What are Coca Plant Seeds? The Best Guide for You!

Are you looking for a complete guide related to the Coca plant seeds? Due you want to know about its growth and the legality status in different countries. Then Good News, your cursor has brought you to the right Article. We are presenting a comprehensive knowledge about Coca and have also added a section of FAQs at the bottom of the article to clarify further confusion. So, Let’s dive right into our topic, Here We Go:

The Coca plant is one of the most famous plants in the Southern American region. It is also one of the most debated plants. Why? Because from their leaves, cocaine can be produced. Yes, Cocaine is produced from this plant (More on that later!).

Coca plant is grown as a Cash crop in South American countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, and some others. It is still growing in those counties that have banned this plant because Coca is popular there.

If you are from outside South America and thinking about growing it in the garden or indoors, then we recommend you don’t do it. Growing this plant outside its natural habitat will be one of the hardest things you will ever do. Why? Because it has complicated requirements.

Coca Plant Requirements

The Coca plant is hard to grow as it is very sensitive to any environmental change. It needs:

  • Well Draining Soil
  • Fertilizers before sowing and flowering
  • High humidity
  • Optimum Air Pressure
  • The temperature of 28 Degree Celsius

Coca plants Like humidity. That is why it is impossible to grow them in arid lands. If you are growing them, you have to care for all the requirements. Otherwise, it won’t grow!

How to Plant Coca Seeds?

Its growth process has many phases. Seedlings are first grown in cups or small pots. Then, when they grow a little, they are then shifted to bigger pots and then to the garden. This shifting from cups or smaller pots happens in the summertime.

Plant Coca Seeds are sown 1 cm deep into the soil. Before sowing, water the soil and let it dry a little. Sow coca seeds neither in wet soil nor in dry soil. The soil must have some moisture when you sow them. This moisture will be absorbed by the seeds which help in their germination. The germination of seeds occurs after two to six weeks of sowing.

Plants grown from Coca Plant Seeds.
Fully Grown Coca Plants

Coca Seeds Legal Status

Coca plant seeds are legal in almost every country in the world. But Coca leaves are not! And definitely making cocaine from coca leaves is illegal. If you break the law, then there is punishment for you in the form of jail time. And if you do it again, then the second offense punishment is even strict. It can give you a life sentence in many countries. So, before dealing with the coca, first, learn what the law in your country says about it.

You can purchase Coca seeds online from many platforms. The two famous ones are BestCoca and BC Seeds. However, if you are not in a suitable area, buying seeds won’t do any good.

The cannabis plant is very different from than Coca Plant. You can grow Cannabis indoor but you cannot do the same in the case of Coca. The Coca plant has those requirements which make it very hard to grow them indoors. But we are not saying it is impossible to grow Coca indoors.

However, let us warn you that creating an artificial environment will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few plants. So, ask yourself, is it really worth spending that much amount on a few Coca leaves?

What are Environmental Requirements which make them so Hard to Grow Indoors?

Like we have mentioned before, the Coca plant needs higher humidity, a stable temperature of 28 Degree Celsius, and low atmospheric pressure. Creating a hydroponic environment in the home for humidity is very expensive.

Some say that if an American buys land in Peru, and grows coca plants there himself, it will cost less than growing them indoor in the USA.

Moreover, the Coca plant usually grows in 1650 ft to 4950 feet. You can’t provide that indoors. Also, you can’t produce much production if you grow these plants in fewer numbers (as you can’t grow much in-home). 297 grams of coca leaves are used to produce only 1 gram of cocaine.

If you still want to purchase coca seeds and grow them, then you can always purchase them by searching coca seeds on amazon.

Coca Plant Seeds details.
Coca Plant Fruit

Peruvian Coca Plant

Like the name is suggesting, it is grown pe-dominantly in the Peru region. Peruvian Coca Plant seeds are the second most potent seeds of the Coca family. These give the high-quality leaves along with the desirable plant height.

Peruvian Coca Plant is almost 2–2.5 m tall. Thus, their outdoor inspection is also easy. There is another strain called Bolivian available in the market. Bolivian coca seeds buying and selling is legal in some states while others prohibit it.

Uses of Coca Plant

Coca is also a part of Andean cultures and is consumed for thousands of years. Globally, the Coca plant is notorious as you can produce Cocaine from it. The plant has psychoactive alkaloids and when the leaves of this plant are refined, cocaine is produced from that substance. It is that cocaine production that is a cause of concern of governments and human rights organizations. Still this plant has some uses till today.

The Coca plant has many uses, mostly these are related to medicine. One main important role it played in history was it was used as “Anesthesia.” Nowadays, it is used in tea for medicinal effects. Coca tea is legal in many southern American countries like Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, etc. However, in the USA, Coca tea is illegal. So, if you really crave coca tea, then go to South America!

Coca Plant leaves tea
Coca leaves Tea!

Why Coca has medicinal effects? The Coca plant has pharmacological effects as the plant is rich in oils, complex minerals, and other useful compounds.

People sometimes confuse the coca plant seeds with cocoa seed (which is for coffee) and Cacao seeds (which is a seed from fruits). Don’t get confused by the almost same spelling.

Countries and Their Coca Plant Policies

Want to know Are coca seeds illegal or legal? Well, different countries have a different set of punishments for growing coca plants, and cocaine. Some have allowed its growth, some have prohibited it and some have legalized their seeds only.

Coca Seeds and Australia

Coca plant can not be produced in Australia. The Australian climate is far from the requirements a Coca plant seed needs to germinate. That is why there are many cases of cocaine smuggling in that continent. The Australian government has placed a ban on Cocaine, cocaine leaves production, and also on cocaine plant growing. So, don’t try to grow coca there.

Coca Plant Seeds and New Zealand

In New Zealand, the Coca plant is not legal to grow. The New Zealand government has categorically announced no cocaine-related activity can happen in the country.

Coca Plant Seeds and the USA

In the United States of America, Cocaine, coca plants, and Coca leaves are illegal. These are on the federal list of illegal drugs which means their selling and purchasing are highly prohibited. However, Coca plant seeds are excluded from this ban and we can do its sale and purchase.

The logic behind Coca plant seeds not getting the ban is that Coca seed is nearly impossible for someone in the USA to grow Coca plants. It is because there is no required temperature, humidity level, or altitude level.

If someone decides to grow it indoors, he needs the seeds in larger quantities. 1 hectare of Coca plants produces only one tonne of coca leaves per year which is then refined to produce a few kilos of cocaine by drug lords. Surprised to see that many numbers? Here is another one for you. 300 Pounds of coca leaves of perfectly grown plants produce just one pound of cocaine after refinement.

Here is another setback if you were planning to grow coca plants indoors. Coca leaves may take time between 12 months to 24 months to fully grow. That much time range will cost you big money as you have to keep plants’ environment for at least one year.

Also, US police keep an eye on any cocaine-related activities. When someone buys coca seeds in a larger quantity, then the police will ask questions from him and may even inspect the home.

Coca Plant Seeds and South America

In South America, the Amazon forest provides the required humidity to that region. Meanwhile, the altitude adds an extra advantage.

Talking about South American countries, Peru is the largest producer of coca plants. It is a cash crop there as well. Peruvian Coca plant is one of the high demand coca plants strain and it produces the second highest quality of coca leaves. Other South American countries have legalized its production as well.

Coca Plant Seeds and India

The growth of coca plant seeds in India is not different than Australia or any other non-South American country. However, there is one difference, that is, coca plants are now being grown on a smaller scale in India at higher altitude regions.

But this is very low as compared to Southern America. You can buy coca plant seeds in India online as well. There are many nursery websites that offer coca speeds like NurseryLive. Moreover, ExportersIndia is also providing coca plants to the Indians as well.

Coca Plant Seeds and the UK

Coca plant seeds legal status in the UK is complicated. It is the biggest importer of coca plants for medicinal use. However, it has put a ban on its growth. In 2016 alone, Uk imported 330 kg of cocaine for medicinal use. That is why Uk remains under criticism related to its narcotics policy.

Wrapping Up

In a Nutshell, Coca plant seeds are grown in Southern American countries. It is nearly impossible to grow them in the USA, UK, Australia, and other countries. And don’t ever think about sowing them indoors at a controlled temperature. These plants require such an environment which is very difficult to provide. High humidity, stable temperature, and other requirements can be fulfilled if you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Moreover, it is illegal to grow this plant in many parts of the world. So, take our advice, be sensible and make a wise decision. We don’t want you to spend time behind the bars.

Don’t forget to comment what you think regarding Coca plants. Moreover, if you have any queries, you can always reach out to us in the comment section down below.


Are coca seeds illegal in the US?

Coca seeds legal status is a little complicated. Coca seeds are legal in the USA. However, it is illegal to grow coca plants and use their leaves to make Cocaine. People ask, can you buy coca seeds in the US and the answer is you can get these seeds from any online marketplace. However, you can’t buy and sell adult coca plants.

Is growing coca legal?

People ask, Is growing coca seeds illegal and the answer is Growing Coca plant is illegal in many countries including the USA, the Uk, Australia, New Zealand, etc. However, it is also legal in a few South American states. Coca is the cash crop of these states which is transported to all over the world.

But where to get coca seeds in South Africa, and those countries where coca is legal? We recommend you go online and buy from these platforms.

How long does coca take to grow?

It depends upon the environment and the coca strain you are growing. It can take from 12 months to 24 months to grow to its fullest. So, prepare a plan for at least one year with another year as a backup. This time range is also one of the reasons why we don’t recommend growing coca plants indoors. Creating a hydroponic environment indoors for these plants will cost you a fortune.

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