the flower production.

2) Regularly checking for any pest infestation and disease attack also comes under care. A smart grower keeps on checking the insect population on the plants. If found in large numbers, biological control or even chemical sprays must be applied. Also, if you observe any disease-affected branch, immediately remove it to stop its spread.

3) If you plan to do thinning or shaping, then wait till the blooming finishes. When the flowers die, shape the shrubs immediately. Since this plant grows slowly, you don’t need to shape much.

Scarlett o'hara plant

Scarlett O’Hara Morning Glory Plant

The botanical name of Scarlett O’Hara Morning glory plant is Ipomoea. It is a fast-growing plant with beautiful flowers and heart-shaped leaves. The flowers bloom daily and open early in the morning. You can see the inner whiteness of these flowers. The flowers are then closed in the afternoon.

Scarlett O’Hara Morning Glory plant thrives when the sunlight is full. It also needs well-drained soil for better growth.

Scarlett O'Hara plant
Scarlett O’Hara Morning glory plant

How to plant morning glory seed? Well, first of all, water the soil thoroughly. When most of the moisture is dried, then dig a hole. In this, Put one or two Morning glory seeds and then gently cover them with the soil. Germination will happen within a week.

A Morning Glory seed can start germination within a week if the time is right and the soil has moisture. After germination, it takes 50-80 days for flowers to bloom and they continue to bloom till the fall. Also, this plant has attractive foliage as well.

Morning Glory seeds are sensitive to any undesirable environment. So, make sure you provide the above-described conditions. You can buy morning glory seeds from any online platform or nearby gardening store.

People grow morning glory for its flowers. Why? Because from Morning glory flowers, we can make a tea that has medicinal properties. Morning glory tea has the following health benefits:

  • Treats Stomach Ache
  • Reduces Stress
  • Cures Cough
  • Improves Skin Condition
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Activates Mind

So, how can you make Morning glory tea? First, Morning glory flowers’ petals are plucked out and dried. Then these dried petals are used to make this beverage. You can add water and any flavor of your choice while making this tea. But keep only one thing in mind that- Without a morning glory flower, you won’t make Morning glory tea.

Scarlett O’Hara mirror plant

Coprosma Scarlett O’Hara, also known as the Mirror plant, is one of the beautiful plants on Earth. it is called the Mirror plant because of the glossy leaves. Its foliage is reddish-orange which shows off intense color when the temperature is cool. However, protect this plant from frost as it could prove to be detrimental. This is the only Coprosma Scarlett O’Hara care.

Final Words

All in all, the Scarlett O’Hara plant is one of the beautiful shrub-type plants you will see. This plant has beautiful flowers and aesthetic leaves which make them a perfect choice for beautifying gardens, parks, or landscapes. It can tolerate a significant amount of pollution, so it is a primary choice in urban cities. However, its care must be done “carefully”. Proper soil, sunlight, pruning, and fertilizers must be provided. If not, then these perennials will deteriorate into low-quality shrubs.

Do you have any queries related to this Article? Then comment these in the comment section down below.

FAQs About Scarlett O’hara Plant

How do you care for a Pieris Forest flame?

Forest flame is the variety of Pieris which needs proper care. It needs proper sunlight, moist and acidic soil, and pruning to grow to its full potential. Also, mulching is done annually as another care measure. This plant does not require regular pruning. Prune only when you observe it is getting over-bushy. So, to improve the air filtration, cut out some extra parts.

How do you plant Pieris Japonica Mountain Fire?

First of all, make sure the soil you have is acidic and has good drainage traits. Moreover, keep in mind that soil aeration must also be good as roots need oxygen to grow. Then make sure you have chosen an ideal location for planting. This plant requires sunlight or partial shade to grow best. So, it is ideal to choose such a location which is either facing East or west.

After that, choose the season in which you want to carry out planting. Planting is done in both spring and autumn. Also, add compost or amendment at the time of planting so that there won’t be a nutrient deficiency. Dig a hole according to the plat size and root system. If you want to add compost or amendment, now is the time. Since they have a partial root system, the plant does require a bigger hole. Put it there and tuck it with the soil.

While planting these plants in a garden, make sure you maintain a two-meter distance between the two plants.

How do you prune Pieris Little Heath?

Little Heath plant does not require regular pruning. However, sometimes pruning becomes necessary for better plant growth. To improve the air infiltration and to protect against the spread of the diseases, pruning is done lightly. However, it is advised that don’t do pruning before or during the flowering.

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