THC Worm: 3 Relations of Worms with Cannabis Consumption

According to a survey, 40 percent of Americans have tried marijuana at some point in their life. These statistics are almost ten times higher than the global average. Now, a growing trend is emerging in America and some other parts of the world regarding the worms found around the Cannabis buds. This worm on buds is commonly known as the THC worm.

  • The Marijuana plant contains two prominent substances- THC and Cannabinoids. We will be discussing both in this Article along with surprise information about the worms.

When you look at the connection between Cannabis and worms, there are so many that come before one’s eyes. The top one is the THC worms smoking. What if we tell you that there are people on Earth that smoke worms found on a plant along with Marijuana? Yep, you read that right! Not only that, these people think that a worm makes consumption even more pleasurable.

The other main connection is THC gummy worms. These are manufactured widely and are high in demand (More on that later).

The third main connection has medicinal benefits. According to a study, Cannabis kills intestinal worms. We will all be discussing this in this Article. But first, let’s get the basics straight.

  • Note: We highly condemn the illegal use of Marijuana and don’t support any illegal activity as well. However, we still believe that people must know information about such things to better understand the consequences.

What are THC and Cannabinoids?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive compound. It is responsible for all the psychological effects of consuming Cannabis. Every naturally occurring marijuana substance that joins the cannabinoid receptors in the body is commonly known as Cannabinoids.

The cannabinoid receptors are concentrated in some parts of the brain. But which part you might be wondering? Well, these parts are associated with happiness, thinking, pleasure, memory, and coordination. THC affects all these. THC is a compound that is found in the resins of the Cannabis plant and the worms present there are called THC worms. When these three are consumed, these parts of the brain feel the effects.

After knowing the basics of THC, let’s dive right into the gist of the article.

THC worm in Weed: What’s a THC worm?

Many people get excited when they see an orange worm in the bud of the Cannabis plant. Worms can be of different colors but mostly orange and green worms are found on the Cannabis plant. These people pull out these worms and save them in a bucket or pot. Then, with the Cannabis leaves, this worm is smoked as well. They claim that this makes Cannabis consumption potent than ever. THC worm name is Eurasian Hemp borers’ Caterpillars (the orange worms).

A Green worm is difficult to locate on cannabis plants as the plant itself is also green. However, an orange worm is an easy prey for these people.

The trend of smoking the worms in a pot is increasing. According to some reports, there is now demand for that Cannabis plant that has some worms in it as well. Unbelievable Right?

THC worm
Worm on Cannabis plant.

Wondering how to smoke THC worm? Well, it is not a pretty thing to see or read. A worm is put in a vape along with the Cannabis leaves. Then vaping is done (through fire), and people smoke it.

However, some people do not believe this, and quite rightly so. These people, if see any worms on the Cannabis plant, start some treatment to get rid of them. Of course, spraying pesticide is the last thing Cannabis growers choose. The ideal treatment is to use your hands to “Pluck” out the worms and take them away from plants as much as you can or better- feed the birds.

There are many speculations about how the worms are smoked with Cannabis leaves. It is predicted that some dealer gave the weed to a buyer but it had worms in it. To cover up his fault, he claimed that it makes Cannabis smoking more pleasurable. The idea was unique and people had never heard of it so it spread quickly. Thus, due to that dealers’ smartness, worms are paying the price.

  • Now, the question is can you smoke a THC worm or not. Well, we tell you to don’t smoke at all. Stay clean and stay positive.

Due to the popularity of the Cannabis worms, THC Gummy worms production started and the demand increased in no time. Let’s have a look at them now!

THC Gummy worms

Gummy worms are an excellent form to enjoy weed. But be careful as these are allowed only in those countries where recreational marijuana is legal. If recreational use is illegal, then we recommend you refrain from Marijuana and its edibles buying and selling. Otherwise, you will be behind the bars.

Gummies are fun to eat and are a great source of pleasure. In addition to that, they are consumed without any smoke or vape. You just take a bite and chew it.

Another benefit is there if you choose Gummy worms. If you consume Gummies, you know exactly the amount of THC you are consuming. If you buy a Gummy worm, it comes with a predetermined amount of THC in it. 50 mg of THC in a gummy worm means the exact 50 mg of THC is there.

  • Warning: Children should not be seen near these gummies. Gummies are legal only for those who are above 18. Gummy worms have an adverse impact on teens or underage students.

THC Gummy worms are available in different sizes. So, choose according to your needs. After Gummy bears, gummy worms are the second most popular cannabis edible.

THC Worm gummies.
Gummies are in demand these days.

How to Buy THC Gummy Worm

First, check what the laws state about marijuana in your state. If Marijuana Buying and selling is illegal, then it is not a good idea to search online or go to a local shop and demand THC gummies. But if it is legal, then there will be many online platforms and local stores that buy and sell them. It is better to purchase worms from a reputable company.

World’s dankest gummy worm THC

The best Gummy worms are

  • Circle’s Pink Lemonade Gummy
  • FIve CBD Buzz Gummies
  • Plus
  • Delta 8 Gummies Nass Valley
  • Camino
  • Kanha
  • Trolli THC worms
  • Chuckles THC worms

We have given these names based on their popularity and demand.

If you don’t want to buy them, you can make your own at home.

Make your own Gummy Worms at Home

You will need the following equipment to make gummy worms:

  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Twine
  • Dropper
  • Weed Grinder
  • Fork
  • Cooking pot
  • Baking Sheet
  • Freezer

You will need the following ingredients to get the job done:

  • 7 grams of marijuana flowers
  • Half Cup Coconut Oil
  • 1 tbsp Sunflower oil
  • 1 tbsp citric acid
  • Half a cup of water


The first thing you should do is de-carb the weed.

Then, add coconut oil to it and keep stirring. Put it in the oven at 250 Fahrenheit for two hours.

After that, Use a cheesecloth to strain/extract the oil.

Then, add water to it and then place the blend in a pot. Put this pot on the stove for some heating. Add citric acid as well. Keep string this mixture amid this heating.

After the blend starts to boil, switch to low fire. Now, it’s time for some molding. Start the molding process by using the dropper. You have to do it quickly as the blend will start to cool off which will make the molding process difficult.

After the mold cools down, they will become firm. And that’s it, you have your own Gummy worms.

Now, Let’s discuss one more connection between THC and worms. This time it is very different. Let’s see all the surprising details.

THC and Intestinal Worms

To your surprise, Marijuana can kill Intestinal Worms! According to a study, Cannabis has medicinal use and can get rid of the worms residing in the intestine. The study was conducted on AKA Tribe that lives in Congo. 70 percent of the tribesmen smoke weed which was also confirmed in a urine test. It was found that those who smoked more had fewer worms inside than those who did not smoke or smoke very little.

Moreover, Ed Hagen of Washington State University stated that Marijuana has also been shown to kill toxins in the petri dish. So, with time, we are also getting to see some positive effects of marijuana consumption.

Final Words

All in all, the addition of the THC worm in the Cannabis consumption is the talk of the town. Some people believe that it makes Cannabis smoking stronger. According to them, it increases the impact of regular cannabis smoking. Contrarily, some people treat the worm as only a pest. Due to the rising popularity of worms, Gummy worms are also in demand. Of course, you can buy and sell them in those areas where the consumption of recreational marijuana is legal. In addition to this, a study has found that marijuana consumption can kill intestinal worms as well. Pretty Amazing, Right?

We know it was a surprising article that told you unbelievable worms relation with Cannabis, right? Well, do tell us in the comment section down below about what you think of this Article.


What is this Orange Worm in my Bud?

Orange THC worms are common pests found in the buds of Cannabis plants. These are Eurasian Hemp Borers and what you see is their larvae stage (caterpillars). They literally make a “tunnel” to the buds and eat it.

Will Smoking Pot Get Rid Of Your Intestinal Worms?

Well, according to a study, smoking pots can get rid of parasitic intestinal worms. A study was conducted on the tribesmen of AKA tribe that live near the Congo basin. Nearly 70 percent of the mean smoke weed which was also confirmed by the urine test. These men were checked for Intestinal worms. Those who smoke had fewer worms inside of them than those who don’t. However, more study is still required on this and then a definite conclusion about it will be reached.

Is gummy worm edible?

Yes, gummy worms are edible and are consumed in those states where recreational marijuana consumption has been legalized. They are either consumed at the spot or are stored in the refrigerator. You can even store them at room temperature but only for two days. After that, they will be spoiled.

Do they make Delta-8 edibles?

Delta-8 THC is edible and is safe to consume. It has one big advantage that is there is no huge negative impact of overdosing even if you consume too much Delta 8. The worst side effect of its over-dosing is dry mouth.

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